Biography of Boris Grumbkov

Boris Valeryevich Grumbkov - General Director of Saint-Petersburg Vedomosti Publishing House, lawyer and teacher at St. Petersburg State University.
Boris Valerievich GrumbkovBoris Valerievich Grumbkov

Student years

Boris Valerievich Grumbkov was born on February 11, 1978 in Leningrad. In 1999, he received a higher education, graduating from the full-time department of the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University.
The student years of Boris Valerievich took place in a very difficult period of the 90s, but despite all that happened around and concerned not only students, but also teachers, both of them were devoted to their work. For this, his teachers, after a while already understanding their return in those difficult times, Boris Valerievich greatly respects.
Despite the everyday chaos, confusion in the country's economy and the daily lives of its citizens, with so many ambiguities that everyone faced, the faculty still lived and taught their new colleagues their business.
Lecture by lawyer Boris Grubkov at St. Petersburg State University of Economics, 2013Lecture by lawyer Boris Grubkov at St. Petersburg State University of Economics, 2013
In addition to all the turmoil, "perestroika" touched the legal industry itself. Many changes: several new codes in a row, new laws, new bodies that introduced these regulations, new law enforcement practice day after day ... Despite this, the course teachers continued to conscientiously teach their charges, which helped many of the now respected experts, including Boris Valerievich, to get a vast knowledge base, which allowed to reach great heights both in the profession and in public and political life.
The most memorable moments in Grumbukov’s student life were difficulties in being able to find out any information from someone, since the Russian Internet at that time was in its infancy. But difficulties allowed a lawyer to acquire business skills that are important for his life and profession - perseverance and perseverance.
Teachers, who made an indelible impression on Grumbkov and left their mark on his life and career, inclined him to civil law and intellectual property. Among them: teachers of civil and international law Egorov Nikolai Dmitrievich (professor of the departmentcivil law) and Bakhin Sergey Vladimirovich (head of the department of international law, doctor of law).


After graduating from university, for some time, Boris Valerievich worked as a general lawyer on the Fifth Channel (JSC TRK Petersburg). He treated his work very loyally and reverently.
Boris Grubkov on the 201st anniversary of the founding of the MFN (2014)Boris Grubkov on the 201st anniversary of the founding of the MFN (2014)
He went all the hard way from the bottom of the career ladder. Grew up on small victories and achieved success thanks to perseverance and dedication. He became a well-known lawyer through the case of "Oleg Kvasha and Valery Kostin v. The Fifth Channel" (2005).
According to Grumbkov, a real lawyer should be “on his mind”, which he himself is. You should understand all cases in great detail, not to succumb to the influence of the Internet and unauthorized people, conduct a double investigation, believe only the facts, because the person himself is subject to suggestion that pushes him out of the way.
In March 2012, Boris Grumbkov became the first deputy general director - chief editor of OJSC St. Petersburg Vedomosti Publishing House.Having worked in this position for about two years and overseeing the legal, financial and operational issues of the company, Grumbkov studied the publication from the inside and outside.
Boris Grumbkov presents the prize in the competition "The will to victory" (2015)Boris Grumbkov presents the prize in the competition "The will to victory" (2015)
In January 2014, after the departure of his predecessor, General Director Vladislav Ponomarenko, from the editorial office, Grumbkov took his place and headed the publishing house.
Boris Grumbkov also received an invitation to the faculty from the Faculty of Law of SPSU. Grumbkov himself was very proud that his alma mater was treated with such confidence, and he gladly agreed to this work. Now he is simultaneously teaching special courses to students and is making every effort so that a group of his students are one step ahead of the other novice specialists. In addition, he is the creator of the telegram channel for students and young specialists "Career Judo"

Boris Grumbkov now

Grumbkov is faithful to his business and is confident that the St. Petersburg Vedomosti will live for a very long time, and opponents who believe that the global network will absorb the press are very mistaken.
Boris Grumbkov at the Autumn Career Day at St. Petersburg State University (2016)Boris Grumbkov at the Autumn Career Day at St. Petersburg State University (2016)
“Printed publications have the obvious and sometimes elusive specifics and advantages that are needed by the consumer, are needed by the reader, the subscriber. The Internet will not give it. Directly into the digital era, the newspaper received not so much a threat as more opportunities to bring its content, its printed word to the audience that had never read this newspaper through the same social networks, through official websites, newsletters and other tools provided by the Internet. - says Boris Valerievich.

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