In St. Petersburg, on August 29, law enforcement officers detained two 17-year-old adolescents suspected of brutally beating visitors to the Tauride Garden five days ago. According to some information, they are connected with the criminal ideology of AUE.
And Zhdanchik’s “authority,” who attacked the military echelon, was buried as a king. "The whole city came to say goodbye to him, a hundred cars, the grave was strewn with flowers"

The detainees do not study or work anywhere, according to the website of the regional administration of the Investigative Committee. One of the young men was previously convicted of theft. Now the question is about the measure of restraint and accusation of teenagers.
A group of teenagers brutally beat the gymnasium teacher and his friend in the Tavrichesky Garden at nine in the evening on August 24. They were taken to the hospital with fractures. Details of what happened led “Fontanka”. A teacher with a friend and two girls sat on a bench when teenagers approached them. They began unceremoniously to feel the backpacks and bags of the visitors of the garden, to "check" and to slang with slang words.
"Guys, let's calm down and talk" - a 24-year-old teacher tried to reason with hooligans.For this, he received two blows to the jaw and multiple blows to the body and head. The teenagers beat and kicked.
The teachers were hospitalized in the Alexander Hospital with two fractures of the jaw. His companion - with a broken nose.
Friends of the victims calculated teenagers on social networks. Among the attackers, as noted by Fontanka, are high school students from different schools, united by their love for the AUE subculture - the “Arresting Unity”. Numerous photographs on the pages of teenagers talk about hatred of the police, attachment to a criminal slang and almost admiration for prison orders.
It should be noted that the participant of the loud attack on a military train in the Transbaikalia - Anton Zhdanov, nicknamed Zhdanchik, was also linked with AUE.
As a result of a conflict with the military, who came to the grocery store, two soldiers received knife wounds and ran into the hospital car, and the hooligans behind them. There the sentry, after firing into the air, shot Zhdanov and wounded another civilian.
As RIA Novosti reported, Zhdanov rotated in criminal circles and was the so-called watchman.In particular, he enjoyed great prestige among the adherents of the youth subculture of AUE. He was often approached for solving controversial issues, mainly teenagers.
AUE or "A.U.E." - adolescent phenomenon and a certain criminal movement, which allegedly involves adolescents. The abbreviation is usually decoded as "Arrested Ukagan unity" or "Arrest way is one."
It should be noted that the reports on AUE became the reason for the submission to the State Duma in December 2017 of a bill prohibiting the propaganda of criminal subculture on the Internet and mass media. Its author was a senator from the Vladimir region Anton Belyakov. He recalled that the members of this group of AUs propagandize thieves and prison concepts, demand observance of the “thieves' code”, raise money for the so-called common fund.
At the funeral of the criminal authority of Zhdanchik, who was shot while trying to attack the guard of the military train in the Transbaikalia, the brothers from the whole region arrived. Near the cemetery gathered about a hundred cars. Farewell stretched until late evening. Attitude to Zhdanchik showedhow deep criminal morals took root in Petrovsko-Zabaykalsky.
The farewell ceremony with Anton Zhdanov in Petrovsk-Zabaykalsky began on Wednesday at about two in the afternoon. As the acquaintances of the “beholder” said, many came to the cemetery in the evening, after work.
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“I think the whole city that day came to say goodbye to him. People came to the evening, after work went to the cemetery. There were so many of his friends from other regions. The whole grave was covered with flowers, ”said a resident of Petrovsk-Zabaykalsky. It got to the point that fans Zhdanchik said that with his death "the city lost support."
Another friend Zhdanchik reported that the townspeople were aware of his criminal activities. According to her, including the guy took the money from the students - downright AUE in action.
“As far as I know, he really arranged extortion in schools, and threw money into a thieves obshchak. With the money collected, everything necessary is bought for people who are serving time in prison. But I can not say that for our residents this state of affairs is something abnormal. The schoolchildren themselves look at adults and begin to live according to the concepts of thieves.Children 10-12 years old “bazaar” are not worse than experienced criminals and they strive to become AUE ”, a familiar authority shared.
The girl did not begin to answer whether Zhdanov's "brothers" appeared in the cemetery, who helped him throw stones at the military train. Earlier, the press service of the local Interior Ministry reported that the police have already helped the military prosecutor's office to identify all the other attackers. According to some reports, one of them, having been injured during the attack on the train, is now in intensive care at a local hospital.
Another resident of Petrovsk-Zabaykalsky, a man who closely communicated with Anton, was outraged by the reaction of people. He did not go to the funeral of criminal authority, but watched from the sidelines.
“There were so many people. Everyone says he's a great guy, but I know him very well. The leader of the local AUE a priori can not be good. I do not understand why people so romanticize his image and make Robin Hood of him. I consider him a terrible person who was even capable of killing, ”he said and added that because of such a city, he was falling into poverty.
And here is another recollection of “Robin Hood” by Zhdanchik from the city social network: “This very dead man extorted money from my father.They came to our house, threatened, if he did not give the money, the children didn’t stick .... We were still in school. And the father at this time was not at home. He was in another city.
I remember once they came in a crowd at night. Mom was frightened, jumped out into the street. I heard my mother screaming, woke up and ran out too. This killed Anton asked: "Is this your child?" And my mother told me to go home. I saw such healthy men and went, frightened.
But the next day my father came home, and they again arrived in two cars. And they began to threaten him so that he would give the money, otherwise he would lose us. Father had to pay them ... to get into big debts. "
The main reason for the formation of criminal gangs in the city is called the inhabitants - the closure of the main industrial enterprises. “Petrovsk was a good city, but after the plant was resold in pieces, there is now just a stoker. Tale flowed into the city, followed by destruction. We produce a lot of wood, metal, but everywhere the Chinese work, and the money flows to Moscow.
The result: there is no work for Transbaikalians, everyone is trying to break through “by the rules”, they insist on children for all of this, that's why we are doing this, ”explained a resident of Petrovsk.Another resident actually turned through the social networks to the city authorities.
“What is youth doing here?” According to her, in the city there is not only a House of Culture or a sports complex, there is no cinema and even normal playgrounds. But there are beer bars where they spill it all.

"Zhdanchik" on the left.

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