“Call Me Martha”: the story of a Spanish porn star in photos

Photographer Katya Repina, who lives in Barcelona, ​​met the Spanish porn actress Marta when she just started acting in her 23 years. In the next two years, the acquaintance of the girls turned into a friendship, and the photographer kept an intimate chronicle of Martha’s professional and personal life. She called this photo project Llámame Marta (“Call Me Martha”).

Repina first encountered the world of pornographic behind the scenes, when she was at a major festival in Barcelona. The more she read about how films are made for adults, the more she was interested in it. As a result, she acquired connections in this industry and got the opportunity to visit the filming sites of both professional and amateur porn films. At first, she was curious about the theoretical relationship between pornography and violence against women - this topic has been discussed by feminist psychologists for more than a decade.When Katya met Martha, this abstract idea became blurred and the nuances of each woman’s history, her motives, her pleasures and difficulties became apparent.

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Martha's ex-boyfriend accepted her job as part of her life, but it was hard for him to handle it. He watched a video with her and saw her publications and photos on social networks. Martha admits that she would not have met with someone from the porn industry, but agrees that there is a certain paradox in this.

Martha immediately conquered Katya: unlike many other actors and actresses whom the photographer met while visiting different film sets, Martha treated her warmly and sincerely. She was serious and honest, and although Repin did not plan to do work specifically on the actress, their cooperation developed naturally. Of all her work on porn, including the Into the Porn series, according to Katie, the most worthy moment was getting close to Martha and filming her daily life. During the creation of the project, she stayed overnight at Martha's house, met her boyfriend-cohabitant, and attended family events and holidays at Martha.

Martha says that pornography has never been a taboo for her.She saw porn opportunities. She is shot in the photo with Rob Diesel.

The photographer explains that Martha is stubborn and strong-willed: Katya expected to see the victim of circumstances and misogyny, but found a purposeful and strong young woman. She is thoughtful and rational and well controls many aspects of her life. With all her strength, Martha is at the same time soft and kindhearted. Sometimes she seemed like a little girl when they first met. Martha is not interested in hanging out and getting drunk. Mostly she likes to spend time with her dog and family.

Martha does makeup. When she was 23 years old, she decided to try herself in the porn industry. “I realized that the guys were staring at me all the time. If I could get the guys out without any effort, what would happen if I put this effort in? ”

Although Martha remains in the porn industry and although the photographer is still proud of the opportunity to call her friend, both have completed their collaboration in the field of photography. The photo project was originally released as part of a larger multimedia work that includes home videos of the actress family, but when it all came through and got on the pornographic site along with the films where Martha was shot, the photographer and actress together decided to complete the project.Videos removed from the site, although they can still be seen on private viewing.

Martha during a live show. “As an actress, I clarify my limits. I say: “I do this, this and that. If you do not like it, I - pass. "

If we talk about the photos of Martha, which made Katya, consent and context are at the forefront. To protect the privacy of Martha’s close friends and relatives, the photographer cut the footage so that their faces were not visible and forbade the use of online video. Nevertheless, Repina photos often fall on porn sites with distorting signatures and fraudulent links.

Martha during filming.

Recently, the photographer does not make any specific judgments about the sex industry in Spain. She prefers to speak of pornography as a mirror of often outrageous attitudes towards women and sex in society. There are people who use porn as an excuse for violence, although the author of the photo project is confident that there is no direct correlation between these two phenomena. There are also women, like Martha, who chose such a career of their own accord and face the danger of exploitation and sometimes forced to put up with it, as it turned out in the case of stolen video recordings, but still stand firmly on their feet.

"Some people think:" She is an actress, she fucks and gets real pleasure. No, I work, ”she explains. In the photo Martha during her second week in the world of pornography.

After a few weeks in the porn industry, Martha realized that she was not so well paid as she thought at first. She works part time by playing peep shows.

Martha with her ex-boyfriend, a Ukrainian bodybuilder with whom she lived a year.

Martha's ex-boyfriend helps her get rid of pubic hair.

Before Marta started working in the industry, she had no partner, but she wanted a relationship. Being surrounded by men at work, she spent most of her time alone. Martha had been working in porn for half a year when she met her ex-boyfriend.

Martha is not a victim of circumstances: she does not have small children and she is not a beggar. She chose porn voluntarily.

When Marta started working in the porn industry, she had to explain her choice to her parents. She says that they will never understand and will not accept him, but they still support her. "They love me, and they are the most wonderful thing I have."

"I will always have a gym ... People come and go, except for relatives, a few friends in life and the gym, my lifestyle."When Martha was younger, she won the women's body fitness competition. She still trains regularly, preparing for competitions, which she hopes to get back to, but she believes that she is not ready yet.

Marta separates her public image of a porn actress from an ordinary girl.

Martha explains that the world of pornography is very different from what it used to be. “I have to share (porn and personal life) because I can be very aggressive or vicious during filming ... but in my personal life I am me, I am modest, I am not a prima donna.”

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