And where are the nails, Lena ?!

Got a photo yesterday on Instagram. Who - about what, and the chicken - about the manicure, which they lost on me.
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Neglected! What about nails? A shame! - the birds rattled off, and behind their friendly clucking I saw a colossal neurosis in which our woman lives.
If I had a bad understanding of chicken psychology, I would consider their cavils to the manicure a manifestation of envy to my body.
I would decide that chickens, like me, do not see anything terrible in the peeling nail. However, they are so jealous that I have a beautiful body, but they don’t have, that they are happy at least something imperfect on me. Even if the nail.
But I understand the chicken psychology, and therefore I know: nails for a chicken is no reason to find fault. Nails for chicken is a religion.
The chicken will paint the nails in the night or screech for a manicure after a 10-hour workday - just not to appear in public without perfect, as it seems to her, hands.
The same with hair: hair must be “hair to hair”. The same with a handbag, shoes and a bow on a cellulite ass.
Chicken ohorashivaetsya constantly.She pisses to pass untidy.
Here I am not ssu.
I can walk for several days with a peeling nail or with a scythe the day before yesterday. This does not affect my sense of self. I know that I am beautiful. I know that everyone wants me, including the husbands of hens, to whom they run with my photo and the question: “Is she beautiful?”
Panzer, of course, will answer that no. But you and I - we all know the truth, on whom he stands. And this someone is not a chicken-wife with a manicure. This is someone I - not a chicken, not a wife, and without a manicure.

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