Different types of management: let your business be successful!

Is it possible to do without managers?

In ensuring the profitability of a company, it is hardly possible to do without organizing effective management, which is what various types of management are aimed at. Their main tasks are: identifying priority goals for the development of an enterprise, developing measures for achieving them, finding the necessary resources for this, as well as direct control over the implementation of each task.

What types of management are in modern conditions?

types of management

When we figured out that without management activity, the success of the enterprise is extremely doubtful, it is time to talk about how to competently build the management structure of the company. There are the following types of management (according to the criterion of attitude towards the object of management): moral and ethical, social and ethical, situational and traditional.Another criterion for classification is the time factor, i.e. the gap between decision making and changes that occur in the enterprise. According to this criterion, the following types of management are distinguished: strategic, prospective, current and operational. Perspective is associated with the adoption of short-term decisions that will affect the work of the company in the current reporting period. Strategic management is aimed at the long-term development of the enterprise, which takes into account all possible threats to the external environment.

Understand what are the types of management? Then go ahead - to deepen your knowledge!

strategic management models

Strategic management models differ depending on the region of the globe where the firm is located. Most often, analysts distinguish the Japanese and American concept of doing business, which are characterized by a diametrically opposite approach to decision making, responsibility, management structure, performance assessment and organization of control over it. These systems assume completely different managerial qualities that are necessary for him to lead the company to success.Some researchers also say that the Russian management model should be considered separately, because it has its own specific features.

Comparison of the three main models

Russian management model

First, let's look at how the decision-making process takes place in Japan, America and Russia. Of course, in Asian practice, all decisions are subject to collective discussion and are also made by him, while in the USA and Western Europe an individual approach prevails in solving any issues. But in the Russian management model there is a compilation of these approaches, therefore, management decisions at various levels can be taken both individually and collectively. It turns out that the responsibility of the employees of such enterprises is also collectively individual, therefore it often happens that no one is responsible for anything, and it is not possible to find the culprit for all failures in business. In addition, the Russian model of management does not imply a rigid management structure, like the Americans, nor a flexible management structure, like the Japanese, but the Russians have not yet managed to find a middle ground.

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Different types of management: let your business be successful 72

Different types of management: let your business be successful 43

Different types of management: let your business be successful 42

Different types of management: let your business be successful 59

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