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Argentinian wrote a book about life in cold Russia

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Argentinian wrote a book about life in cold Russia

Argentine Patricio Bastos came to Arkhangelsk when he was 25. Then he worked as a Spanish teacher in a linguistic school. Now the new Russian is 29 years old, and he lives in the glorious city of Kirov. As a student, Patricio studied Russian, he knows English, so he did not encounter a language barrier here. Argentine is not going to leave Russia yet, and even wrote a book about our country in Spanish. Patricio Bastos spoke in detail about life in Russia:

Reason for moving:

I spent my childhood and youth in the city of Cordoba, 700 km from the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. After graduating from high school, he entered the Catholic University, where he studied political science, English and Russian.
Russia has always seemed very attractive to me. From school I knew that this is the largest country in the world, here there are endless landscapes and a very unusual life.
Argentinian wrote a book about life in cold Russia

I longed for adventure and new acquaintances. After graduating from the university, he turned to an international organization for job search abroad, where he found a vacancy of a Spanish teacher in Arkhangelsk. Without hesitation, I packed my suitcase and went to meet the dream.

About stereotypes and first impressions

The first impression of Russia is winter nature (frosty morning, a lot of snow, a river under the ice). In Argentina they think that there is always winter, cold and snow here and it is never hot. But this is fiction, since in the south of Russia, for example in Sochi, it is warm, sunny, and the climate is mild.
Argentinian wrote a book about life in cold Russia

I thought that only blond Slavs lived here. Traveling through the cities, I learned that Russia is a multinational state. Russians, Bashkirs, Tatars, Udmurts, Nenets, Karelians and other ethnic groups are not similar to each other, although they live in the same country.
And the fact that Russians drink a lot and wear earflaps is also a stereotype.
What is true is that the Russian people are beautiful and hardworking. And Russian women are not only very beautiful, but also smart. They dress with taste and always look good, even if they are not rich. Men - strong, but can not always look after themselves.In general, Russians are toilers: it is surprising that they work without refusal, even if they pay little.
Argentinian wrote a book about life in cold Russia

City life, work, family, travel

I arrived in Arkhangelsk in the spring, but it was cold. It was dark outside most of the day because I felt tired and uncomfortable, but I gradually got used to it. However, the difference with Argentina was not as big as one would expect. And we have snow and frost, especially in the south of the country, closer to Tierra del Fuego.
At first there were difficulties with the language. I remember a case: I somehow went to the supermarket and decided to take 200 g of lettuce, but the saleswoman said 900 g (confused the Russian pronunciation of numbers). When she already put 600 g, I realized it. I had to resort to pantomime. But now I'm not confused!
The nature was impressed: the endless forests (taiga), mountains, rivers, clear lakes and berries. There is some kind of magic in Russia that cannot be explained, it only needs to be felt. Here, besides the materialistic side of life, the spiritual component is strong - kindness, responsiveness, courage.
Argentinian wrote a book about life in cold Russia

I love her season change in Russia. All four seasons are pronounced. I really like the “yellow autumn”, winter with blizzard and blizzard, and snow drifts (I learn to skate, I even got up on skis - it's so great!).
I lived in Arkhangelsk for a year, then I moved to Kirov because I found a job that was more interesting. Now I teach foreign languages ​​to children and adults using various methods. I also conduct classes for teenagers and adults on interesting and relevant topics.
I noted for myself that the inhabitants of Kirov are more open and friendly. In Arkhangelsk - more closed. Maybe because the north.
There are a lot of libraries, museums, universities in Kirov - it's great! But I do not like the roads here. Lack of smooth pavement, many holes and unrepaired areas right in the city.
In my free time I travel around Russia. I do it alone. So you rely only on yourself, your strength and not depend on anyone.
I photograph everything that attracts attention. If in Barcelona I can only make 20 photographs per day, then, for example, in Moscow - about 200, because in Russia it is easier to find beauty!
I have already managed to visit about two dozen cities, I was in Karelia and the Volga region, in Siberia and in the Urals. Favorite places - Vershinino village on Kenozero and Khanty-Mansiysk, a city on the banks of the Irtysh River: amazing nature, many churches and general grooming.In Kirov - Green Embankment with a magnificent view of Vyatka, Alexander Garden, Kazanskaya Street, Trifonov Monastery. And the village of Sredne-Ivkino reminds me very much of the village of Vershinino in the Arkhangelsk region.
Argentinian wrote a book about life in cold Russia

Favorite Russian dish - borsch, by the way, I cook it now myself. Do not like the hodgepodge. I love pancakes, oatmeal and berries: currants, blueberries, raspberries, sea buckthorn and cloudberries, especially jam from them.
It is sad that a country with a rich history and culture loses its originality - a lot of foreign borrowing: in language, music, food. And most of the monuments, cultural sites were lost after the revolution, and they cannot be recreated, the new generations cannot see them.
I am grateful to Russia that I met my love in Kirov and soon I am going to marry. On New Year's and New Year's holidays, and also in the summer I go home. Away from home, I miss my family, dog Ene. I just want to be with them, to communicate more.
Russia taught me sincerity, because before the move I was a materialist. Here I rethought and experienced a lot, learned to answer for myself, trust people, communicate without framework.
From the point of view of security in Russia is comfortable.So far, nothing bad happened to me here: they didn’t steal, robbed, or offended. It’s easier for me to walk in Moscow than, for example, in Buenos Aires. People provided support and attention when I needed help, even when I didn’t speak Russian well (on the street they told me how to get to the right place where the metro station was).

About Russians and Argentines

Argentina is a young country that was settled mainly by European immigrants, unlike Russia with its rich past. Russians have a “long” story.
Argentinian wrote a book about life in cold Russia

"Take away futbol, ​​asado and ma nana - and Argentina will not exist." I heard about this saying. That's right said. These three components - football, meat and mania (tomorrow, which will never come) - define us as a nation.
Argentines love to eat, especially meat (here it is consumed more than other foods). On weekends, asado is always cooked - meat baked on coals. Russians not only love to eat, but also talk at the table. And food is cooked more than necessary. Argentines drink little, Russians drink, even if it is not a holiday and an important event (but not as much as we are shown).
In Russia, if they make a promise, then, as a rule, they fulfill it, and people are more punctual. In Argentina, they like to make promises, but they never fulfill them.And you are not sure whether the Argentine will come to a meeting or not, therefore you need to call and remind yourself every day.
Russians really smile a little. Argentines are by their nature open and very polite people, a smile is an Argentine business card, but it’s rather a habit of just treating people well.
In Russia, everything happens faster: people grow up, learn, grow up much faster than we do. And it is much more interesting for me to communicate with a 20-year-old Russian girl, rather than with a 29-year-old Argentinian. Russian girls are well-read and quick-witted, and most importantly, they have something to talk about. In our country the process of personal development proceeds much more slowly. And life in Argentina is calmer and more measured. In Russia, people are running somewhere, in a hurry, because everywhere and in everything they have time.

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