Biography of Dima Bilan

Singer Dima Bilan (real name - Viktor Nikolaevich Belan) was born at midnight on December 24, 1981 in the village of Moscow, Karachay-Cherkessia RSFSR.
Popular singer Dima BilanPopular singer Dima Bilan
He officially changed his name to the pseudonym in 2008. The new name was not chosen randomly. Dmitry was the name of Bilan's grandfather, whom he loved very much. Since childhood, Vitya says that he would like to be called Dima.
Dima's family is working. Pope Nikolai Mikhailovich worked as a fitter and a design engineer, and my mother first worked in greenhouses, and then devoted herself to the social sphere. The singer has two sisters. The older Helen worked as a waitress, and now the fashion designer, and the youngest Anna (1994).
Dima Bilan with parents and sister ElenaDima Bilan with parents and sister Elena

Dima Bilan's childhood

When Vitya was only one year old, the family moved to Naberezhnye Chelny. Five years later, the couple Belan moved to the city of Maysky, Kabardino-Balkaria. Here the future singer and went to school.
Dima Bilan early began to participate in competitionsDima Bilan early began to participate in competitions
In the fifth grade, Dima enters a music school and finishes her accordion class. In this case, the boy participates in various competitions and festivals. In 1999, the young musician arrives in Moscow and participates in the Chung-Chang festival, which was dedicated to children's creativity and the 30th anniversary of the joint work of Yuri Entin and David Tukhmanov. Diploma Bilan receives personally from the hands of Joseph Kobzon.

Dima Bilan's musical education

In 2000, Vitya Belan entered the Gnesins State School of Music. His singer graduated in 2003, receiving a diploma in vocal performer.
Dima Bilan graduated from the Gnesins CollegeDima Bilan graduated from the Gnesins College
After that, it was decided to continue his studies, the artist entered the GITIS. There he was enrolled in the faculty of acting at once in the second year.

Enchanting career of Dima Bilan

In 2000, the first video of Dima Bilan was broadcast on MTV Russia. His own money took off the first producer of the singer Elena Kan. It was the song “Autumn”, the video for which was filmed on the shore of the Gulf of Finland.
While still a student, Dima Bilan met his future producer, Yuri Aizenshpis.The latter immediately recognized the talent in the Kabardinian boy and began working with him. He made his debut on stage Bilan in 2002. He performed at the New Wave festival in Jurmala. There he introduced the song "Boom" and finished fourth. And after the competition they started shooting a video for this song, and then to the songs “I am a night hooligan”, “I was wrong, I got” and “You, only you”. By the way, the daughter of Igor Krutoy appeared in the video “I love you so much”. It is worth noting that while working with Aizenshpis, Dmitry Bilan imitated the singer Danko.
Dima Bilan with Yuri AizenshpisDima Bilan with Yuri Aizenshpis
Bilan’s debut album “I’m a Night Hooligan” was released in late 2003. A year later, a re-release appeared, which included four new songs (“Heartless”, “Stop the Music”, “Last Time”, “Dark Night”). Studio album "On the Sky" was released in 2004. At the same time, the singer began to record the first English-language record. Diane and Shaun Eskofferi helped him in this. In 2005, an official compilation of videos entitled “You, Only You” was released. In the fruitful year, the single “New Year with a New Line” was also released. It contained three tracks: New Year with a new line and its remix, and also Between the sky and heaven.

Life without Yuri Aizenshpis

September 20, 2005 was not Yuri Aizenshpis. Immediately after the death of producer, Dima was nominated for the World Music Awards as the best Russian artist. After leaving Aizenshpis Bilan, many offered to sign contracts. In 2006, the contract with the company Aizenshpisa, which was led by his wife Elena Kovrigina, was broken. The company demanded that Bilan change the pseudonym, since it did not belong to him. However, Yana Rudkovskaya was already at the head of the team. Therefore, the conflict of Bilan was resolved and in 2008 the pseudonym became the official name of the singer.
Since 2008, Dima Bilan - the official name of the singerSince 2008, Dima Bilan - the official name of the singer
Immediately, two Golden Gramophone awards ended up in Dima Bilan’s pocket in 2005. He received the award in St. Petersburg and Alma-Ata for the song "You should be near." And on the project “New songs about the main thing” the artist got the prize of the First Channel from the professional jury.
In 2006, Dima Bilan participated in the “Golden Barrel”, as well as in Kiev in the “International Music Awards”. There he became the "Singer of the Year." And just there the song was first performed by the song “Never Let You Go”.
Dima Bilan - People's Artist of Kabardino-BalkariaDima Bilan - People's Artist of Kabardino-Balkaria
2007 became very rich for the performer. Dima took three awards at once at the Muz-TV ceremony: “Best Composition”, “Best Album” and “Best Performer of the Year”. In the summer, he came as an honorary guest at the New Wave and became a member of the jury of the STS Lights Star project. In the fall, three nominations were in the hands of the singer at the MTV Russia Music Awards. Bilan received nesting dolls for "The Best Composition" (Impossible-perhaps), "The Best Performer" and "Artist of the Year."
Dima Bilan and Yana RudkovskayaDima Bilan and Yana Rudkovskaya
In addition, at the ceremony RMA MTV singer sang a song with Sebastian (brother Timbaland). The latter flew to Moscow specifically for this. By the way, following the results of 2007, VTsIOM presented the data that “Beloved citizen of Russia” in the “Singer of the Year” ranking has become none other than Dima Bilan. In the same year, the artist entered the top three of the most expensive and popular Russians, according to «Forbes».
The stage image of Dima Bilan is liked by millions of fans.The stage image of Dima Bilan is liked by millions of fans.
Further more. Dima Bilan steadily every year becomes the most beautiful, highly paid, popular and the best of the best among Russian singers. In 2009, he was even entrusted to be the Sochi 2014 Ambassador.
“I am proud to be the Sochi 2014 Ambassador.I appeal to all my fans - guys, get up on skis, join the Sochi 2014 mega-project. We know how to surprise the world. Eurovision in Moscow once again proved it. We are heading for Sochi! ”The actor declared then.
In 2009, Dima Bilan released the international album Believe.

Victory of Bilan at Eurovision

In 2005, Dima Bilan decided to try his hand at the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time. However, according to the results of the audience voting, he took only second place with the song “Not that simple”. Natalia Podolskaya and her “Nobody hurt no one” won. Dima repeated the attempt in 2006. And the First Channel chose him, as a representative from Russia.
Dima Bilan's famous jump to Eurovision was remembered by everyone.Dima Bilan's famous jump to Eurovision was remembered by everyone.
Among the 37 participating countries Bilan ranked second with the song "Never Let You Go." Such a high position was taken only once by the singer Alsou in 2000. In the number of Dima Bilan, European audiences did not conquer even originality. Two ballerinas took part there, one of whom came out of a piano covered with rose petals.
Dima Bilan - Never Let You Go (Russia) 2006
In 2008, Vitya Belan again sent to Eurovision. With the song Believe, the artist was allowed to represent the country in a prestigious competition.At the same time, among the competitors of Dima were such stars as Sergey Lazarev, Zhenya Otradnaya and Alexander Panayotov.
Violinist Edwin Marton, singer Dima Bilan and figure skater Yevgeny PlushenkoViolinist Edwin Marton, singer Dima Bilan and figure skater Yevgeny Plushenko
The singer at the finals went on stage with Hungarian violinist Edwin Marton and Russian figure skater Yevgeny Plushenko. Everyone liked the song and performance, Bilan won first place and became the first singer from Russia to win the Eurovision contest. After that, in the native village of the performer the music school was named after him.

Dima Bilan's personal life

Dima Bilan has always been a favorite of women and one of the most enviable suitors of Russia. The personal life of a celebrity does not allow you to live in peace to almost anyone.
Dima Bilan with Lena KuletskayaDima Bilan with Lena Kuletskaya
Newspapers trumpet about Dima Bilan’s novel with model Lena Kuletskaya. The couple promised to get married for several years in a row, but no one waited for the wedding dress and celebration. At one moment, Dima and his eternal bride announced publicly on the radio "Europe Plus" that their relationship was only for the sake of PR. True, after this, the singer went back down and said that such information was spread for fun and anger at the paparazzi, which the actor is not allowed to live in peace.
Dima Bilan with Juliana KrylovaDima Bilan with Juliana Krylova
However, sometimes Dima Bilan is seen with another model Juliana Krylova. And it was with her that he shot his clip “Safety”. There are very explicit scenes in it. Previously, only Kuletskaya was filmed in piquant fragments. However, Bilan declares that they are just friends with Juliana.

Dima Bilan now

The singer is an Honored Artist of Kabardino-Balkaria, Honored Artist of Chechnya, Honored Artist of Ingushetia. In 2008, Bilan was awarded the title of People's Artist of Kabardino-Balkaria. Dima Bilan is a versatile person. He is a member of the Liberal Democratic Party and plans to become a space tourist.
Dima Bilan. Do not be silent
The main thing in Dima Bilan's life, of course, is music, but the artist continues to try himself in other genres.

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