Bank cell: advantages and disadvantages. Where is the best place to rent a bank cell?

There have always been and there will be people who try to minimize the risk of losing their savings. They try to keep their money nearby. But a fire can happen or someone can take possession of money, using evil intent. An alternative method of solving this problem is to rent a bank cell.

What is this cell in general?

It is a regular metal box of a certain size, which is located in a special isolated and well-guarded room. From him there are only two pairs of keys, some of which are stored at you, and others - in the bank. So, you can open such a safe only when using both keys.

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In addition, in order to get into the room where the bank cell is located, it is required to go through the control service according to the bank rules.As a rule, this requires a passport to be presented, after which an entry will be made in the accounting log, and a bank employee will take you to the cell. The store is usually located in the basement or basement in the bank building.

What document regulates the use of the cell?

The use of a bank cell is regulated by a contract concluded with the client, which establishes the right to lease it or to store its values ​​in it. When concluding a lease on the contents, only the client himself knows, and in the storage contract an inventory of things is made and transferred to the bank. Accordingly, in this case, the bank will know that you are storing in a cell. Here it should be noted that this option has a higher cost, and it will depend on the amount of funds placed.

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Terms of use of cells

Money in a bank or other valuables can be stored from one day. The maximum term, as a rule, has no restrictions, that is, its end will be the day when the funds will be withdrawn, but it can always be extended. The usage is paid for the entire term immediately. The cost will depend on the rental period and size.Accordingly, the longer the term, the cheaper the daily rental. The same with the size of the safe: the bigger it is, the higher the cost.

Some of the banks are insured and require some kind of pledge (security deposit) in case the key is not returned on time or the contract is not terminated upon early withdrawal of valuables. After the bank cell is released, the pledge is given in full to the client.

Storage confidentiality

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To rent a deposit box, you must first make sure that the bank really provides such a service, and only then you can draw up an agreement. It also immediately specifies the possibility of access by a third party.

Sberbank's bank cell is a reliable personal vault. Confidentiality is guaranteed by the bank, it gives you the opportunity to be sure that the information will remain secret. To ask questions about what the client wants to store in a safe, no employee has the right, but if you suspect that the contents are illegal, the cell will be opened without the owner’s consent in the presence of the police.

In another case, its opening is available only to the owner or a third party with a power of attorney, but always in the presence of a bank employee. The safe is opened by two keys - the one that is in the hands of the client, and which is stored in the bank.

When the lease expires and the client does not pick up the valuables, the safe is opened by the bank commission and the contents are sent to the head bank for storage. You can get your valuables back only after you have paid for bank storage charges.

Benefits of using banking cells

The main advantage, which involves renting a bank cell, is their high level of security. Accordingly, the things stored in it are protected to the maximum.

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In addition, the advantages also include:

- Different sizes of cells, which makes it possible to choose the most suitable for storage.

- Any rental period.

- The confidentiality of the contents, if the rules of the bank.

- Ease of use of content without prying. You can issue a power of attorney for persons admitted to the cells.

- Low cost. Usually, the longer the lease term, the cheaper it is.

- Safe storage of things that are stored in the safe, and the client when working with the cell.

- Most banks keep things even after the lease expires. After reimbursement of all costs, the client can pick up their values.

Disadvantages of using banking cells

- The funds that are stored in such a safe, do not accumulate, as is the case with deposits.

- In general cases, when concluding a regular lease agreement, the bank assumes responsibility that the safe will not be opened, but it is not responsible for the contents of the cell. Responsibility is assigned to it only in the case of the conclusion of a special contract, drawing up an inventory of all things and their assessment. And if this is money, then they can be simply counted, but various values ​​are assessed by an independent expert. At each opening of the safe inventory is compiled anew and confirmed.

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Who is best to use a bank cell?

The possibility of renting is available to almost anyone. But mostly the cells are used for the preservation of securities, jewelry or cash. In addition to the fact that you can simply store a variety of values, you can also use them to make real estate transactions.The buyer rents a cell, the required amount is placed in it and the documents are drawn up. After all the formalities are met, the buyer gives the seller a key and he receives money, which he can also place on the account or re-register the cell for himself.

As practice shows, important documents are often stored in cells. This may be the ownership of housing, shares, certificates and other securities. This is done in order to protect yourself from losing important documentation. In addition to ordinary citizens, legal entities often use this method of storage, which helps themselves to preserve documents or archives. In addition, the Sberbank cell allows you to store and family archive. Given that the cells are of different sizes, choose the right is not difficult.

In general, you can store values ​​in bank cells for almost everything. And it does not matter what the value of things is, the most important thing here is their safety for the client.

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Bank Cell Use Agreement

Banking services suggest that for the use of a safe deposit box for the safety of personal belongings, a client may conclude one of two possible agreements with the bank.

The first option is used in most cases.It involves the conclusion of a lease. In this situation, no bank employee knows what is stored inside the safe. The bank, on its part, gives a guarantee of the safety of the cell, as well as the lack of access to it by a third party.

Under the second option is meant a contract of a bank cell with custody. In this situation, the bank is transferred not only a list of valuables, but also a complete inventory of things deposited is being drawn up.

Can I choose a storage option?

Each client is given the right to choose a storage option. If the choice falls on the first option, then the complete confidentiality of the contents is preserved, and also there is a saving of funds for payment. Choosing the second option, the client pays a large amount and informs the bank that it will be stored in a cell, but in such a situation the right to demand the preservation of items from the inventory also appears.

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Regardless of what the client chooses, in order to enter into a contract, only a passport is required. If he plans to give someone the third access to the cell, then in this case it is necessary to issue a notarized power of attorney.The employee transfers to the client the contract, the key to the safe and a special card for identification, so that you can visit the vault.

How is access to the bank box?

Banking services relating to the storage of valuables are quite diverse. The client who signed the lease agreement with the bank can visit the vault at any time. At the same time special restrictions are not established on the number of visits. If the client needs access already after hours, then this time should be separately negotiated and paid.

In order to go to the store, you must present an identity card, ID card and key that opens the bank cell. The client enters the vault with a security guard who turns off the alarm and helps to open the cell. Next, the employee should leave the premises, and then in full order of the client remains his bank cell. The price of the service is set by the bank, so it should be clarified in advance, even at the stage of signing the contract.

In some cases, hidden cameras are installed in the depository, so that in case of illegal actions of the client, you can then view the recording. But the fact that it is available, customers, of course, do not say.But even with such cameras, there are still places to which its action does not apply.

The identification card and cell key should be carefully stored so that outsiders cannot even consider them, since there is a possibility of making a duplicate. The key is made quite difficult, despite its apparent simplicity. Duplicate with the loss of the original is not available for free. Its cost is about five hundred rubles.

The bank has the full right to open the cell in the presence of the client and witnesses, if it has suspicions about the storage of prohibited items or the law enforcement agencies have provided the relevant decree.

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When renting a safe deposit box, the client should approximately rely on the following costs:

- The security value of the key is approximately five hundred rubles. After the contract expires and the key is returned to the bank, this amount will be issued back to the client.

- Payment of the cost of the rent The amount of this amount will be entirely and completely dependent on the bank itself (in various institutions the protection levels of depositories differ andaccordingly, the cost of rent also varies), as well as on the size of the rental cell (the larger the cell, the more expensive the rent will be). Basically, the average monthly rental price ranges from four hundred (for the smallest cell) to two thousand (for the largest) rubles.

- If you need a power of attorney also have a little extra. The cost of its preparation ranges from one hundred rubles and above. It all depends on how many people will have access to the repository.

In general, using the cell is not very expensive, but it is convenient. You can not be afraid to keep your documents, fearing fires and other disasters, as well as various values, so that robbers do not get to them.

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