Army bromine: myth or reality?

Army Brom is designed to protect soldiers from craving for exploits and for women. Physiology is not easy. Of course, the new arrivals are taught to restrain their desires, to think about their homeland, to carry out the combat mission. But it takes a lot of time.

Purpose of the use of sedative

Bromine in the army, even purely theoretically, is necessary. After all, reflections on physical proximity distract soldiers from assigned tasks. According to statistics, it is the activity of hormones that causes endless problems in parts.bromine in the army

In general, bromine in the army has a positive effect on the situation. The soldiers do not inconvenience during a sudden wake in the early morning. After all, it is at this moment that seductive dreams may occur, and it will not be easy to pull on pants for a few seconds.

Army bromine can be added to food, beverages and other products. This guide is silent for obvious reasons. But recently this procedure has ceased to be relevant. Often, servicemen eat in private dining rooms, excluding the possibility of using bromine.


Not always in the army give bromine.It can be used in mass actions: field military exercises, during preparation and during the march, while performing real combat missions. In the usual part of this substance there is no sense. But with agitations this may be the army give bromine

If you ask any officer whether bromine is added to the army, he will answer unambiguously - no. In itself, adding any medical substance to a subordinate’s food is illegal. The body of each person reacts differently to it and may even become a cause of disability.

Myths about adding bromine to food are not unfounded. In the past there was such a practice. But now all the side effects of the substance have become known, and it is not used. Perhaps he was replaced by more benign methods of banishing unnecessary thoughts from the soldiers.

What is the danger of using the substance?

From a medical point of view, it is difficult to imagine that bromine is added to food in the army. In canteens it is impossible to correctly calculate a certain dose by weight of a serviceman. Portions of food intake are the same and are distributed randomly. And if you exceed the dosage of the substance, it can turn into a real poison.why bromine in the army

Bromine reduces the reaction for a long time.Therefore, it is not recommended to drivers and other professionals with a high concentration of attention. Likewise, soldiers cannot take this substance. After all, they should always be ready.

If everyone in the army takes bromine, it will not be a service, but a sleeping kingdom. The substance does not make sense to give soldiers exhausted by military training. After the end of a hard day, they have only one thought about how to get to bed and sleep.

Is there any benefit from a soothing substance?

Why bromine in the army, if by experience it has repeatedly proved its ineffectiveness in the matter of calming the potency of soldiers? But this substance treats many ailments. Oddly enough, but with its lack of people constantly wants to sleep.

In the body, bromine is present in a certain amount, and it is not recommended to reduce its content. Therefore, a small intake of the substance will not affect human health. But its significant reduction will cause the exacerbation of many chronic diseases.why in the army give bromine

Bromine in moderate amounts does no harm. And he does not reduce the potency of a man. Perhaps its indirect effect. People with a normal level of a substance in the body have strong nerves.For the soldiers, this is almost the main quality - to adequately respond to stressful situations.

Action on the human body

At present, the effect of bromine on each internal organ has been thoroughly studied. It became known that due to it the pancreas is functioning properly. More actively develop the necessary digestive elements. Thanks to them, lipids and carbohydrates break down faster.

Bromine blocks the processes that may cause goiter. Due to the periodic intake, the central nervous system is in balance. After a single use of the substance immediately appears sedative effect.

Bromine can be used as a sleeping pill. But doctors recommend not to do this, but to use more secure counterparts. Indeed, as a result of its action, brain activity decreases, and the adrenal glands begin to work more actively.

Alternative methods

It is not clear to many doctors why bromine is given in the army if there are other safer methods to combat unmanaged emotions. The first way is to keep the soldier from being bored. Constantly he must be busy with drill, sweep the parade ground, work in the kitchen, do physical exercises.

The thoughts of the servicemen will not be about bodily pleasures, but that you want to eat or sleep.Nervous tension will be completely absent, sleep will be calm. Bromine is clearly not able to have this effect. To be both beneficial and safe for the man’s the army add bromine to food

Allowing a soldier to rest a lot is tantamount to letting him relax and think about more enjoyable hobbies. In a sense, strange at first glance orders of commanders are a measure of prevention of moral corruption of personnel. To relax a person can give motherwort or valerian.

Previously, anxiety was often given purgen. However, in the army these drugs are difficult to imperceptibly pour into food. For obvious reasons, no one will do this and will not. Bromine is present in the composition of each second drug to calm. Therefore, it is not recommended to take such medicines for a long time in order to avoid its accumulation in the body.

In food

Man consumes bromine daily in small quantities with food. In a healthy body, 260 g of the substance is present. This indicator is optimal. Internal organs constantly recycle it. Up to 8 g should be supplied with food to maintain balance of microelements.Does bromine added to the army

Saturating your diet with plant food, it turns out to restore the lack of bromine in the body. In some products it is very much. These include fish of all varieties, nuts.

Bromine is present in the composition of sea water, penetrates through the pores of the skin during bathing. This partly explains the beneficial effect of recreation at the seaside. In its pure form, you can dramatically over-saturate the body with this element, which would entail the opposite effect.

Overdose turns into a headache or dizziness, weakness of the body, difficulties in mental activity. Disturbed sleep, which causes nervous tension.

The immune system also suffers. Some begin to have a nonstop runny nose, cough. For some, bromine in the army can be a means of preventing many diseases, while for others it can turn into a nightmare, lethargy of reactions, confusion.

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