Blinds are very often used instead of curtains on the windows. They decorate the apartment or office, protect from the sun's rays. Made from the most diverse material, they have many options for design solutions. Blinds, various in a form, to color, have strongly entered life of the modern person.

From the history of the word

This word came to the Russian language from French, in translation means "jealousy." Strange translation, is not it? It turns out that the history of the name is connected with the traditions of the East: there jealous husbands tightly closed the windows of their houses so that no one could see their beautiful wife.

Today blinds are a type of the window curtains made of plates either vertical, or horizontal.

How to put stress in the word "blinds"

In French, stress is placed on the last syllable. So in this word the last syllable is stressed:jalousie.

Remember the word isunchangeablethat's why itscannot be inclined, that is, change in cases and numbers. It is always used only in this form:jalousie.

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