Acid rain: causes and effects

Acid rain - pay for progress

Scientists have been sounding the alarm for a long time: environmental pollution has reached incredible proportions. The dumping of liquid waste into water bodies, exhaust gases and volatile chemicals into the atmosphere, the dumping of nuclear remains underground - all this led mankind to the brink of ecological catastrophe.acid rainWe have already witnessed the beginning of changes in the planet's ecosystem: now and then the news reports about weather phenomena that are not typical for a particular area, the Green Peace is sounding the alarm about the mass extinction of whole animal species, not rarity, but rather acid rain regularly reaching over industrial cities. A person is faced with an ambiguous situation: an increase in the standard of living is accompanied by environmental degradation, which affects health. This problem has long been recognized worldwide. Humanity should think: is it worth the technical progress of those consequenceswhich he entails? To better understand this problem, consider one of the "achievements" of modern industry - acid rain, which in our time is told even in school. Are they dangerous in reality?

Acid rain: causes and effects

Not only rain, but also snow, dew and even fog can be acidic. It looks likeacid rain effectsnormal rainfall, but their acid indicators are much higher than normal, with which their negative impact on the environment is connected. The mechanism for the formation of acid rain is as follows: exhaust gases and other industrial waste containing large doses of sulfur oxide and sodium enter the atmosphere, where they are associated with water droplets, forming a weakly concentrated acid solution that falls to the ground in the form of precipitation, causing irreparable harm to nature. Acid rains poison the water that animals drink; getting into the reservoirs, they slowly destroy the local flora and fauna, kill agricultural crops, spill over the fields, falling into the soil, poison it. Even engineering structures such precipitation cause significant damage, corroding the stone walls of buildings and undermining the reinforced concrete supporting structures. Acid precipitation - the fate of not only large cities and industrialacid rain causes and effectszones, poisonous clouds can be carried by air masses for thousands of kilometers and fall out over forests and lakes.

How to deal with acid rain?

The consequences of acid rain are destructive not only for the environment, but also for the economy, and everyone knows it. So why not take decisive measures to improve the situation? In order to reduce emissions into the atmosphere, multibillion-dollar investments are required: modernization of production technology is needed, as far as automobile emissions are concerned - a transition to more modern types of fuel. The result will be noticeable only when the entire world community is involved in solving this problem. Unfortunately, in pursuit of wealth and rising GDP, many governments do not pay enough attention to environmental protection.

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