Bird feeders

Do you like to watch birds? You have a great opportunity to make sure that birds fly to the place of your observation. Of course, we will talk about bird feeders. It is better to equip them in the winter when it is more difficult for birds to get food, and you will help them survive in difficult times.
Bird feeders

Where to hang.
The feeder must be hung so that both its and neighboring trees or bushes can be seen from the window. You can watch birds from a warm room at any convenient time. It will be easy for you to find out when it is necessary to restore supplies for a bird banquet. Make a list of "guests", take a look, what species of birds do they prefer when they fly, how they behave with their neighbors.
What to do.
Feeders can be different: a plank on a rack, a milk bag with a cut-out window suspended on a branch, a square piece of plywood, cardboard or plastic suspended at the corners. You should not arrange a dining room for birds on the balcony, on the porch or on the windowsill: the birds are not very well brought up and often leave droppings where they eat. Adults may not appreciate your efforts.Consider that your or a neighbor's cat will come back here, and instead of eating, the birds will fall into the paws of a predator.
What to feed.
Birds are happy to eat grain, seeds and fruits, dried edible berries and pieces of fruit, bread crumbs and buns, pieces of dried cheese, boiled potatoes and other vegetables, boiled rice, crumbs from the table.
Water is also necessary for birds, and getting it in the frosty time is not easy. Please use a flat pot for birds. The reward for you will be a large number and variety of feathered friends.

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