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One of the most anticipated premieres of the autumn Venice festival of 2016 was the TV series “Young Dad” with Jude Law in the title role. The next creation of the outstanding Italian director Paolo Sorrentino amazed the guests of the festival and the jury members with the knowledge with which he spoke about the lifestyle of the Vatican.

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Religious backstage eyes Sorrentino

It must be noted that the events about which the film narrates never happened in real life. The plot is as follows: a young Italian, a native of the United States of America, becoming pope and declaring himself Pius XIII, is forced to fight not only for his convictions, but also for the precarious papal throne.

As a prototype of the protagonist, Paolo Sorrentino chose a real person - cleric Lucian Pulvermacher, the leader of the American sectarian group "True Catholic Church." The action of the film, according to the director, takes place today.

The long-awaited telepremera

In the autumn of 2016, “Young Dad” was watched not only by Italians, but also by foreign admirers of Paolo Sorrentino.The series, on the premiere of which, besides Sorrentino and Jude Law himself, one could see Jemma Arterton, Silvio Orlando, Valeria Solarino, Xenia Rappoport and other celebrities, was broadcast on Sky TV channel.

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Paolo Sorrentino: movies

  • The series "Young Dad" was released in the fall of 2016. The young man Lenny Belardo, who took the throne of the Pope, is terrified of the lifestyle of the local cardinals. In order not to become a victim of foreign intrigues and to justify the trust of the world community, the young man has to go through many trials.
  • The main characters of the film “Youth” (2015) Freddie and Mick are friends of their families and have no doubt that everything in their lives is the way they want it. Fred is a gifted composer and conductor, and Mick is a talented director. Upon reaching retirement age, friends decided that “it’s time to live for themselves” and, separated from their families, went to one of the secluded hotels in the foothills of the Alps.
  • The film "Great Beauty" was released in 2013. The protagonist of this film is an elderly journalist and writer who has become disillusioned with life. Washing down his troubles with gin,the old man stealthily observes the inhabitants of modern Babylon — aristocrats and cartels, actors and artists, politicians and golden youth, criminals and priests. In his eyes, this whole motley crowd is a bunch of stupid, empty people hiding their immorality under expensive masks.
  • Sheyenn, the protagonist of the movie "Wherever you are" (2011), in the past - a rock star, and in the present - not yet old, but already "descended from the distance" lover of gothic robes, who can no longer live as before - can not afford. The death of his father made Sheyenna return to New York and learn about the obsession that was haunting the deceased in his last years. Having decided to take revenge on the offenders of his father, he sets off.
  • The film “Amazing”, presented to the audience in 2008, was directed by director Paolo Sorrentino to the legendary Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti. At the Cannes festival "Amazing" was awarded the "Prize of the jury."

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  • In “The Consequences of Love” (appeared on screen in 2004), Paolo Sorrentino, whose films, according to critics, are the best directorial works of the 21st century, painted an image of a failed businessman who was hooked by an Italian mafia.As a result of a failed financial operation, the life of Titta de Girolamo (that is the name of the main character) no longer belongs to him. He is now the property of the mafia.
  • "Extra Man" (2001). One of the main characters of the film, Tony Pizapia, is a decrepit pop performer and lovelace. His performances before a solid public end, as a rule, in the company of young girls, and Tony is quite satisfied with this order of things. But once everything changed: the singer was caught in the hot, and erotic parties had to be forgotten. As, however, and about the scene. Now the only entertainment of the elderly libertine is culinary experiments, more precisely, the preparation of fish dishes. Antonio Pizapia was born on the same day as the once famous singer Tony, only ten years later. The famous football player Antonio is at the peak of his career. He has only joy and wealth ahead of him, he has already planned his life for many years to come, but ... the fatal injury has crossed all plans and dreams.

Interesting Facts

The career of the six-time participant in the Cannes Film Festival Paolo Sorrentino began in 1997, when the future famous director won the Solinas Prize as a screenwriter (Dragoncelli di fuoco).

The first award for the best director's work was received in 2001.The film "Extra Man" was appreciated by representatives of the world community and Italian film critics. The latter even handed over their special prize - “Silver Ribbon” to a talented debutant director.

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Horoscope director

Paolo Sorrentino was born on May 31, 1970, therefore, his zodiac symbol is Gemini. Under this constellation, in most cases, talented and extraordinary natures are born. The twin man is shy but sociable. Art and self-perfection is not his only passion. Gemini - avid travelers.

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