Character test on a clenched hand

21-12-2017, 14:30

The way you hold your fist can say a lot about your personality. The very way of squeezing your hands speaks about your character, your attitude to life and how you react to different life situations.
Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. And we suggest you make your fist and check whether our description matches your vision of yourself.
Type 1.

If you hold your fist in this way, it means that you are a rather sensitive and gentle person (note that the thumb is parallel with the other four fingers). You are a compassionate and attentive person. This type of people usually pays attention to other people's emotions and acts on that basis.
You are a strategist, able to organize your work. Slightly impatient when it comes to something desired. However, you should be careful with people, because they can use you, and you, because of your character, will not deal with it.
Type 2.

If you keep your fist in this way, it means that your talent, charm and charisma speak about you more than you thought. You are ready to act instantly.The thumb covers the other four fingers - this indicates a great emotion that you are not able to restrain. You always say what you feel and do not hide it.
You are an ambitious person who has his own ambitious goal to which you aspire. Your dreams are the only thing that you hide from other people. You focus on what you want from life and work independently on it. However, what goes against you is the conviction of other people. They look at you differently. Remember that this is not your problem, but theirs.
Type 3.

If you hold the fist in this way, it directly points to introversion. The thumb is hiding behind the rest of the fingers, just as you hide your thoughts from others.
You like to be in company with yourself and with selected people. You really do not like drama and you are annoyed by the stupidity of other people.
You want to be surrounded by the very people with whom you can talk openly and meaningfully. You like to spend time with people, but after that you need a personal space.
It annoys you when other people invade your personal space without your consent.You try not to hurt others, and if there is something that soothes you - this is your own world.

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