The Internet is quickly filling up with Nikon updates. Including you can already find technical details and graphics of the new version of the NIKKOR 24-70mm f / 2.8E ED VR zoom, very popular with photographers. Therefore, without going into the well-known characteristics of the model, we asked Ambassador Nikon Rustam Hadzhibaev to briefly describe his personal impressions of using this lens.
“In the genre of wedding photography, which I represent, the former version of the lens in the arsenal of“ Nikonists ”is mandatory, and quite often photographers successfully use this lens as the only one. And indeed, the zoom, which has a threefold change of the focal length - from the average wide-angle to the portrait, could not find supporters. And I am not an exception.
Even with beautiful lenses with a fixed focal length in the backpack, shooting a wedding report is much more convenient than a universal lens, especially since the quality of Nikon's zoom is always great, and from model to model they are still sharp “to the blood,” Rustam shares with us.

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