Death of Trotsky.

Death of Trotsky. Trotsky, Trotsky, Ice ax, infinite, namely, Davidovich, History, has the property, repeat, Reluctance, teach, learn, inevitably, leads, such, marches, World, ignoramuses, rakes

The ice ax who killed Trotsky. In the International Museum of Spying in Washington.
On August 20, 1940, one of the leaders of the October Revolution, Lev Trotsky, was mortally wounded. What was the reason for its liquidation by a special group headed by the sabotage master Sudoplatov?
Why do today's Rezuny-Suvorovs and their followers not give references to the original source of their fantasies on the subject of the Second World War, namely to Lev Davidovich Trotsky?
History tends to repeat. Unwillingness to learn her lessons inevitably leads to endless marches of such ignoramuses on the rake.
Death of Trotsky. Trotsky, Trotsky, Ice ax, endless, namely, Davidovich,History has, property, repeated, Reluctance, learning, lessons, inevitability, leads, such, marches, World, ignoramuses, rakes

To begin with, in 1929, LD Trotsky was expelled from the USSR, and in 1932, by a decree of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee, was deprived of Soviet citizenship for "counter-revolutionary activities."

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