Breast reduction - how and why

The big breast is first of all the increased loading on a backbone, therefore women with the big breast more often others test a pain in a back.

Owners of magnificent forms often haveto face such problems, unfamiliar women with modest breasts, like sagging, stretching, irritation in the area under the breast, problems with choosing a bra.

In addition, the large breasts cause discomfort during sports and simple running. In some cases in the supine position on the back it is difficult to breathe, and on the stomach and at all it is impossible to lie!

It is not surprising that many women decide on breast reduction - reducing mammoplasty or mastopexy.

Deciding on such an operation is not easy, but because you need to study all of its subtleties, as well as several times to think.

Of course, you can try questionable methodsbreast reduction with the help of folk remedies, lose weight, but the most effective way to get rid of excessively lush breasts today is aesthetic surgery.

It is worth considering that breast reduction is much less popular than the increase, it may be necessary to look for a suitable clinic for a long time.

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The first thing to do is to decide exactly what to dooperation, it is to find a clinic, the main profile of which is plastic surgery. Feedback, positive or negative, will help with choosing a medical facility and a doctor who will do the operation.

The second step is the primary reception of the plasticthe surgeon. The doctor will listen to the complaints in detail, ask about the previous illnesses, will inspect and locate about the different methods by which breast reduction is carried out.

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There are 4 main types of reduction mammoplasty: standard, with a vertical seam, with nipple transplantation and with the help of liposuction.

The standard method assumes a rather largea scar that will have the shape of an anchor. Through this incision, the surgeon will remove part of the glandular tissue. As a result of this operation, the breast will not only decrease, but will become more taut.

A method with a vertical seam is used several timesless often. The incision is made around the nipple and vertically downward from it. The advantage of such an operation is that the scars supporting it help to restore the shape of the breast, however, sometimes there is a need for a corrective operation.

aesthetic surgeryThe third method involves a complete transplantof the nipple complex. This operation is required if the original breast size is significant, and the degree of sagging is high, and the patient wants to get a modest size.

The most sparing operation - breast reduction with the help of liposuction is indicated for those patients whose breasts are more spherical, and the sagging is small.

In any case, in this issue isorient to the opinion of the surgeon. It is also worth remembering that as a result of mastopexy, a part of the dairy ducts is closed, that is, lactation becomes impossible, which means that such an operation is almost contraindicated for those who plan children in the future.

Deciding on breast reduction can be difficult, however, the huge advantage of this decision will be that after surgery from the shoulders, a heavy load will literally fall.

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