Common Ukrainian Vandalism

No matter how sad it is to watch, but monuments to Soviet soldiers were desecrated in Ukraine. See for yourself, on Monument of Military Glory in broad daylight they wrote a “monument to the invaders”, and also crossed out the core of the bas-relief Order of Glory with the Spasskaya Tower. This is already beyond the bounds, their grandfathers fought against the fascists ...
"Monument to the invaders". That they so publicly expressed a preference for the Hitler regime before the Soviet government that liberated it?
The radicals stated that in this way they are trying to achieve the demolition of a memorial within the framework of de-communization. This is despite the fact that even the so-called “Ukrainian Institute of National Memory” unequivocally decided: The monument in Lviv should not be dismantled, since it is not a symbol of the regime, but dedicated to those who fought against the Nazi occupiers. Now law enforcement officers are working at the site, the monument was fenced with a red ribbon.
Today also came news from Kiev. The authorities of Kiev allowed to hang out Bandera flags in the city (!).Kyiv City Council allowed to post on the administrative buildings in the city the red and black flag of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN, banned in Russia) on the days of solemn events. This is reported on the site of the Kiev City Council.

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