Bitter zucchini: why does this happen and how to remove bitterness?

Have you ever tried a bitter zucchini? Why does this vegetable have such a property? Answers to the question may be many. We will describe them in detail in the presented article.bitter zucchini why

general information

Before answering the question of why zucchini is bitter, you should tell what is this vegetable.

Few people know, but the zucchini is a bush variety of the ordinary pumpkin. It has oblong shapes, without lashes. Fruits can be completely different color. Squashes are green, white, yellow and even black. Their flesh is tender and quick-cooking. Therefore, such a vegetable is very fond of modern chefs.

Zucchini can be used not only in boiled, stewed, baked or fried, but also in its raw state. As a rule, vegetables without heat treatment are added to salads and snacks.

What is unpleasant bitter zucchini? Why is such a vegetable impossible to eat? If a product with this property is used to cook a dish, it is unlikely that your family members will use it.It is like adding wormwood to your diet.

why zucchini bitter as wormwood

How often do they meet?

How often have you met a bitter zucchini? Why did you remember this experience for a long time? According to experienced chefs, bitter zucchini is much less common than bitter cucumbers. But if you still get such a vegetable, you should get rid of it or process it correctly. Otherwise, you will receive not only not very tasty, but also a harmful dish.

The cause of bitterness

For what reason does a bitter squash ripen on a bed? Why does he have such an unpleasant property? According to experts, the bitterness of such a vegetable lies in the high content of curcubitacin. This is a special substance, which is a complex and nitrogen-free organic compounds derived from glycosides and having vegetable origin. It is quite widespread in nature.

Curcubitacins are found in various parts of plants, namely in leaves, roots, stems, flowers, and even fruits.

Thus, to the question of why bitter zucchini has grown, we can safely answer that special substances that carry curcubitacins are to blame.It should be noted that an increase in their concentration in zucchini can occur due to several factors. Which ones, we will tell a little further.

why zucchini is bitter

Impact on the human body

Now you know why zucchini is bitter, like wormwood. However, it should be noted that most people are concerned not only with the taste of such vegetables, but also with its effects on the human body.

As you know, curcubitacins have a local irritant effect on the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes and oral cavity. Also, an excess of this substance leads to irritation of the intestinal mucosa and stomach. Curcubitacins can be extremely toxic. They often cause severe nausea with subsequent vomiting, as well as diarrhea and dizziness.

With a slight irritating effect, such substances contribute to increased secretion of all glands. According to the specialists, this favorably affects the bronchi (the available sputum is diluted, which facilitates its evacuation).

From the foregoing, we can safely answer the question of why zucchini is bitter, like wormwood. This is due to the presence of substances such as curcubitacins.

By the way, some plants that contain this element also have medicinal properties.They are often used as hypocholesterolemic and antisclerotic, as well as diuretic, corticotropic, adaptogenic, sedative, anti-ulcer and mild laxative. It should also be noted that the presence of a small amount of curcubitacins in the body makes it easier to be absorbed by other drugs.

why zucchini bitter as hina

Transfer along with pollen

Why do zucchini get bitter? Breeders have long noted that most pumpkin crops have a substance such as curcubitacin. For several decades they have been working to eliminate the varieties in which this substance does not accumulate.

However, it should be noted that there are often cases when zucchini growing in one area (or in the neighborhood) with other plant species, are interrogated with them, thereby obtaining a certain dose of bitterness.

To fence your crop from such situations, we recommend to plant the plants on the beds with special care. Nearby should not be grown decorative and absolutely not edible pumpkin.

Insufficient watering

Why is zucchini bitter like hina? If every year you are concerned about this difficult dacha question, we suggest you remember how often you water your beds.According to the breeders, the bitter taste of the vegetable in question may result from irregular watering. Therefore, read the instructions for growing this fruit and follow it strictly.

why did bitter zucchini grow

I would also like to note that a sharp change in humidity in the environment can also affect the taste of a zucchini. For example, if the summer season was dry, and at the time of harvest, heavy and prolonged rains began.

Duration of daylight hours

Why are zucchini bitter when frying, boiling or stewing? There are several reasons for such a tasteless harvest. The most common of these is the duration of daylight. How is this interconnected?

Scientists have noted that the presence of curcubitacins in zucchini has a direct connection with the length of the day. In other words, the less light the vegetables receive (from the 2nd decade of August in the middle zone of our country), the more likely there is a fruit with strong and unpleasant bitterness. Therefore, in some regions of our vast country, such a culture is almost never grown.

Mineral fertilizer use

It is not a secret for anyone that such mineral fertilizers as phosphorus and potassium absorb plants and their fruits quite quickly. Therefore, the use of such substances often contributes to the appearance of excessive bitterness in zucchini. By the way, such components not only increase the accumulation of bitter elements in vegetables, but also make them dangerous to human health and life. In this regard, it is extremely not recommended to grow squash with the use of mineral fertilizers. So you will not only avoid the appearance of bitterness in them, but also make your harvest tasty and healthy.why zucchini bitter when frying

By the way, nitrogen, on the contrary, prevents the appearance of bitter taste in almost all vegetable crops. However, it is also not recommended to use it in large quantities.

How to remove the existing bitterness?

If you are a big fan of actually grown zucchini, but your harvest failed due to the presence of bitterness in it, then we suggest using a simple advice to eliminate this property.

So, you tore a zucchini, but you cannot eat it or include it in any dish because it has an unpleasant taste and aroma.What to do in this case? To begin with, the vegetables should be thoroughly washed and chopped into the necessary pieces. After that, the product must be placed in a bowl, where further it is necessary to pour in salt water. To prepare such a solution should be based on the calculation: 2 large spoons of salt per 900 ml of liquid.

Having kept zucchini in the water for about 35-45 minutes, you will notice that all the bitterness has gone from them. If the unpleasant taste still remains, then the vegetables can be left in the bowl with the solution for a while. After that, the product is thoroughly washed and dried. Further, it is used for its intended purpose.why do zucchini get bitter

Thus, by applying the salt solution, you can save your crop from any degree of bitterness. In accuracy also come with eggplants. By the way, some housewives believe that tasteless zucchini will be less bitter if they pickle or marinate for the winter. It is a myth. If you do not use salt water, then all your blanks will have to be thrown away, as they will have an unpleasant taste and aroma.

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