Construction companies of Krasnodar: list, addresses, reviews

Construction plays an important role in the development of each city. It is thanks to new developments in the country are developing a variety of areas, such as business and trade, infrastructure is growing. Today we offer to talk about the largest construction companies in Krasnodar. You are waiting for reviews, photos of constructed objects and useful information.


Among the best construction companies of Krasnodar is “Meridian”. Here you can find apartments for every taste: both low-cost one-room and two-, three-room apartments with an improved layout - for families with children. Another advantage is the availability of shops, pharmacies, educational institutions, parks, hospitals. To make housing comfortable and rational, a team of very different specialists interacts: designers and designers, engineers, architects and builders.

construction company meridian krasnodar

It is worth noting that this company is engaged in the sale of real estate on its own, and therefore each client receives an individual approach. Different developer flexible payment system.You can buy apartments in installments, and you can arrange a mortgage. It is possible to purchase real estate through various housing certificates and maternity capital. The construction company Meridian is located in Krasnodar, on Rossiyskaya Street, 402. For customers located in other cities, there is the possibility of remote home buying. You must choose an apartment on the official website of the developer, to determine the option of payment. The next step is to issue a power of attorney for one of the sales managers. It remains only to pay for the purchase in accordance with the established schedule of payments and monitor the progress of construction work.

Reviews of "Meridian"

Customers note that there is always the opportunity to get to the object under construction - accompanied by a manager. Apartments with prefinal finishing are rented, they have electricity and water meters, intercom. The rooms are spacious, pleases buyers and excellent insulation, high-quality double-glazed windows. The reviews say about the entrances - they are spacious, well lit. And in large elevators you can even lift the overall furniture.


Krasnodar construction company "Kuban" - is a whole group of developers, characterized by a high level of professionalism. Clients are offered apartments in Adygea and Krasnodar. Works GK "Kuban" since 2003. Among the advantages are the following:

  • production of high quality building materials;
  • design that meets all the requirements of safety and comfort;
  • durable construction;
  • an opportunity to choose suitable housing in the city of Krasnodar or in the Republic of Adygea.

Krasnodar construction company Kuban

The company employs a thousand professionals. "Kuban" combines the specialized organizations for all types of work, which allows not to attract outside contractors when working with concrete and stone, reinforced concrete. This construction company of Krasnodar independently cope with the creation of architectural projects, roofing works, finishing - both internal and external.

Clients of Kuban note that there are enough budget proposals. Apartments can be bought in the mortgage, because the group of companies "Kuban" cooperates with several major banks in the Krasnodar Territory. There is the possibility of acquiring housing through maternity capital.There is also an interest-free installment plan. The central office of this Krasnodar construction company is located at: 8 Fabrichnaya Street.


One of the largest developers of the Kuban can be called the construction company "GIK". She has been working in Krasnodar since 2011. Specialists build all the houses in accordance with FZ-214. During construction, energy-efficient materials are used. In addition, the employees of the Main Investment Company are constantly in search of new planning and architectural ideas, are studying various developments. As a result, people get the opportunity to purchase not just an apartment, but comfortable and modern housing, which is distinguished by ergonomic layouts and increased comfort.

construction company geek krasnodar

Krasnodar construction company GIK is building houses in different neighborhoods of the city, so that customers have the opportunity to choose housing exactly where they would most like to live. It is worth noting that "GIK" not only prepares and carries out all construction, installation and finishing works, but also develops a security system, is engaged in arranging parking, house territory.Only after that the developer enters the house in operation.

Clients of this large construction company in Krasnodar note that in the constructed residential complexes there are recreation areas for adults, play and sports grounds for children, underground and surface parking, rooms designed for shops and offices. Among the advantages of apartment buyers in their reviews note the proposed repair services. "GIK" offers three options for repair - "Standard", "Comfort", "Individual". They all differ in complexity and price.

The company is located on the street Eugene Zhigulenko, 4.


This construction company appeared in 1995. The main activity is the construction of residential buildings. For all the years of its activity, this large construction company of Krasnodar has put into operation more than one million square meters of housing. By the way, “Development-South” works not only in the capital of Kuban, but also in Rostov-on-Don and Perm.

construction companies krasnodar

It is possible to buy an apartment from this developer at any stage of construction, besides at the same time there are several projects of various formats in operation. Customers note a large selection of housing in homes of different classes - standard, business, comfort, premium.

The central office of the company is located on Moskovskaya Street 59/1.


A relatively young but already large and successful construction company of the Kuban capital "YugStroyImperial" appeared on the real estate market in 2013. Experts offer a full range of construction work. And after the delivery of the object, customers say, the developer serves the house.

All objects built by YugStroyImperial's specialists have a special bright style, they are distinguished by attractive (and also recognizable) architecture, non-standard constructive solutions. To find a suitable accommodation, you need to contact the company office, located on the street. Machugi, 108.

major construction companies of Krasnodar

How to choose a construction company

There are a number of rules that will help determine the developer. For example, experts recommend to familiarize with a portfolio of already finished objects. It is worth paying attention to the area of ​​houses, accuracy and order on a building site. Important and construction time. It is important that all factors and conditions that can change the cost of housing be spelled out in the contract.

You can visit the construction sites where the developer works, look at the finished house.By the way, the organization of work and life on the construction site will help to distinguish a bona fide company from a bad one.

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