Buckwheat cutlets: recipes. How to cook buckwheat cutlets

Somehow it happened that people fry meatballs mostly from meat. As a last resort from fish. And only those who observe fasting, remember that there are such wonderful dishes as, for example, buckwheat cutlets. Meanwhile, they are very tasty and healthy. No wonder buckwheat porridge called fat killer. And if you want to get all the benefits contained in this cereal, but not too much like porridge from it, try buckwheat burgers. How to cook them quickly, tasty and in different ways, we will tell in this article.buckwheat burgers

The most simple Greek

They consist, in fact, only of this cereal. It is necessary to cook it not just until complete readiness, but even to overdo it a bit so that the buckwheat becomes loose. Onions are chopped at this time, and the size of the cut depends on your preference. It usually crumbles finely, but some cooks advise using half rings. Next, onion should be fried in vegetable oil and hot add to porridge.While the mixture is not cold, they pepper it and try it on salt - the buckwheat is boiled in salted water, but maybe it will be necessary to add salt. At the same time interfere flour at the rate of two spoons per cup of cereal. When the stuffing is cool, an egg is added (one for two glasses). If you need lean chops from buckwheat, starch is introduced instead - a teaspoon. The mass is mixed, the patties are molded out of it - either round or oblong, but not necessarily too large. They are fried like regular meat dishes - breaded and in vegetable oil. And in the pan they should be kept for long, only until the blush - porridge was already ready.buckwheat cutlets recipe

Mushrooms with buckwheat

The recipe can be varied with additional components. If you avoid meat, try cooking mushroom and buckwheat patties. For them, mushrooms (they take 300 grams per pound of buckwheat) are cut finely and fried with chopped onion in vegetable oil. Moreover, the mushrooms should not become brown, and boil all the juice - and let the liquid remain, and the mushrooms only brown. When zazharka will cool a little, it is added to cooked porridge and collectively grind into a blender paste.The resulting mass is seasoned with spices; You can add finely chopped herbs - dill, parsley, cilantro and basil. In principle, the "stuffing" comes out viscous, sticky, but for reliability you can add a teaspoon of starch to it. Next, buckwheat cutlets and mushrooms are processed as standard: breaded and fried.

Buckwheat potatoes

This is also a vegetarian (or lean) dish. To make such buckwheat cutlets, the recipe advises to take three medium potatoes for a glass of cereal (not yet cooked). And more, in fact, nothing is needed! Buckwheat is boiled and cooled. Potatoes are cleaned and rubbed on a grater. Choose the middle one, because too much juice will be allowed into the small tubers, and the large one may not fry. The resulting "chips" must be slightly pressed to stack the excess juice. Porridge combines with potatoes, salted and flavored with your favorite spices. Then the mass must not only be kneaded, but also kneaded so that it becomes sticky. Cutlets are sculpted and fried - this time under the lid, about three minutes on each side.buckwheat with meatballs in a slow cooker

Grechanik in the oven with cheese

Even if you cook the most simple chops from buckwheat, the recipe can be ennobled and the process accelerated.For example, start as standard, that is, boil porridge and make onion zazharku. But then go unconventional way: again, use a blender, but lay there and buckwheat, and onions, and greens. From a pate stick small cutlets, put a piece of cheese inside each of them. Here your flight of fantasy comes into play: if you take a solid variety, it will not melt to the end, and you will get the opportunity to savor both the cutlets and cheese. And if you put soft or melted, then all your product will be soaked through it, what is its charm. Cutlets are laid out on parchment and put in a hot oven for about twenty minutes. It turns out very gently and juicy, and there is no need to stand at the stove.

Meat plus buckwheat

If you are not tempted by this dish only from porridge (albeit with vegetables), you will surely like buckwheat and mince meatballs. Note that the meat component can be anything - chicken, pork, beef or mixed. However, the tastier and juicier dish will turn out if the stuffing is greasy. Buckwheat is naturally boiled, and its volume should be a little less than half of the meat. When it cools, mixed with minced meat, grated carrots and onions.Here the latter can be added both in raw form (for example, milled with meat), and roasted. You can add crushed garlic - but this is an amateur. Plus salt, spices, eggs (two per kilogram of the mixture). Mix everything well and fry as usual.buckwheat and mince patties

Buckwheat-liver patties

This is also not a vegetarian dish. To make delicious liver patties with buckwheat, porridge must take an incomplete glass for four hundred grams of liver. The latter may be pork, and chicken, and beef - which one you like more. It is necessary to grind in a meat grinder with a bulb, then add buckwheat, two tablespoons (with a hill) spoons of flour, seasonings and two eggs. It will turn out to be a semi-liquid mass, similar to dough for fritters (of course, of a different color, but the consistency is the same). Accordingly, the cutlets are prepared similarly - they are put with a spoon on a heated pan with butter and fried on both sides.

What is tastier breaded

Like any other, buckwheat burgers are usually rolled in flour or breadcrumbs. The only exceptions are those with the liver, or those that are cooked in the oven - they generally do without breading.However, people who have repeatedly fried buckwheat cutlets are advised to spend a little time and make a “powder” that is perfect for this dish. You can take the usual breadcrumbs, you can dry them yourself and grind in a coffee grinder - this is not so important. The main thing is to mix them with ground pepper (black or a mixture), basil powder and grated lemon zest. The taste of the cutlets will be extraordinary! The only thing - do not overdo it with the seasonings, take into account those that are already put in the stuffing.liver chops with buckwheat

Grechanik in a slow cooker

People who have mastered the functions of their kitchen assistant, probably already know how to cook ordinary buckwheat with meatballs in a slow cooker. However, they may still not know the recipe of the Greek. And we will now fill this gap in knowledge. Let it be meatballs with meat, for example, with chicken. Boil in his wonderful unit 120 g of cereals can anyone without advice. Frying the onions, I think, also will not cause difficulties. Making minced meat from 700 g of chicken fillet and a piece of white loaf is also easy. The only advice is: grind red Bulgarian pepper with meat and bread - it will be more delicious. Now, minced meat, fried onions and porridge are combined in one pot, salted, pepper, mixed.Water is poured into the multi-cooker bowl and a tray is placed for steam cooking. They scrape cakes, slightly flattened on top, put in one layer in a tray. Select the cooking mode for a couple and set the time in 20 minutes. After the signal, this portion is taken out and the next one is laid - and so on until all the buckwheat cutlets are ready. There are no difficulties, and worries - just cook the stuffing. And the taste is unforgettable! After the very first test, buckwheat with meatballs will probably be forgotten - only the Greek people are now preparing in the slow cooker!chops from mushrooms and buckwheat

What do they eat?

First of all, what they are flavored. The most common and popular option is to pour buckwheat cutlets with sour cream or mayonnaise. But if you want something more romantic, make one of the sauces. The easiest: fry finely chopped onion in oil, pour a tablespoon of flour into it and continue the process (all the time interfering) until it acquires a pleasant golden hue. Pour a glass (can be incomplete) of water, and when it boils, half a glass of sour cream. Simple and tasty!

Slightly more complicated is the mushroom sauce. The beginning is similar: onion is fried in vegetable oil.However, when it becomes translucent, crushed mushrooms are poured to it. How to make the juice and will be almost ready, in the course is flour. The sauce is stewed to the condition; as required, add broth.buckwheat burgers how to cook

Now, about what is more delicious there are buckwheat cutlets. In principle, they are a separate dish, they do not need a side dish or meat delicacies. However, if you are not interested in eating only Greek, make them a vegetable salad. They are very good with different salinity - sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers or tomatoes. In the end, you can and mashed potatoes submit to them, if you love traditionalism. Joys to your stomach!

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