All about the healing properties of walnuts

Today, August 29, Orthodox Christians celebrate Nut Spas.

On this occasion, the editors of decided to once again recall the healing properties of walnuts, the most popular in all corners of the globe.

1.According to Eastern people, walnut helpsstrengthen the heart and brain. In the practice of Tajik medicine, nut kernels with milk have been applied. The use of such a drug helped to remove harmful substances from the human body.

2.According to the Swiss doctor M. Bircher-Berger, nuts are the most useful food. They containin its compositiona huge amount of vitamin, minerals, and, of course, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, the number of which they are not inferior to other plants. Walnut kernels mixed with cheese and raisins are also of great benefit. Such a combination of several useful products strengthens the liver and a positive effect on the nervous system.

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3.The British use nuts as a means to combatdiabetes and sclerosis. They are recommended to be used with a lack of vitamins and iron in the body, with anemia and a lack of milk in nursing mothers, as a means to relieve fatigue and with exhaustion. They reduce cholesterol and have a mild diuretic effect.

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4.In Ukraine, the nut playedpatch role. Walnut leaves have anti-inflammatory, wound healing and antimicrobial properties, so they were applied to wounds. Walnut oil is used in the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases, it promotes the healing of wounds, nonhealing ulcers, cracks, is effective in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, furunculosis, varicose veins.

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5.Walnuts are consumed in natural form andfor cooking various dishes, in the kitchens of Asia they season meat. Halva is made of walnuts and various savory sauces are prepared. In the confectionery business with nuts cook cakes, cookies and cakes, add to ice cream. Any salad will get an unusual taste if you add a few crushed walnut kernels. Very popular is jam made from green walnuts.

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