Conspiracy to raise money. Rituals, omens, amulets

In our life, a lot is tied to money. Of course, it is impossible to put the whole century allotted by fate in favor of their prey, however, you will agree that it is much easier to live with them. The ringing of coins makes me happy, what can we say about the rustling and crunching of brand new banknotes ... Naturally, not everyone can have them in the quantity they would like. The reasons for this are many, but the most important, perhaps, is the internal rejection of wealth. This is where the plot to attract money will help you.

conspiracy to raise money

Finance in the life of man

What is the role of money in a person's life? Today we can say that it is paramount. A rather small percentage of people living on our planet are really happy with what they have. Even business sharks think how to turn out profitable deals, despite the fact that their bins are full of money, which is enough not only for one generation, but for many others.

But even if you do not strive to get into Forbes magazine, you still need to somehow exist in this world. And, unfortunately, no money here is not enough.But what to do if they come into your life with great difficulty, as a result of which finances are constantly lacking even for the most necessary? One of the most effective ways are the various conspiracies to attract money and good luck, as well as amulets that contribute to the accumulation of wealth. This is what the article will be about.

amulet to attract money

Attracting money with the right thoughts

One of the most effective ways to attract money is the right mindset and meditation to increase wealth. To do this, choose your free time, when nothing can disturb you. Pre-agree the date with the lunar calendar: all the manipulations of such a plan must be performed on the growing moon. The cycle of these exercises lasts two weeks, so plan ahead your time.

The most important point during meditation is monetary visualization, as well as a vision of what you want to get through paper bills. Pictures should be bright and colorful. Before starting the exercise, bring your body and mind to a relaxed state.

If this method is not suitable for you, then you can always use a strong conspiracy to raise money,which will be discussed a little later.

Raising Money with the Moon

The moon plays an important role in human life. From time immemorial our Earth, so. and our body, obeyed the lunar cycles. Obviously, this is why some popular beliefs appeared, which were confirmed practically. Raising money to the growing moon has become a completely natural phenomenon. So, consider how to do it.

Count off from the new moon the fourth day, take your wallet and in the evening go to the window. It is necessary to call and rush money, at the same time to sentence: "You, young, month, and in my wallet money is not transferred!". These words must be repeated exactly three times.

This plot is permissible to use if you are new to magic. Those who are more experienced are allowed to interpret the text. Those words that come from the heart will be more effective. But it must be remembered that the moon should be treated with all reverence, and only if you really feel good energy. If this is not the case, it is better to use ready-made rituals and phrases, so as not to aggravate the situation.

raising money for a growing moon

Herbal Ritual to Attract Money

The rite of attraction of money using magical herbs that attract money is very effective. You need to perform it on the full moon. To do this, you will need two glass jars with a capacity of 700-1000 grams. Sterilize them and fill them with spring water, which can be replaced with melt (freeze in the refrigerator and defrost).

Then prepare the following herbs:

  • pine needles;
  • rosemary;
  • linden flowers;
  • calamus;
  • basil;
  • bloodroot;
  • verbena;
  • jasmine;
  • myrtle;
  • marjoram;
  • mint.

Choose from these two or three plants with them and we will work. Put a pinch of each herb in a jar filled with water. Then, standing above the tank, fantasize on the subject of wealth - you need to very clearly present your wealth. Inhale and exhale the air in a jar of water, conveying your dream to it. Put the vessel on the window sill, so that the moon has the opportunity to "look" at it. Let the jar stand for several hours, and then the liquid should be drained into another sterilized container and put in a dark place.

Every day, add to your drink one teaspoon of this infusion.Drink it until it ends.

money-raising ritual

Money Tree - The Basis of Your Well-Being

In many homes there is an amazing flower that is called the money tree. Generations of our ancestors, who believed that the bastard (one of the names of the plant) attracts well-being to the house, made him a kind of advertising. But if you do not limit yourself to just growing a flower, but you will also pronounce a plot to attract money over it, then you are guaranteed well-being. So, consider how the ritual goes.

Buy a black or green ceramic pot and a tree sprout on the growing moon. The rite should be held on the first Wednesday after the purchase and plant a young tree in the purchased vessel. Before you do this, you must put eight identical coins on the bottom of the pot with the emblem up.

Pay attention to the tree itself. When planting it, iron the trunk, saying: “You grow, and I shall blossom in wealth. That is my will. May it be so!". Next, you need to put the pot in the house in the south-east side. The plant and everything around it must be kept clean. When watering a tree (on Wednesdays), read the above plot again.At the same time, imagine your financial well-being.

attracting money to the house conspiracies

Rite with mirrors to increase the amount of money

Now consider the money-raising ritual that is performed using mirrors. You will need a roomy wallet, five large coins, two small mirrors, church candles (six pieces). Before proceeding to the ritual, you should close the door, hang all your windows, mirrors and objects with a reflective surface with a black cloth. It is necessary to perform the rite in the evening.

So, expose the candles in the shape of a hexagon, light them. Inside, place two mirrors opposite each other. You have formed a corridor. Place the coins between the devices so that they are lost in infinity. Leaning against the mirrors, you need to read a plot to increase wealth.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, mirrors and coins should be folded into the purse, so that the latter lie between the mirror surfaces. All you need to hide, so that no one saw.

Mantra to attract money

In the East, there are ways to improve well-being. One of them is the mantra for attracting money. It is necessary to read it when the moon is in the growth phase.It is advisable to buy a rosary, so as not to stray, because it needs to be repeated 108 times. In addition to simple pronunciation, you can use a more complex version - the magic practice of pronouncing mantras.

Anyway, the most effective prayer appeals to deities are:

  • the mantra of Ganesh;
  • mantra Lakshmi;
  • mantra Lune;
  • mantra Jupiter.

By choosing the appropriate option for yourself, you can improve your well-being.

Effective water plot to increase cash

You can also pronounce a plot to attract money. This is a simple ritual that will require only faith in the Lord. You will need melt or spring water. Type it in a jar and cross it by reading “Our Father”. Then cook a small piece of bread and sprinkle it with salt.

Bend low over the can and say the following words: “First of all, the Lord’s hour. I do not help, but the Lord himself helps me. Money in the house attracts. Amen!". Think about the amount of money you need and repeat words three times. Do not ask for more than you really need! Remember: greed is a vice.All actions follow three times too. Take nine sips from the can, then wet your hands. At bedtime, wash your mouth with water and do not wipe.

Purse as a container of wealth

If you do not want to use the ritual to attract money, then pay attention to your wallet. Want it to never be empty? Then remember: the wallet should be made of natural materials, and also richly decorated. All this carries a certain energy, which increases wealth.

By the way, if you get a wallet as a gift from a wealthy person, then it helps to attract money luck. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to ask about such a gift (if it is appropriate, of course).

attracting wealth of money

If you choose a wallet, it is preferable to buy a product of golden, different shades of yellow, brown, black. Before the final choice, pick up a few models. You will definitely feel what you need.

After purchase, immediately put the money in your wallet. In a special compartment, you can put a piece of horseradish root or an acorn.

Amulets and charms to raise funds

Consider the most popular amulet to attract money. These are three coins that came to us from China with holes tied with a red thread or a ribbon. You need to carry such an amulet in your wallet, sometimes taking it out and stroking it. This will bring success and financial well-being into your life.

Talisman for attracting large sums of money can be a simple white shell flap. You can find it on the beach or just buy it. Select a coin and place it in the shell. Add three drops of bergamot or sandalwood inside. You will also need a green candle to light. Hold it over the sink until the cavity is filled with wax. Wait until it hardens and place the talisman in the place where you usually work and conduct financial affairs.

As you can see, the amulet to attract money is easy to make yourself. But you can have your own talisman, which has already been tested by time.

mantra for attracting money

Use of minerals to increase wealth

Many people use different minerals to attract finances in their lives. Above them, a rite of attraction of money, which strengthens the energy of the stone many times.However, most often they are used simply as decoration or as an element of decor in the arrangement of the room. So, with what minerals can you improve your well-being?

- Chrysoprase. It is advisable to wear it during negotiations, putting it on your left hand, on the ring finger. After their completion, the ring should be changed for the same finger, but for the right hand. Well, in general, as a talisman, this stone is worn in the left pocket.

- Chrysolite.To resolve a money dispute, you can wear earrings with this stone, and to receive your money in case of a delay, you can decorate the index finger of your left hand with a ring.

- Eye of the Tiger. Warns the owner about financial difficulties or the possibility of ruin. The signal that things are bad is the severity of the mineral.

- Selenite.This is a stone of entrepreneurs. Purchase several figurines made of selenite, and it will easily help you in your business.

- Citrine. Put on the ring with this stone on the index finger of your right hand, and your income will become more stable. You can also purchase figures from this mineral and keep them in the most prominent place.

 conspiracy to raise money and good luck

The rules, while respecting which, you will never become poorer

Of course, there are certain rules that determine the attraction of money into the house. Conspiracies are not all willing to use, even to increase wealth. It is for such cases that the following recommendations exist:

  • you should not keep piggy banks with coins at the head of the bed - this can bring financial difficulties;
  • borrow money on a rising moon, and give away - on a waning moon;
  • always take bills with your left hand, and give them with your right hand;
  • you cannot borrow money on Monday, lend it on Tuesday, repay debt on Friday;
  • watch the condition of your pockets - they should not be torn, besides, sew all the buttons;
  • won or found, i.e. so-called easy money should be immediately spent or distributed;
  • Always keep some money in your wallet, at least a small thing, it should not remain empty.

But if you want a faster increase in finances, you can use any conspiracy to raise money, which was described above.


As you can see, attracting wealth, money - this is not such a difficult process, however, it requires certain knowledge.Note! It is not recommended to use plots and rituals that are based on black magic, because usually you will have to pay for such financial well-being with your soul.

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