6 Africans who became Russian

6 Africans who became Russian

We could always respond to the claims of the western neighbors: and we do not torture blacks !. Because our black servants are not offended.

On the contrary, out of envy for the high salaries and beautiful robes of the latter, quite often the Russian lackeys painted their faces with wax and tried to engage in "court arapas."

From Ivan to Peter

The negroes, or, as they were then called, the arapes, began to appear in Moscow in the seventeenth century. It is known that Artamon Matveev, the neighbor boyar Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, faithfully served baptized arap Ivan.

Of course, the negros in the service were given to the Russian rulers before Peter. But no one before him so cared about Arap. Here is an excerpt from the royal decree: “to make a caftan, camisole and red cloth trousers with braids for Arap Peter Sundukov for 28 rubles.” Little is known about this lucky man, but he is considered to have received his name from the Russian emperor himself during baptism He loved to be the godfather of the "reformed" pagans.

Alyosha Hannibal

Everyone knows Ibrahim Hannibal, Pushkin's great-grandfather, but few have heard that there were two Hannibals. Two brothers, according to rumors, are the children of the murdered kings of a small African state. The second boy was also baptized into Orthodoxy in the church of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, received a name in honor of the Tsarevich and patronymic Petrovich in honor of ... you know who. According to rumors, he bit the finger of Menshikov, when he, having complained to the thinness of the arapchon, poked his finger under the ribs. Perhaps that is why he did not make a loud career - he served as an oboist in the Preobrazhensky regiment.

6 Africans who became Russian

Monument to Ibrahim Hannibal

Ibrahim Hannibal

Became known as arap Peter the Great. He was not only a talented engineer, but also a warrior who knew no fear. Being wounded in the head, did not leave the battlefield, for which he was awarded the rank of captain. In love was not particularly happy. The first wife, a couple of years after the wedding, tried to poison the unformatted husband. Without waiting for a divorce, Ibrahim married another, but there were persistent rumors about his frequent betrayals and in his second marriage.


Russian princes of the queens were often depicted by court painters with arrapists. One of Alexandra Feodorovna’s favorites was Jimmy, who grew up at court.He even helped her take care of the wounded in the infirmary, form medicines and bandages at the sanitary warehouse during the Russo-Japanese War.

6 Africans who became Russian

Modern Afro-Russian with balalaika

Nero Prince

Born in the USA at the beginning of the 19th century, he was among “his” quite respected person. Nevertheless, he became so fond of Russia that he refused to leave St. Petersburg, even when his wife, who suffered from the cold climate of the Northern capital, left. He repeatedly emphasized in letters that Russians belong to the “color ones” much softer and nobler than the Americans.

Nastasya Vasilievna

The real name of this wonderful woman is unknown. How Nastasya was portrayed by the writer Boris Filippov. An indelible impression on him made a meeting in New York with a full picturesque black woman, who unexpectedly spoke to him in beautiful Russian. She spoke very warmly about Tsarskoye Selo, where she was born, regretted the revolution that had occurred, considered herself Russian and Orthodox.

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