Creation of an asterisk gum

Before you start creating this jewelry you should prepare for work:
Creating an Asterisk gum

- Satin wide bright red ribbon.
- elastic.
- Medium sized beads of pink color.
- decorative sequins in the form of small stars.
- scissors.
- tweezers.
- lighter.
- Gun for working with hot glue.
- threads and needles for handicrafts.
The sequence of work.
1 Making petals.
For the petals you will need 10 parts measuring 5x5 cm. Since the width of the prepared tape already has 5 cm, you just need to cut off the required length. Then from each square you need to get a triangle, folding it in half. And then we'll add the part in the middle.
Making petals

Holding the resulting triangle with tweezers, you need to thread a sewing thread through a needle and make a small line along the edge of the longest side of the part. The needle should pierce all the additions and connect them together. From the cuts should be retreat by 3 mm.Making a line does not need to cut the thread.
Making petals

After that, you need to pull the thread of the seam together so that the material is gathered in uniform folds. By doing this, you can sew two locking stitches and trim the thread.
Making petals

Further at the received part you need to burn sections with a flame in order to protect the part from shedding the fabric.
Making petals

This is how you should get a petal. You need to make the same copies of the remaining squares.
2 Compound flower.
The flower consists of two rows, each of which is created separately. Of the five petals you need to make a small circle, brushing the parts with glue on their side.
Compound flower

This action you performed the first row. Next, the remaining parts need to be glued to the bottom of this circle. But you should place the petals in between the details of the first row.
Compound flower

Next you need to glue the beads on the center of the flower to hide the place of gluing the petals.
glue beads

Next you need to gently glue three decorative stars on the edge of each petal. This should be done carefully so that the glue does not get on other parts of the petals, spoiling their beauty.
Creating an Asterisk gum

Now you need to flip the flower and attach a rubber band over its center.
fasten the rubber

The flower is completely ready, congratulations!

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