Billboard for the weekend in Kiev: where to go with children April 28-May 1

"Day of Professions" at the Cosmopolit Mall

“Daily Professions” at the Cosmopolit Shopping and Entertainment Center - the price of specialty is the master class of the professional profession.

Tsogo vu vymamete zmogu zustrіtsya with representatives of such as yak pozhezhny, politsseysky і navіt exercises!

І I don’t just grow up, ale ry ottimati, yak zahoplyuyuchі, so i zittєvo vazhlivі poradi.

Throughout the event, you can take part in a handmade paper craft workshop. This is a good option if you do not know how to occupy a child at the weekend in Kiev.

Businesses on the 28th of April in the shopping center "Cosmopolit", Block A, 3rd over from 13:00 to 16:00.

If: April 28, 13: 00-16: 00.
De: SEC "Cosmopolit", vul. V. Getman, 6, Block A, 3rd over, Kyiv.
Price: What is your name?

activities for children in Kiev


Yakscho va bazhєte porinuti in the св св св св св св св св кар св г г г св св св св, св св, св св, yakuyu legends come to life, play an hour, i'm happy, like, demanding natural snails.

There trembiti voice shrilland on the valleys, grazing peacefully in the graves - methods of guiding from our family to our Kyivan Carpathians on the 28-29th of April, 2018, at the GrazhdaFest Gutsul Culture Festival.

There you can see the zapalnyi rhythms of the Hutsul musicians, delicious and self-made cuisine of the Carpathian region, and you can join the traditional festivals of the wood, ceramics and fabrics to the exhibition-fair.

The festival of Hutsul culture in Kiev will be an excellent holiday option for the whole family on weekends.

If: April 28-29, 13: 00-19: 00.
De: National Museum of National Architectural and Bundl, vul. Akademika Tronka, s. Pirogiv, Kiev.
Price: for adults - 50 UAH., children up to 7 years without a bed, schoolchildren - 15 UAH, a discount ticket 30 UAH.

performances for children in Kiev

Day of Peoples of the TC Ornament

I ask for the Holy Day of the Narodzhennya Shopping Center ORNAMENT.

If you are looking for where to go with your child on the weekend in Kiev, we have planned:

  • Animatori Veseli Troli
  • Svyatkovy face painting
  • Vigilance of symbols
  • Maister-classy
  • Show Illusion
  • Children's Disco

If: 28 April, 15: 00-19: 00.
De: Shopping Center Ornament, Pravdi Avenue, 58, Kyiv.
Price: What is your name?

where to go with the whole family on weekend in kiev

Kyiv Flower Market | Kontraktova

Near the square one of the most historical places of the city on the pre-opening Kyiv Flower Market | Kontraktova in Kiev expects you:

  • A lot of invigorating cocktails, delicious sweets and ice cream from the bakery and pastry shop Bassano.
  • Flower Fair. This is where the zone of aesthetic inspiration with fresh and bright spring flowers. A great opportunity to buy a bouquet to yourself or your family, as well as to replenish Instagram with stylish photos!
  • Author master classes. In the zone of Kyiv Flower Market, guests can take part in various workshops for children, get in touch with the beautiful, find their new hobby or way of meditation, spend time with great benefit and pleasure right under the open sky.

Where: Kontraktovaya square, the square named after P.Sagaidachny
When: April 28 - 29, from 10:00 to 22:00
Price: Free admission.

free activities for children in Kiev

Tulip of the Tulips "Навколо Світу"

Tsogorіchna ек сп і в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в св в в в ал ал ал ал ал ал ал ал ь ь ь ь ь ь ь ь ь ь ь ь ь ь

On you check:

  • Universals: 3700 m² of Pechersk Landscape Park will be decorated with nightclubs and exhibits.
  • Naidovsha vsesezonna tyubing girka: 70 m spravzhnіsіnkoї joy and adrenaline for children and adults.
  • Exhibitions of artworks and Christmas-related enterments: exhibition of the “Landscape Design” robot, Eco-Fairs, Mother's Day, karaoke on the Night,that svyatkuvannya day Kiev.
  • Children's park atractions.
  • The first in the center of the park.
  • Fairs handmade.

And also there is a special trade fair of fairs, a gastronomic zone, a cinema, an evening lounge area, a restaurant-class room, a master class and more.

What is interesting in Kiev at the weekend - an exhibition of tulips with events for the whole family.

If: 27 April - 27 May, 10: 00-21: 00.
De: Spivoche field, vul. Lavrska, 33.
Price: grow - 50 UAH., children - 25 UAH.

what is interesting for children in Kiev

Made in Ukraine. Vіdkritya to the season

New Season to the festival Made in Ukraine by GO GREEN. What greenery?

Vidteper and call for a course on eco-friendliness sv_dom_st: sortumo smіttya, v_dshuukumo etichnі brandy i ikologіchni comra. If you are a bagato of greenery, initiate, savvy and cinnamon, so - papir okremo, sklo okremo.

An interesting family vacation in Kiev on weekends can be organized where there are performances for children and free master classes.

Schö Bude:

  • Market z bіlsh nіzh 300 Ukrainian Vicrobroke
  • Smachna ta rіznomanіtna їжа - vegan that fan m'yasnogo bude we have the same kind
  • Devchata, overload podih ... Kyiv Flower Market! So-so, bagato kvіtіv that new photo in the Instagram is forgotten
  • Nashi druzі zі Birdhouse to lay out a calm prostrіr with a yogi, with a savory rye that Masaloy and fun dances
  • What are the lectures of all day long about ecology and everything that you could see about it?
  • Nevgamovna dityacha zone with its own atmosphere: akvagrim, meister-class, animoria and rostovі lyalki. For those who have little money - the changing room of the c_mnata with biased p_dguzka and the cnmnata for the year of
  • Your first in life quest for doggy kaveldikiv vіd Happy Paw. Yak take vzgalі you can skip?
  • Uncomfortable fan on the scenes of the radio-partner and visitor music

If: 28 and 29, 10: 00-22: 00.
De: Kontraktova ploshcha, Kyiv.
Price: What is your name?

rest for the whole family on weekends April 28-May 1 in Kiev

Naybіlshy technical festival of Ukraine "OldKarLend"

Old Car Land will be held from April 27 to April 29 as the main exhibition-festival and April 30 - May 1 as a retro picnic in Kiev.

At this festival, our friends will arrive race drivers from all over the Baltic States! These racing trucks Gas -51 and 52, which are on the poster, you will see live!

They have never been in Ukraine before! The exhibition, together with colleagues from the Baltic States, will be visited by the legendary racer and the most titled champion of the USSR: Stasys Brundza, a legend man.

Master class and thematic meetings with him will be announced separately.A separate exhibition and for the first time in world practice we invited buses of our Ukrainian Football Clubs to the exhibition!

Possible mini-tournament football Veterans Sports! The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine will present an interesting technique received from the USA in the 90s.
Many of the workshops in Ukraine and the EU will present their best retro cars.

If: 27 квітня - 1 herbal, 9: 00-20: 00.
De: Museum of Aviation, Vul. Medova, 1, Kyiv.
Price: vkh_d for the grown-ups 120 UAH, for children vikom up to 12 rok_v - without skoshtovno.

what to take children in Kiev on the weekend of April 29-30

Pedestrian quest "" Our whole life is a game! "

In the quest can participate teams of two to five people, without age restrictions.

Register teams at

We are going to from 11:45 near the metro Palace of Sports (Palace of Sports in Kiev) on the Sports Square near the fountain. We start at 12:00.

During the game, you will need: a device with Internet access, a map of Kiev, a sheet of paper and a pen / pencil. A good mood to take with a strictly recommended, check at the start!

Children under 14 years old play for free, but accompanying adults is a must.

When: April 28, 12: 00-23: 00.
Where: metro Palace of Sports, Kiev.
Price: 100 UAH

where to go with the child April 29-30 in Kiev

Interactive reading "Ya ya yogo typo"

Khlopchik Yas ma a great fleet.Vіn so bagato znakє about transport! Yas fun tsikavo rozpovіdaє about the skin machine, її osoblivostі that "robot", yak won vikonuє. Іz Yasya has a skin machine with a history of history.

So do I think about the kids, the friends, the cat, the ninja, the new year, the little ones that are very useful. Little chitachi zmoot namalyuvati і vlasnu typewriter - specifically for them the artist Tetyana Tsyupka filled out the silky rozvorot.

Takozh has a little t приmnitsya from the booklet. Do you want to come to you? Dotepna that zhittєradіsna book-picture Katerini Michalitsyno to accept usіm, hto love cars.

Organizational zbіr 120 UAH., Overpayment 50 UAH.

An event for children in Kiev at the age of 4-7 years.

Next record of obovyazkovy! You can register by phone 067-290-73-20.

If: April 29, 12: 40-13: 40.
De: studio TREE ART, vul. Chavdar, 13, Kyiv.
Price: 120 UAH.

performance for children in Kiev on weekends

Vistava "Mister Rrr"

Wistava laureate of Kyiv Pectoral 2017, "Mister Rr-r."

Tse vistava for children in 4-rokіv with batkami.
Trivial vistavi - 40hv.

Mister Р-р-р - це a little tiger cub, the character of the shortcomings of the English writer Donald Bisset. In the case of a military campaign about a pig, yak hotlo (katka Donald Bissset) and about an elephant Horton, a little visaguvav ptashena (kazka Dr. Suze).

Ala nigolovnishe u vistavi, nevertheless, mabut, not stilki samі історії, skіlki te, scho їх пoв'язує - головна, наскрізна Ідея, яка поєднує ці дві казки. Hocha ... great pomilkoju bude dumka, scho їх тільки дві. Everything, just like you know - we have a lot of bagato history on the topic!

Children's performance on the weekend in Kiev is a good way to relax with the whole family.

If: 29 квітня, 12:30.
De: Kiiv Academy Lyalok Theater, vul. Hrushevskogo, 1a, Kyiv.
Price: 80 UAH

performances for children in Kiev on the weekend

Parade of puny heroes in igroland

Rozvagi with love heroes in Іgrolend in Kiev.

Shoot that and in all the complexes at 17:00 come that kind of bustling with your favorite characters and cartoon characters!

Dіtlakhi porinut svіt іnki іz with gay igrams in the Іgroland zones, with dances, and takozh vіdchyut yourself heroes ulynіlіh іstorіy і zmozhut zbbiti photo with nауулюбленішими characters.

In Kiev, invite to a free presentation of children and their parents, where they plunge into a fairy tale.

If: 28 that 29 April, about 17:00.
De: Mall of Sky Mall, Vul. General Vatutina, 2T, 3 atop, Kyiv.
Price: beskoshtovno.

than to take children on the May holidays in 2018

Pedestrian quest for teens

How to distract teenagers from gadgets? Introduce them to one of the favorite types of entertainment, only in real life!

During the quest, the guys will show maturity, independence, sociability with friends and pedestrians, will reveal their creative approach to solving problems, find interesting places in the very center of Kiev.

After a cheerful and driving quest - a well-deserved treat - pizza!

For whom: for teens 13-17 years old. (2 groups: 13-14 years and 15-17 years).

Tel for information 067 248 55 81/050 310 75 87.

WhenApril 28, 3:00 p.m.
Where: meeting place - metro station "Lev Tolstoy Square", near McDonald's, Kiev.
Price: 250 UAH

What is interesting in Kiev on the May holidays 2018

Presentation in style etno

“Vystavka in style etno” - tse vidovіd, demonstration, my own wicked type names, supposedly reproducible and with a sentimental gloss of mystic decline in ukraintsіv.

I do not have a chance to do it.

On April 27, about 17.00.

An interesting exhibition in Kiev at the weekend will appeal to children and adults.
Tel: 044 288 0618, 044 289 1651.

If: 27 April - 14 May, 10: 00-17: 00.
De: Museum of the Forest. Ukrainka, vul. Saksaganskogo, 97, Kyiv.
Price: for UAH 15, for children - 5 UAH.

than taking a child at the weekend April 30-May 1

ETNO Quest "Benefit Know-All"

1 st grass - ETNO Quest “Benefit-All-Know-All” for children of 7 to 12 years - 11:00 - 12:00.

Trivial command quest - close to 1 year

Your child z_tknetsya z bezlіchchyu vip Obuvan:

  • tsіkavih rebusіv і riddles,
  • cryptograms
  • anagrams,
  • viprobuvannya on spritnіst і respect,
  • logiku i kreativn_st,
  • ... i zvainichno well bagato інших its useful.

Details that call for the phone: 38063736-21-06, 38098394-06-28, 38099658-56-07.

If: 1 pm, 11: 00-12: 00.
De: Park "Natalka", Obolonska naberezhna, Kyiv.
Price: 200 UAH.

activities for children in Kiev on the weekend

Master class in drawing for children (individual approach)

An individual course of master classes for children is designed for the most restless and inquisitive artists from 6 to 14 years old.

When: April 30, 3:00 p.m.
Where: ART SPACE, st. Yevhen Konovalets, 31, Kiev.
Price: single visit 250 UAH.

family vacation in Kiev at the weekend

Пікнік-Party at Феофанії

Ask for a Picnic Party 28 on April 1

Ear about 14:00. In the program:

  • Concert under the sky
  • Creative Mayster Class (from 15:00 to 19:00)
  • Hemichne show (1 of about 16:00)

The task of the children’s maydanchik and scene will be roztashovani vushnya cafes, de vizhezhezmozmozhno pozhisto m'yasnyh that vegetarіanskih strav z grill, Ukrainian Borschik, mlintsіv that Varenikіv.

Contact organizer: (093) 066-75-18

If: 28 kvitnya - 1 grass.
De: park "Feofanіya", vul. Akademіka Lebeduva, 37. Doihati to the park can be at 548 and 444 route taxi vd VDNG.
Price: 20 UAH

where to go for may holidays with children in kiev

Dityacha mystic excursion "With the words of the Kyivan vidyom i prividіv"

1 grass, on that same day, if all over again, choose і чakluvati, "Misto Maystrov", choose one of my favorite excursions, "Slides from Kiev ідіом и івидів".

Record on the tour of obvy'kovkovy! You can call us by calling 067 236 72 60. Excursions are conducted by Ukrainian.

Zagalom, thoughtfully, scary cages, legends, stories and stories in children loved and loved us.

The I to E virіshili poraduvati your dіtey slit odnієyu Kindergarten ekskursієyu, ale vzhe tіlki on osnovі "scary" kazok i іstorіy - about vіdom chaklunіv i, i prividіv about evil spirits, about vsіlyaku kiїvsku mіstiku i zagadkovі yavischa.

І called our walker "Slіdami Kiev ідсьі відьом и івидів".

Triviality of the excursion 2 years. Excursion ukrainskoyu myova.

Вік 7+
Ear of Excursion - Main Post Office. Кінець - ekkursі Kontraktova ploshcha.

When you transfer to the card 100 UAH (1 child or 1 child + 1 matured) or 1 child + 2 adults - 150 UAH

The price of an excursion when paying for a meal is 130 UAH (1 child or 1 child + 1 adult), or one child + 2 adults - 170 UAH.

If: 1 herb,
De: cob vіd Golovposhtamtu on Khreshchatyk, Kyiv.
Price: 100-130 UAH

Дитяча містична екскурсія & quot; Слідами київських відьом і привидів & quot; - image number 1

April 28 - May 1, together with the "Darynk"

Weekend on the threshold and you need to plan a vacation for the whole family in Kiev. And where will it be interesting for both children and adults? In the market mall "Darynok"! After all, here everyone will find something to do to their liking: pleasant shopping at affordable prices, entertainment programs with mimes and clowns, food for any preferences, puppet shows and master classes, as well as a sea of ​​smiles and joy. We invite you to spend April 28 - May 1 with us!

In the “Malecha” sector, children will be able to watch the “Kaleidoscope of Wonders” and “Magic Shows” educational programs, the “Hare Happiness” puppet play, as well as attend the “Decoupage of favorite things” master class and breathe new life into the already familiar ones. toys

For the most courageous and active guys, Rope Activity works Adventure Park "Lazalka" at Darynka.

Of course, every child will be happy to spend the weekend with us, but what will the parents do at this time? We took care of the expecting moms and daddies: we have equipped recreation areas in which they can relax, get distracted, or enjoy various goodies in the food court area.

The entertainment program includes:

  • 11:00 - Gastronomic Fair (Entrance № 6)
  • 11:00 - “Relish Light” Fair (near Verde Café)
  • 12:00 - Face painting for children (3rd floor, “Malecha” sector)
  • 12:00 - Magical Interactive and Focuses (Boulevard)
  • 12:00 - Entertaining mix with mimes (Wi-Fi)

Program of the "Malech" sector, 3rd floor

  • 12:00 - 17:00 - Interactive entertainment for children
  • 13:00 - 15:00 - Master class "Decoupage favorite things" (April 29)
  • 15:00 - 16:00 - Kaleidoscope of Wonders show program (April 28)
  • 15:00 - 16:00 - Puppet play "Hare Happiness" (April 30)
  • 15:00 - 16:00 - Show program "Magic Show" (May 1)

When: May 28 - 1, 11: 00-20: 00.
Where: st. Belomorskaya, 1, Market Mall "Darynok", Kiev.

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Billboard for the weekend in Kiev: where to go with children April 28-May 1 49

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Billboard for the weekend in Kiev: where to go with children April 28-May 1 20

Billboard for the weekend in Kiev: where to go with children April 28-May 1 29

Billboard for the weekend in Kiev: where to go with children April 28-May 1 32

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