Close the gestalt - what is it? Meaning and features

In modern psychology, such a direction as gestalt therapy is gaining popularity. She uses very gentle approaches to man. There is also such a term as "unfinished gestalt", which can be closed. But what are these words like? What is it - close the gestalt? Consider all the answers below, but first you need to understand what the word means in general.

What does Gestalt psychology mean?

Generally speaking, the German gestalt translates as "form", "personality", image "and" figure. "What is a gestalt in simple words? This is the term and basic unit of consciousness and psyche in Gestalt psychology, which originated in the beginning of the XX century. that a unit is formed out of these units of perception, irreducible to the sum of its parts. Max Wertheimer is considered to be the founder of this trend (or, in other words, schools) psychology. Gestalt psychology explains perception and thinking.

gestalt close what does it mean

Gestalt therapy

Above we talked about gestalt psychology.But do not confuse this trend with Gestalt therapy, which appeared only in the 50s of the last century. Although she has adopted a significant part of ideas from Gestalt psychology, here she refers more to psychiatry. In gestalt therapy, greater importance is attached to the practice of working with people. Usually this term is used when talking about a psychiatrist or a psychologist who helps his client develop self-awareness, work through what is troubling him, and let go of his past disturbing. A very important concept in gestalt therapy is such a phrase as "closed gestalt". What does it mean to close it? What does this term generally mean?

Close gestalt - what does it mean?

Almost every person has in his life such events, to which he sometimes or often often returns mentally, experiences again and again, or even thinks about how it could be done differently. Cases are of varying severity. For example, a woman experienced a sharp and painful parting with a man she loved, and now constantly remembers it, thinks about how it was necessary to do everything “correctly” to prevent it.Here, for example, can be attributed, and the death of loved ones. And this is precisely the condition of a person when he mentally returns to something disturbing from the past constantly, called the incomplete gestalt. He is in love, in relationships with people, in self-realization and many other things.

This concept includes even the usual concern about unfinished business. This does not apply to the past, but everyone feels a burden on his shoulders if he has some unfinished business. They "hang" on the list, but sometimes people find it very difficult to tackle them. And things continue to accumulate. But what is it to close the gestalt? In simple words - it means to let go of all this cargo, which presses.

close gestalt what is it

In such situations a psychologist or psychotherapist specializing in gestalt therapy can very well help. He helps to understand himself and close the gestalt with an individual approach to a person.

What are the disadvantages of unfinished gestalts?

We now turn to a more detailed consideration of the dangerous effects. First of all, if a person has accumulated a lot of unfinished business, plans, projects, then sooner or later it will overload him, causing constant alarm.Here you can draw a parallel with a new car or apartment. If you never take care of them after the purchase, then everything will start to soil over time, dirt, dust, possibly scratches, damage, breakdowns, cockroaches, etc. will appear.

With an unfinished gestalt in a relationship or after a situation that caused a psychological trauma, things are usually more complicated. Here the help of a specialist is desirable, because it is difficult for a person to take it and get rid of anxiety. In order to continue to live normally or happily in society, it is necessary to close the gestalt. What does it mean? And this means that anyone can get depression, apathy, and other more serious problems. Health and sleep problems may also occur.

close the gestalt what is it simple

How to neutralize the gestalt?

In general, gestalt therapy has several steps to neutralize the feeling of incompleteness:

  • Awareness of the true causes of their anxiety. Here you can try to make a list of things that you still can not finish.
  • Next, you need to pull yourself together, take some time and complete all projects, tasks and more.
  • Now the gestalt is closed. But for prevention, one should not allow overloading with unfinished business or experiences.

In other words, you first need to understand your feelings, realize what is really important, and why. Do not keep feelings in themselves. You can tell someone about it, relive feelings, which will help them to release later.

Then you need to carry out "cleaning" in your life: get rid of unnecessary things, finish things, remove all the "stones" that interfere. It so happens that a person does not really understand what he needs to finish and what disturbs him. In such cases, it often happens that literally you need a general cleaning of your house, getting rid of trash and debris, as well as “cleaning” your surroundings and organizing your regime. Anyone has such a large and small business accumulating throughout life. In order not to delay much with them, it is advisable to carry out cleaning at least a couple of times a month.

how to close the gestalt yourself

In addition to small matters, the question of unfinished gestalt often also concerns more global things: these are dreams and life goals, for example. The problem is that our desires can be deceiving. One dream hides another's thirst. And here the analysis of himself is important. It may be better to release the unfinished gestalt in some cases, than to close, to understand that this is not yours, than to be anxious because of the lack of implementation.

But to realize the true goals will require a push.For example, you want to be a dancer all your life, but it didn’t go further than that? You should get together and finally enroll in dance courses or perform any other action that is capable of initiating the path to the realization of a dream.

How to close the gestalt in a relationship

With a man or a woman - separation or severe loss can happen to anyone. Typically, this is often experienced by female representatives. The main reason for the feeling that the gestalt is incomplete in relationships is a reflection, an attempt to find the cause in oneself, even if the partner was the initiator of the gap. To this can also be attributed the constant thoughts about what had to be done differently, to behave differently, to be different, and this would not have happened.

close gestalt in a relationship

If a situation arises when the past does not let go, then it is undesirable to keep everything to yourself. If you want to cry, then you should do it. After emotions are released, you need to recover, to be distracted by something else (a hobby, for example). This will help analyze the situation and better understand yourself, understand the causes of an unclosed gestalt.

It makes sense to first "let off steam" and emotions after past relationships, then forgive the former love and, finally, thank for all the good and light and let go.

But if it does not work at all, and with time this does not pass, then it is advisable to turn to a psychotherapist.

Consequences of unfinished gestalt in a relationship

From feelings and signs of incompleteness there may be anger, anger, resentment at the partner. This is usually felt along with a sense of longing and a desire for the former half to return. One of the main problems that may arise from the unfinished gestalt in a relationship are:

  • depression, apathy;
  • fear and distrust of the opposite sex;
  • non-readiness for new relationships (it is difficult to love again and to open up to a person if there is still a feeling of incompleteness in past relationships);
  • pessimism, a negative thinking scenario in relation to relationships;
  • there are new relationships in which everything seems to be great, but internal anxiety and thoughts about the past do not allow a person to completely relax;
  • also the unclosed gestalt of past relationships can develop and manifest in new ones; for example, a person has changed a partner, and in subsequent relationships he will expect betrayal, suspect, jealous;
  • a woman can become very dependent on a partner because of the fear of losing him again.

how to close the gestalt in a relationship with a manIt is worth noting that the incompleteness may occur even with a permanent relationship, when there was no rupture. This can happen if a woman is prone to depending on a partner, invests in their relationship much more than a man.

How to prevent unfinished gestalts?

The best method of dealing with something is prevention. In order to prevent the emergence of open gestalt, should:

  • by all means not to allow laziness and in time to do all the work;
  • 2-3 times a month to devote time to unfinished gestalts;
  • regular spring cleaning;
  • to express feelings if it is difficult to keep them in oneself;
  • Regularly review their desires.

Psychologist visits are also suitable for prevention.

gestalt is closed which means

These are just the main points. For each person all individually. Nevertheless, one can definitely say that closing the gestalt on one’s own is more than realistic.


Close gestalt - what does it mean? In short, this means finishing things and all the unfinished things that bother us. It sounds simple, but it can cause great difficulties for a person. Much to the unfinished gestalts, ranging from the accumulated projects to the untapped past.

If a person has worked all this, completed external affairs and got rid of the feeling of incomplete internal, then we can assume that the gestalt is closed. This means - to be free: now you can live in peace and barely worry.

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