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Do you attend nightclubs? How often? If not, why not? Just say, Bigpikcha doesn’t particularly like such places and events held in them, as it has historically been. So when we were invited to attend a closed partyMILLER MORE THAN PARTY, we refused at first, but then curiosity overpowered, and we decided to drop in for a couple of hours, plunge into the night club life of the city and ... immediately emerge :).

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1. The party began exactly at midnight and took place in an old mansion of the 18th century in the very center of Moscow. As we understood, the exact coordinates of the venue of the event were in the strictest confidence, and so simply, from the street, the party was not to get.

2. Even half an hour before the start, it was impossible to park in the 2-3 nearby lanes. Everything was made by type cars MINI Cooper and even the old Rolls Royce. And the number of passers-by in the ... uh, say, strange clothes and costumes for the celebration of Halloween, increased rather quickly.

3. What is very clearly conspicuous is that at the entrance, every guest, immediately saw someone familiar.It was felt that the party was one, many had already crossed, so they met like old friends who had not seen each other, at least since last Friday.

4. Immediately at the entrance, the celebrity was interviewed by Julia Govor, which was broadcast live on the website of the social movement “Energy of the City”.

5. By the way, it is necessary to say a few words about the “Energy of the City”. This is a new social movement, which is designed to unite all who care about the fate of club culture.

6. To make it clear what the essence of the movement is, here are some points from their manifesto:
-Why do they tell us to sleep at night?
-Who said club and electronic music is bad?
-Why is a negative attitude towards youth affirmed in society?
-Why have culture been privatized by those over forty?
-Why is the opinion being implanted that clubs are the refuge of idlers and semi-criminal elements?
-Why there is no one who can tell the truth: the club is the territory where the foundations of social relations and modern culture are formed! The fight against clubs is a fight against the interests of many citizens and society as a whole.

7The ideologists of the movement: Igor Shulinsky (chief editor of Time Out magazine), Alexander Dulshchikov (co-owner of the GIPSY club, DJ, radio host), Alexander Anatolyevich (TV host, VJ, DJ, showman) and Pasha FaceControl. Serious people conceived a serious matter, let's hope that they will succeed 🙂.

8. The party was gaining momentum.

9. Guests were entertained by world stars such as: Guy Gerber, Steve Lawler, Funk D’Void and Robert Babicz.

10. Quite unusual it all looked in an old mansion. Well, maybe it seemed so unaccustomed to us 🙂.

11. These comrades arrived fully armed 🙂.

12. Several bars worked non-stop.

13. Somewhere after one o'clock in the morning, the same movement began, for the sake of which everyone gathered here.

14. This pair could be awarded the prize for the best costume.

16. Sound, light, safety ... everything was on the level.

17. On the dance floor already cramped :).

19. And so ended Bigpikchi's immersion in the club life. Not to say that we are very penetrated, but really were happy for those people for whom nightclubs are a lifestyle. The guys have fun, come off, and it's great 🙂.

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