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A curious story played out around 100 million donations and bitcoins of the Navalny election fund. Alexey never became a candidate, but the money is gone and the bitcoins are gone. Let me remind you that the Meshchansky Court of Moscow liquidated the Fifth Season Fund, which ensured the work of the Navalny headquarters. The closure of the opposition’s fund was demanded by the Ministry of Justice, pointing to misuse of funds, illegal processing of donor data and collecting Bitcoins.
According to the Ministry of Justice, the fund illegally financed the rent of premises for Navalny’s election headquarters in different cities, although its statutory goal was to support the media, that is, money was spent inappropriately. But the most interesting thing is, where is Navalny doing 100 million donations?
From the beginning of the activity on October 31, 2017, the Fund received 96 million rubles, and according to Volkov’s report, as of October 31, they received donations in the amount of 204 million rubles. Where are the remaining over 100 million lost?
Even more interesting with Bitcoins, on the court and after it, lawyers Navalny and Volkov denied that they donated money to Bitcoins.There is nothing to refute here: just look at the report of Volkov himself about the collected money, posted on his personal website, where the share of bitcoins accounts for 20% of all donations.
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