How to grow a money tree

How to grow a money tree? Tolstyanka, redsula, money tree - all thisthe name of one of the most popular indoor plants. It looks like a small tree, has soft, thick leaves, in shape resembling coins. Blossom often blossoms, white, small flowers. In lovers..

The oldest tree growing on our planet

The oldest tree growing on our planet In 1997, Julia Hill set a record forstay on the tree. Thus, she wanted to draw public attention to the problem of forest conservation. How much she achieved the set goal is unknown, but she managed to..

How to cook a lubricant

how to cook a lubricant? how to cook a lubricant? Smazhenka -taste yeast, prepared according to the recipe: 2.5 cups flour, 10 gr. dry yeast, 1 glass of water or milk, 1 chayn. spoon of salt, 1 table. a spoonful of sugar, 2 table..

How to wear thong panties

How to wear thong panties? Underwear in our time is not only differenta wide variety of materials used, but also various forms, design. Particular attention, of course, is given to panties and bras. Lacy, pulling, silicone models are designed for different occasions. Separate attention..

Where to buy a phone

Where to buy a phone? To date, no one can manage without a mobile phone. When the old device goes down, we wonder where it is better and cheaper to buy a new mobile phone. There are several options for acquiring a mobile phone..

How to flash Galaxy Note

How to flash Galaxy Note? Watch the video How to flash Galaxy Note? Samsung Galaxy Note - one of the top devicesSouth Korean manufacturer, but even this device as a result of the user installing third-party applications, as well as surfing the network without..

Care and features of growing

Chrysanthemums in a pot. Care and features of growing If you want to be happy, grow chrysanthemums. So they say in the Land of the Rising Sun. Fine and sad flowers of autumn can please at other times of the year, if you try..

How to pay a sick leave if an employee goes to work

How to pay a sick leave if an employee goes to work According to the Labor Code, each employee has the righttemporarily not perform their duties due to disability. You just need to know how to properly use this rule of law. According to..

How to protect your house

How to protect your house? "My house is my fortress," says wisdom,However, in the modern world this is not always the case. Thieves - a real attack for wealthy citizens, and for the most ordinary people. In the summer they rob apartments, abandoned by..

Optional anaerobes are what Examples and classification

Optional anaerobes are what? Examples and classification Representatives of the kingdom of Drobianka, as well as somealgae and parasitic worms and fungi are characterized by a special form of oxidation of organic substances occurring in the absence of molecular oxygen or at a low..

How to learn IMEI phone

How to learn IMEI phone? In general, what is IMEI? By and large, this is the identification number of your phone, the combination necessary to register the device on the network. Yes, imagine, after switching on, your device sends some information to unknown distances!.

How to dance tango

How to dance tango? Watch the video How to dance tango? Tango is a dance of passion and love. He fascinates and sinks into the soul, this dance has wonderful and sensual movements, so many want to learn how to dance tango. Advice In..

Dream Interpretation: a hospital

Dream Interpretation: a hospital. Be in hospital. To leave hospital. Interpretation of dreams It can hardly be called a pleasant dream, in whichthe man saw the hospital. A dream interpreter, however, does not always treat him negatively. There are also positive predictions. However, now..

What is garnish and how to cook it quickly

What is garnish and how to cook it quickly? In the world there are a lot of second dishes - dishes,invented by mankind for the whole history of its existence. To many of them, according to classical recipes, an addition is recommended, which is..

Great battles of antiquity

Great battles of antiquity Great battles of antiquity at all timescause a never-ending interest. The controversy surrounding many battles, and especially around individual nuances among historians, continues all the time. As new facts appear, entire pages of history are being revised. Of course, this..