Day routine for the student

“Discipline”, “mode”, “schedule” - all these words scare us a little, even adults. And the children, they are such ... children, what discipline is there.But! Without its complete absence, without at least some regime, without knowledge of its duties and rights, the child will grow up unorganized and weak-willed.

What for.Day mode is needed to:

  • the child felt more confident, and parents - quieter
  • the child managed to do what was necessary, had free time and knew his duties
  • parents did not have to build peace every day from zero
  • there were no unnecessary or missing things and actions that show up at the last moment

Commentary of the child and family psychologist, Tatyana Belous:

“The life of a schoolboy is completely different from the life of a child in kindergarten - having at least some kind of structure will help him to accept the school regime more easily. The daily routine, of course, must be created individually: there are children who are weaker, they need to rest longer and more often between school and homework. It is very important that in the mode of the day was recorded the time of "release".Restrictions and indulgences should be introduced into the day regimen: for example, it is unacceptable to do homework until late evening, without being able to distract, play. Consider the needs of the child, his character and physical characteristics: children need to alternate between intellectual and physical activities, to go out in the fresh air, to have personal time on their territory. ”

To whom.Preschool children may not even need a daily routine, although it is a bit late to teach children to discipline, to acquaint them with duties and rights the day before school. Start early to teach the child, for example: when they go to bed, when they sit down for dinner, why they collect toys after the game, and brush their teeth in the morning. A child of kindergarten age might want to have his own, children's, daily regimen, but now we are talking about children who are going to go to school or already go to it.

Such a daily regimen will be especially valuable for children who attend extra classes, courses, clubs or sections.A piece of paper on the fridge with the inscription "Tue-Fri - Alla Grigorievna-gymnastics, except for the even ones“May be of great help to parents, but it does not carry any meaning for the child at all.

Moreover, the new rhythm of life confuses the child, too much of everything and everything new: late arrival, forgotten homework and an unpacked backpack 15 minutes before going to school is a standard of living, but it further aggravates the child’s confusion. Undergraduates mode of the day, understandable, clear, comfortable - just needed.

How.You can repeat the same thing a hundred times, or you can write, print, paste and voila! This is already a document, and a document, even children know, is a serious thing, so it’s not easy to go against it. The first written contract with a child in life is a responsible joint (!) Case: a child must participate in his creation (for example, in choosing characters for a collage): he will fulfill what he likes, at least visually, with great pleasure. When the regime of the day is ready - both the parent and the child should read it, discuss all the points, make sure that there is no misunderstanding and all the rules are clear and completely satisfied with both sides, and secure with a signature (the child can simply write his name).

So what's the possibledaily routine structure:

Day routine for the student - image number 1


Here is a simple example for you, from which you can make a start, or you can invent your own.Buying ready-made posters and calendars with the daily routine is also possible, but, firstly, they are all terribly ugly, secondly, it is not interesting, and thirdly, it does not attract the child at all.

Images that are in the collage may vary depending on what you would like to draw the child's attention: maybe he forgets to put together a backpack, or he may not like to dress himself. Under each of the pictures should be the time that the process presumably takes, and its description. For example, like this: “07: 45- 08:00 - we clean our teeth, wash our face, comb our hair”; “08: 40-14: 00 - having fun and interesting time at school, listening to the teacher, finding out a lot of new things ...”, or “16:00 - 18:00 - free time”.

About item"free time: he must be, at least an hour or two a day, the child needs to work out something with his own, without being guided by his mother's instructions or school tasks.

Read more about free time and the right to it as a child in the material.“Mother's mistakes: how to avoid them?”

It is possible to include in the schedule and weekends, not detailing how weekdays, but to designate important regular activities and actions of the child: cleaning the room, classes in the sports club, a visit to the grandmother, etc.

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