Best crossover - what is it?

Recently, crossovers are becoming increasingly popular. Someone is attracted by the brutal appearance of the car, someone - the ability to freely overcome the "surprises" of Russian roads. Crossover - what is it, what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A bit about different models
crossover what is it

The crossover is a car equipped with all-wheel drive. That is, leading him both axes. Depending on the model of the machine, the drive can be full, permanent and plug-in. In the first embodiment, the engine torque is continuously transmitted to both axes. In the second version, the second bridge is connected as needed. In normal mode, such a machine is driven by one axis (front or rear — depending on the model). Choosing a crossover, every motorist first thing draws attention to its technical characteristics and cost. Most motorists answering the question: "Crossover - what is it?" - They say that this is a car with an astronomical price. However, now this statement is irrelevant.In the Russian market, there are many inexpensive models of SUVs.

Cheap crossovers
new crossovers

1. Hyundai Tucson. At the moment, this is probably the most budget model. In Russia, this SUV costs from $ 25,000. The crossover is equipped with two engine options: two-liter for 142 horsepower and 175 horsepower and 2.7 liters, respectively. The base is a mechanical transmission. For a four-stage machine will have to pay extra about $ 1,400. This model is recommended for those who first sit on the crossover.
2. Mitsubishi Outlander. This all-wheel drive crossover belongs to the mid-size class. Its cost starts from $ 30,000. In the basic package, the owner receives an active safety system, a course stability stabilizer and a set of security systems. Under the hood of an SUV is a two-liter engine at 136 horsepower, bundled only with a manual.
cheap crossovers3. Suzuki Grand Vitara. The model is quite common in Russia. Partly due to its value (from $ 25,000), partly due to its driving characteristics. Inexpensive three-door "Vitara" is equipped with a 1.6 liter engine and advanced all-wheel drive.Looking at her, you do not doubt: “Grand Vitara” is really a crossover. What it is? First, it is a great cross. The car is ideally adapted both for city trips and for traveling in the countryside. Secondly, excellent handling.

New crossovers

Those who follow the autos in the crossover sector will be interested to get acquainted with the fruits of the work of Russian designers. A new Russian crossover is being prepared for release. What it is? Four-seater car with a three-door body. Under the hood, the creators placed a four-cylinder engine model MeMZ-2477 with a capacity of 70 hp. According to the manufacturer, the car complies with the EURO-3 environmental parameters. Another novelty deserves attention - this is the smart crossover Ford Kuga. The machine is surprisingly compact and passable. "Kuga" was created for operation and in conditions of dense urban traffic, and for dirt roads. We must pay tribute to the developers, the crossover is literally punctuated with electronics. If you answer the question: "Crossover - what is it?" - then when looking at the Ford Kuga, you can safely answer that this is an intelligent machine.

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