Ammonia-free hair dye - safe option

The appearance of ammonia-free paint

Ammonia free hair colorScientists believe that hair dyeing was carried out during the time of primitive people. They used grated minerals, dried plants and insects. It was a ritual for them. In our usual form of hair dye appeared in 1907. Today, many tools have been invented to help fashionistas. There are folk methods of dyeing, a lot of hair bleaching products, resistant dyes, but non-ammonia hair dye is very popular nowadays. Many girls prefer this option.

How does this work?

Today, the choice of coloring tools is quite large. But the best solution is non-ammonia hair dye. It has a minimum content of hydrogen peroxide. Ammonia is a colorless gas that has a very strong odor. If the paint is without ammonia, then the fixing of the pigments in the middle of the hair is disturbed.Paint without ammoniaThe duration of their stay there is quite small, so this paint is quickly washed off with water. Many women conclude that bezammiachnaya hair dye, though not causing much damage to the hair, but gives unstable color. This is absolutely not true!

Paint without ammonia from the semi-permanent category

If the product contains herbal extracts or vitamins, an extract of millet or grapes, then it will not only color your hair in the color you desire, but also saturate your hair with vitamins, and will have a healing effect. Your hair will be longer moistened, protected from ultraviolet radiation. This tool practically does not harm the scalp. Ammonia-free hair dye is especially recommended for those with curls weakened or damaged. Your hair will look healthier and more attractive.

Method of use

Paint without ammonia is best applied to dirty hair. They should not be a drop of cosmetics or any other means. In this case, you may unevenly distribute the color or even get a completely different shade. Apply the tool should be on the entire length of the hair and wash off after about half an hour.From the fact that you hold the dye on the hair more, the color will not become richer, it will not last longer. You just hurt your hair. After you wash off the paint, apply a protective balm and hold it for about five minutes.

How to wash off ammonia-free paintColor rendering

Sometimes, after experimenting, the girl begins to think that a particular color does not suit her. The question arises of how to wash off ammonia-free paint. Many people use bleaching agents. They can lighten the hair about four tones. After this procedure, the curls can take a reddish tint. If you wish, the procedure can be performed again after two weeks. There are popular ways of removing paint. With the help of kefir can be slightly muffled color. Apply to the hair and hold this product for about half an hour. If you have a greenish tint, you can remove it with a glass of water and five aspirin tablets. Pretty good color removes soap, only it dries the scalp, so do not forget to use balms and masks.

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