Are there sockets on the trains and where to find them?

Russia is the biggest country in the world. Moving through its expanses with full comfort is not always obtained. As a rule, the most convenient air passenger transportation is the most expensive, and not everyone has their own car. There is only one available and convenient option - railway transport. But are there any rosettes on the trains? This question is very important for a comfortable trip, because in the age of development of technology and personal gadgets, we need a constant power supply.

Old and new trains

Most rolling stock in Russia and the CIS is a legacy of the Soviet Union. These are mostly old cars. Perhaps they seem comfortable and pleasant to someone, but their time is already gone. Completion of old cars does not meet modern requirements. In the most "ancient" sockets can be found only in the toilet and conductors.

However, there is no reason for joy, because such power sources are not recommended.First, constant power surges can completely break the gadget, which is on recharging. Secondly, most often the voltage is not 220 Volts, but 110. This is perfect for old electric razors, but not for the rest.

Modern cars in the trains of Russian Railways

Are there any newer sockets on the trains? In fact, the answer to this question is not so simple. It all depends on the age of the car. Of course, in the newest cars there are power sources designed for charging gadgets. Moreover, the electronic systems of the cars were specially designed with the expectation of the presence of such outlets. The voltage in them does not sag, and the danger of being left without phones or laptops is completely absent.

What about the Sapsans?

A lot of passengers are concerned about the issue of whether there are sockets on the Sapsan or Strizh model trains. High-speed long-distance trains formed mainly of sessile cars can be attributed to the same group of trains.

Train "Sapsan"

These trains are fairly new. They even during the design provided for the placement of power sources. Regardless of the class of comfort, sockets are available. Some of them are located in the compartment of the conductor and near the toilets.In economy class cars, there is one outlet for each row of passenger seats.

Most often under the next are 2 chairs from the window on each side. In other words, it is possible to charge the gadgets with the neighbor one by one. If the comfort class is higher, then there should be no problems at all. Each passenger will have one separate outlet. In some cars there will be two of them.

Electric trains

Are there power sockets in commuter trains? In this case, their presence is the exception rather than the rule. Power sources can be found except in the high-speed "Swallows". They are located in intermediate cars, and as a rule, there are quite a lot of them.

Matrixes and regular electric trains are not equipped with power sources for passengers. They do not have a compartment of conductors and often there are not even sockets for electric razors. In electric trains, it is also not worthwhile to look for a place where you can charge the phone. Even there it is not provided.

Chairs in the passenger car of long-distance train

Cheap wagons

Not everyone has enough cash to buy coupe tickets. Are there power sockets in trains in reserved seat cars? Of course! In the old cars they are only in the compartment of the conductor, in the newer cars there are sockets right in the 49th and 41st outlets. Also sockets are available in the "compartment" 2 and 9.

It is important to understand that there will be no free power supply in the second-class car. Do not count on getting a new car. In some modern compositions, even cheap places are equipped with sockets. However, the chances of buying such a ticket are quite small. Based on this, it is best to take the so-called powerbank - a portable source of energy. It weighs a little and is fully capable of fully charging the phone from 2 to 7 times.

Modern, large, two-story!

There are very few such compounds in Russia. Mostly they go to the south. Are there any rosettes on the two-story train? Yes, they are there. And in this case there is always where to charge the phone. Double-deck cars of old samples do not exist.

Absolutely each compartment is equipped with two sockets, regardless of the floor. There are also power supplies in the corridors, toilets and at the conductors. The power system of a double-decker car is modern and does not allow sudden voltage drops or other instability in the network.

Long-distance trains

The farther you go, the more important it is to be able to charge the phone or player.Are there sockets in long-distance trains? It all depends on what kind of cars the rolling stock is made of. Equally important is the fact whether this is a corporate train or not. In the seating cars there are always sockets, in the "suites" and "CB", too. However, in conventional compartment and second-class carriages sockets may or may not be present at all.

The central passage in the compartment car of the Russian train

Coupe cars

If the reserved seats are considered the worst and cheapest, and their passengers can not count on special comfort, then the coupe is different. Even in the Soviet Union, compartment seats have always been very convenient. Is there a 220 volt socket in the train compartment? If the passenger is lucky, that is. Most often there are no outlets. They can be found only in modern cars.

However, in the central passage you can find at least 2 power supplies. More on the outlet from the conductors and in the toilet. What will be the most important here? So that in the car there are no egoists who connect their laptops to the source and do not disconnect until the very end of the trip. Such passengers behave selfishly and create scandals if you try to disconnect their device from the outlet.

Coupe in the car of the Russian train

Folk way

If there are no sockets in the compartment, but there is an urgent need for them - there is a popular way.This will require a special outlet that can work from the ceiling. Then you can simply remove the cover from a light bulb designed for night-time lighting or for reading books, unscrew the light bulb, screw the socket in there and use your own power source. However, you must strictly observe the precautions. Conductors do not like when passengers do that. Of course, you can ask permission, but most likely, no one will give it.

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Are there sockets on the trains and where to look for them 11

Are there sockets on the trains and where to look for them 22

Are there sockets on the trains and where to look for them 13