Biography of Pushkin. Summary of the main events

No matter how many years have passed, at least one thousand more, but A. S. Pushkin will forever remain for all mankind an unsurpassed master of artistic expression and poetry. “Aye yes Pushkin, ah yes you son of a bitch!” - this is how he will exclaim once about himself. Yes, he furnished everyone and truly became great.

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Alexander Pushkin: a biography. Summary of major events

And it is not surprising that no one can remain indifferent to his work. Pushkin's biography has always been of genuine interest, the summary of which has very interesting facts. Namely, his great-grandfather, Abram Petrovich Hannibal, was once the Arap of Peter the Great, who, in fact, educated him himself, giving him an excellent education and the ability to command the Russian army as a general.

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It is also known that A.S. Pushkin is an offspring of an old noble family from the time of Ivan the Terrible.True, this genus was impoverished by the time the poet was born.

The father of the writer was Sergey Lvovich Pushkin. Being a retired major, he married Nadezhda Osipovna Hannibal, who was much younger than her husband. In addition to misalliance, she was a distant relative (grand-niece) to her husband. In 1796 they got married, and eight children appeared in the family, but five of them died in early childhood. Only three remained: Olga, Alexander and Leo.

Biography of Pushkin. Childhood: a summary

In 1799, on June 6 (May 26, old) a boy was born in the Pushkin family, whom it was decided to call Alexander. This is where the development of Pushkin’s biography begins. The summary tells of the fact that at that time the family lived in Moscow.

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As a child, the future genius grew up as a very restless and playful, but precocious, intelligent and charming child whom his own grandmother, Maria Alekseevna Hannibal, loved very much. Pushkin often visited her at the estate of Zakharovo. It was she who became the very first to teach him how to read and write.

The second great friend of the future poet was his nanny, Arina Rodionovna, who instilled in him a love for folklore.It was to her that he dedicated one of his best lyric works, which many of us know by heart: "My friend's days are my harsh, my decrepit dove."


When Pushkin was nine years old, he was already well acquainted with his father’s library, and by that time he was very fond of the works of such famous world writers as Voltaire, Homer, Plutarch, etc. And under the inspiration of Moliere, he wrote a poem in French, these were his first steps on the path of a great creative path.

Further, the biography of Pushkin becomes even more fascinating, a brief summary of it continues because in 1811 Pushkin went to study at the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, it was a very prestigious institution for noble youth. At this time, Pushkin formed his own political convictions and views. He is young, enthusiastic and full of the joy of life. The poet begins to write a lot. Its language is original, the manner of presentation is quite simple. About 130 verses came out from his pen, among them “To the Poet Friend,” “Desire,” “Window,” etc.

Alexander Pushkin biography summary


In the lyceum of Pushkin they take in the literary circle "Arzamas", then his works begin to be published in the journal "Russian Museum".A very important meeting with Derzhavin describes Pushkin’s biography, a brief summary tells us that the teacher himself could not resist the talented lyceum student, who very bravely and boldly read his own poem on the exam. Immediately it is worth mentioning the fact that many students in 1825 took part in the uprising on the Senate Square in St. Petersburg.

After graduation from the Lyceum, a new biography of the AU is gaining momentum. Pushkin, a summary indicates his independent life.

New life

From 1817 to 1820, Pushkin already lives in St. Petersburg and serves in the State Collegium for Foreign Affairs. He is full of patriotism, his liberal views are forming, free-thinking appears, for this he almost gets to penal servitude. At this time, he wrote the ode "Liberty", the verse "To Chaadaev", etc. His overwhelming popularity. Then he went to serve in the Caucasus, in the so-called Southern Link, from 1820 to 1822. There he is working on such works as "The Prisoner of the Caucasus" and "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai".

Alexander Pushkin biography summary

Then it is noted that the poet was somehow mysteriously associated with Freemasonry. For this, Tsar Alexander sends him to exile in Mikhailovskoye - his family estate.Probably, after the lyceum period, this time became for him the most calm and favorable for his work, about which, in fact, Pushkin’s biography speaks (summary). Photos of the village of Mikhailovsky, in Pskov, literally amaze with its beauty and picturesque. It was for the poet a truly “shelter with the radiance of the muses ...”

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Then Pushkin meets a still young Natalia Goncharova and falls in love with her to death. After long courtship, he still wants her heart. In 1831, the wedding takes place. She gives the poet three children. But their family happiness was not destined to last long. It is because of the flirtation of Dantes with Natalie that problems begin at Pushkin’s balls, and he was forced to challenge Dantes to a duel. The duel happened on January 27, 1837. As a result, the poet received a mortal wound and died in heavy agony. He was buried on February 6 in 1937 at the cemetery of the Svyatogorsk Uspensky Monastery, 5 km from Mikhailovsky.

At this time, killed by such grief, Lermontov writes: “The Poet has perished! - Slave of honor.

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