Beer in the Soviet Union

22-04-2017, 12:02
"Beer is a healthy and refreshing drink." Such posters were hung in some grocery stores of the USSR with a beer bottling department. And there was always a crowd in this department: they loved beer in the Soviet Union, and there were always plenty of fans.
Beer in the Soviet Union
Beer in the USSR - a product of high demand
Beer in the USSR was not that the product was in short supply, but it was always lacking for everyone. Therefore, people crowded in lines for beer, took with them cans or three-liter jars. In the absence of such a container, beer was poured into plastic bags: the seller always had a three-liter jar on hand for such a case.
Beer in the Soviet Union
The queue for the Soviet draft beerThree liters was the most popular unit for acquiring beer in the USSR in order to taste the pleasure to the fullest. And if the beer was taken in a beer garden or in a street stall, near which there were several crap tables, it was taken at once in two, or even three or four circles. Especially if in the pocket lay a vobla stored up for such a case.
Usually, Zhigulevskoye beer was sold for bottling in the USSR. It cost 22 penny mug. Half a liter."Zhigulevskoe" beer was truly a national brand, known to the whole Union. And his taste was known to the overwhelming majority of the country's male population ...
Soviet draft beer, as a Soviet draft beer, was diluted with water ... Not hard! Plus, it was also underpowered, because when pouring into a mug, the beer gave a thick layer of slowly settling foam (which was exactly what was intended). And when the foam finally settled, the beer turned out to be slightly more than half a cup. But almost no one "arose" and did not require to add. Indeed, besides being thirsty and hangover, for you there were at least a dozen men and a half with the same problems, who were impatient to taste “a healthy and refreshing drink”. And they really didn’t like it if there was such a principled citizen who was delaying the flow of the line: one could run into a fist.
"Pivnik" - profitable profession
Beer in the Soviet Union
The profession of a beer seller, and with the appearance of beer bars - and the bartender was extremely profitable. They paid the beer a little: from 80 to 100 rubles, depending on the point. But "pivniki" were considered wealthy people. Some of them came to work on personal cars, and before putting on work clothes, they took off imported suits and shoes.
Getting a beer seller was extremely difficult.There was literally a queue to receive such work, but it was quite realistic to become a “beer-brewer” due to a pull or a bribe.
Label Soviet Zhiguli beerSoviet beer: not a single mug ...
Beer in the Soviet Union
Bottled beer in the Soviet Union, as well as draft, also had an increased demand. And instantly bought up. Thanks to him, it was possible to find out the taste of real beer.
The most popular bottled beer was again “Zhigulevskoe”. It had an alcohol content of 2.8% and was vigorous and pleasant to taste. In storages such beer was kept for 4 weeks.
Often on the shelves "thrown away", as they said then, "Moscow" beer. It was stronger because it was kept longer in storage facilities, up to 6 weeks. His fortress was 3.4%. And it cost a little more expensive than the Zhiguli.
label of Soviet Riga beerThe gift of fate was to buy beer "Riga". It was tough, it was also kept for 6 weeks, pleasantly bitter and alcohol contained 3.5%. The quality of this beer was excellent.
Very large and almost legendary “Leningradskoe” beer was sometimes delivered to big cities. This beer was rare because it was kept for three months, had a strength of 5% and was extremely tough, which is really important for a true beer lover or hangover.And if it was problematic to get drunk on the insole with Zhiguli beer (especially bottled), then Leningrad beer, which was received in sufficient quantity, could easily be knocked down. Especially with a hangover.
The label of the Soviet velvet beer. All of the sorts of Soviet beer were light. Light beer was preferable to dark men in Soviet men, the varieties of which were much smaller. Probably, there were more than two varieties of dark beer, but only the varieties “Velvet” and “Martovskoye” became famous.
"Velvet" was very dark, smelled of wine and did not have the bitterness inherent in light beer. “March” beer was lighter, nobler, more refined, more intelligent and tastier. It was kept for 10 weeks, had an alcohol content of 3.8%, a delicate malt aroma and a sweet aftertaste.
Beer in the Soviet Union
Of course, these were not all varieties produced in the USSR. There was a beer:
- "Ukrainian";
- "Kazan";
- "Slavic";
- "Capital";
- strong and tough "Isetskoye" beer;
- “Taiga”, dark and executed according to some intricate recipe;
- "Ural";
- "Pskov";
- "Samara";
- "Ufa";
- “Amber” in a rice chop;
- "Eastern" and so on.d.
On beer labels, often in the shape of a crescent, there was always a spill date, conspicuous. The shelf life of Soviet beer depended on the variety and had a duration of 7 to 14 days. But usually it was drunk on the day of purchase or the next.
Before the restructuring, the barley spike beer appeared. Probably, as an alternative to "Zhigulevsky". But it didn’t use the same popularity as Zhigulevskoe, it was less vigorous and tough, but it filled all the counters, displacing other popular brands. But to this day, older beer lovers prefer to buy either "Zhigulevskoe" or "Slavic".

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