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Can training courses provoke a runet to boil "opinions"? What they should teach there and how much it should cost, so that the palette of opinions jumps from direct accusations of charlatanism to sincere success stories.
Got on Facebook advertising marathon "Challenge of Time", organized by more than the famous "Business Youth". The name is always heard and, in general, shrouded in not very positive reviews. It was a free minute and I wanted to study these reviews. Surprisingly, the absolute majority of the negative is written on behalf of those who left the first lesson or did not attend the courses at all, but “heard from friends”.
Meanwhile, from those who passed the courses weighed gratitude and the point of view that all the bumps are raining on BM precisely because they are the leaders in the market of business training and coaching in Russia.
Actually, it became interesting if there were any readers on the guilds and what can they say? Surveys in real life give quite favorable reviews: one, more than sensible friend, gave them a lecture on brand promotion in social networks.Another one, exhausted from trying to survive as a freelancer, looked in a new way at the possibility of permanent work in the office and quite suddenly found herself there.
The main claim to adequate authors is that what they say here is in the books and it is obvious for anyone who has a business education. It’s generally strange to talk about education, but a reference to books sounds reasonable. But how many universities provide information that you can not find in any book? Moreover, almost all information is on the Internet, and in theory it is absurd to pay for any kind of educational services. Another thing is not just knowledge, but a charge of motivation and a clear step-by-step algorithm of actions - these are the goods that the creators successfully sell.
And the marathon itself is dedicated to the fact that the creators decided to digitize their experience. Already in April, they plan to launch a large online learning platform for people aged 16 to 60. The main directions: design, marketing, advertising on the Internet, etc., it’s better to look at the site. The BM-institute is a multi-language learning platform that, according to the creators, is supposed to change the world.
Here we turn to what a marathon.
For 149 rubles during the marathon, you can get the opportunity for ten days to try for yourself:
How acceptable is the idea of ​​online learning for you
Do the authors' methods of work, and the authors themselves, suit you personally?
Can you spend time every day on your education?
Are you ready to follow the instructions of the person from the laptop.)
Every day, participants will receive a small video and a small task. Every day will be devoted to one online tool: social networks, advertising tools, etc. That is, you can try on yourself a variety of the proposed professions. Perhaps you are the future star of instagram, but you have never opened the application yet.
To attract more listeners, the organizers even came up with a lottery. Among the participants it is planned to play a myriad of prizes: books, makbuki, Tesla car and even an apartment in Moscow. However, the apartment, it seems, only if the number of participants reaches a limit of 200 thousand users. How and when, here on this link or in this video:
Well, in general, there is an idea to try one of the training programs, when the BM-Institute will work in full force.

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