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P.I. Tchaikovsky in one of his diaries confessed that no one had managed to make him tremble with excitement and cry, feel so much his closeness to the ideal, as Mozart did. Only thanks to his works he realized what music is.

Mozart's biographyWolfgang Mozart. Biography: childhood

The great composer does not owe histhe gift of the mother, Mary-Anne. But Leopold Mozart - father - was a teacher, violinist and organist. Of the seven children in this family, only Wolfgang's older sister and himself survived. At first his father was engaged in playing the clavier with his daughter, who showed musical talent. The boy always sat next to him and amused himself by choosing tunes. Father noticed this. And in the form of playing began to deal with his son. At five years old, the boy was already free to write plays, and at six he performed very complicated pieces. Leopold was not against music, but he wanted his son's life to be more prosperous and interesting than his. He decided to go with the children on tour with performances.

Biography of Mozart in brief: a concert tour

First they visited Vienna, Munich, then othersEuropean cities. After triumphant performances in London during the year they received an invitation to Holland. The audience was amazed by the virtuosity of playing the boy on the harpsichord, organ and violin. The concerts lasted from four to five hours and, of course, were very tiring, especially as the father continued his son's education. In 1766, the famed family returned to Salzburg, but the rest was short. The musicians began to envy the boy and treat the 12-year-old genius as a real rival. His father decided that only in Italy his son's talent would be appreciated. This time they went together.

amadeus Mozart biographyBiography of Mozart in brief: stay in Italy

Concerts of already 14-year-old Wolfgang in largecities of the country passed with tremendous success. In Milan, he received an order for the opera Mithridates, King of Pontus, which performed brilliantly. For the first time the Bologna Academy elected such a young composer as its member. All the operas, symphonies and other works of Wolfgang, written during his stay in this country, indicate how deeply he was imbued with the peculiarities of Italian music. Father was sure that now his son's destiny will be arranged. But with all the success to find a job in Italy did not work. The local nobility was wary of the uniqueness of his talent.

Biography of Mozart in brief: return to Salzburg

The hometown met the travelers quiteunfriendly. The old count died, and his son turned out to be a cruel, imperious man. He humiliated and oppressed Mozart. Without his knowledge, Wolfgang could not participate in concerts, was obliged to write only church music and small works for entertainment. When the boy was already 22 years old, he hardly got a vacation. And with his mother went to Paris, hoping that there will remember his talent. But this attempt did not work either. Moreover, in the French capital, unable to withstand the hardships, the composer's mother died. Mozart returned to Salzburg and spent there two more painful years. And this was at a time when his new opera "Idomeneo, king of Crete" was triumphant in Munich. Its success has strengthened Wolfgang in the decision not to return to a dependent position. The Archbishop did not sign his resignation letter, but, in spite of this, the composer left for Vienna. In this city he lived until his last days.

Wolfgang Mozart Biography

Biography of Mozart in brief: life in Vienna

Soon after the move, Wolfgang marriedConstance Weber. To do this, in August 1782, he had to take the girl away from home, since neither his father nor her mother agreed to marriage. At first, life in Vienna was difficult. But the success of "Abduction from the Seraglio" again opened the composer's doors to the salons and palaces of the urban nobility. At this time he managed to get acquainted with many famous musicians, to establish connections. Next came the operas "The Wedding of Figaro" and "Don Juan", which had variable success. Simultaneously with the "Magic Flute", Wolfgang composed on the order of one graph and "Requiem". However, the last composer did not have time to finish writing. This was done using drafts, Sussmeier is a pupil of Mozart.

Amadeus Mozart. Biography: recent years

Wolfgang died in the unknown to this dayreason in December 1791. Many musicians still support the legend that the composer was poisoned by Salieri. But there were no documents, at least indirectly confirming this version. His orphaned family was so impoverished that they did not have the money for a decent funeral. Mozart was buried in a common grave. Where exactly he is buried, has not been established.

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