DIY artificial flower: master class, photo

People have always admired the beauty of natural flowers, used them as decorations for interior and landscape design. But since they quickly fade, man-made analogues came to replace them. Each person can make an artificial flower with his own hands, using a variety of materials.

The popularity of artificial flowers

People began to decorate the premises, clothes or hairstyles with flowers for a long time. But such decorations and accessories very quickly fade or require care, which is often not enough time. Therefore, there was a great alternative to them - artificial products. With proper manufacturing, they are not inferior in beauty alive and can long please their charm.

Understand all the subtleties of work on artificial flowers is easy, this process is very entertaining. You will be able to decorate your home with various bright buds or whole compositions of them, please your friends or loved ones with excellent bouquets.

Various flower decorations are very fashionable now: hairpins and rubber bands, bracelets and rings, necklaces and earrings. You can also make them gorgeous brooches that can decorate any outfit. Moreover, the ability to make artificial flowers with their own hands very often becomes an additional income or even develops into a fairly profitable business.

How and from what to make artificial flowers?

If you are attracted to beauty and you don’t mind surrounding yourself with gorgeous roses or violets, tulips or daisies, you can safely begin to master the techniques of making artificial flowers. This occupation is not difficult, but still requires attention and patience.

Do-it-yourself can make an artificial flower from various materials, which are often always at hand. Having let your imagination run wild, you can turn various patches of fabric, leather, paper or other materials into beautiful flowers or whole compositions.

How to make paper flowers?

For the manufacture of artificial flowers, you can take a variety of paper: plain or corrugated, thin or durable. You can use ordinary napkins or newspapers. It all depends on the flight of your imagination.With the right approach, the result of your efforts will be an excellent interior decoration.

To understand how to make paper artificial flowers with their own hands (the photos are located below), you need to clearly understand the sequence of works. To get started is to prepare the necessary tools: scissors, pencil, ruler, needle and thread and glue. Now you can get to work.

artificial flower do it yourself

Different flowers have peculiar petals that you need to learn to do. For example, take the peony. It should be lush, so it is worth making more petals. In order not to waste time, you can take several layers of paper and, drawing an example on them, cut several pieces at once. To make your flower more vivid, you can use paper of different tones.

If the petals are ready, we begin to fold them, alternating in color. Do not forget that for the middle you should use smaller petals. You can collect the flower with the help of thread and needles. Do not forget that a thin thread can break through the paper, so from the wrong side you should use a piece of cardboard, and on top - a bead. Now you just have to fluff the petals - and your masterpiece is ready!

Wonderful fabric flowers

From any fabric you can make a wonderful artificial flower with your own hands. For work you will need scissors, needle and thread. If the fabric used melts well, the petals can be treated with a lighter or a candle.

To begin with, we draw circles on the fabric and cut them out. We process their edges with a lighter. This should be done carefully so as not to melt the fabric. Now we fold the circle in half and begin to collect each petal with a needle along the fold line. Without reaching the edge of the first, we immediately apply the second and continue to flash them. After they are all assembled on a string, it must be tightened and tied.

artificial flowers do it yourself

Now to the center of the flower you need to sew a bead that will decorate it. For the seamy side, we make a circle out of the cardboard and glue the product to it. That the seamy side was beautiful, the cardboard can be covered with fabric.

You can make more complex artificial flowers with your own hands from the fabric. A master class for making the flower you like, which can be found in various literature or on special sites, will help you to understand the technique of work. Since such products do not require significant material costs, you can try to make original inflorescences.

How to make artificial flowers with your own hands from plastic?

Flower craftsmen learned how to use different materials for their work. Plastic is no exception. Very beautiful lilies can be made from disposable spoons. Also, a variety of beautiful flowers made from plastic bottles. Since this material is durable, crafts from it will delight you for a long time.

how to make artificial flowers with your own hands

Very beautiful bouquets can be made even from ordinary plastic tubes. To do this, they need to be trimmed to fit one size. Then with the help of needles and threads you need to collect them, piercing the middle, and strongly pull off. After this, the edges of the tubes should be cut obliquely, making them petals. The middle of the flower can be decorated with various suitable materials.

Leather for artificial flowers

Gorgeous artificial flowers with your own hands can be made of leather. They are very beautiful and rich look. Working with such material is easy, knowing some tricks.

From thin skin very graceful petals which can be bent turn out. But if you use a thick material, it is better to make them straight. The inside of the petals must be treated with white glue with water.For the solution we take 1 part of glue and 4 parts of water. While the processed petal dries, its edges need to stretch. This will give the future product elegance. Now formed petals are collected in a flower with a needle and thread. The center piece should be decorated with various stones and beads. To the wrong side of the flower you need to glue a specially prepared gasket.

 artificial flowers do it yourself photo

Leather flowers are often used to decorate handbags, belts, shoes and clothes, giving things of originality and grace.

Foamirana flowers

Very beautiful items can be made from foamiran. On the market such material is presented in a wide variety, so that there will be no problems with choosing the right color. It is also well-colored. Using the usual colored crayons, you can tint the petals.

Foamiran flowers will always look wonderful, because the material returns to its former state even after crushing. In order to make the petals wavy or to give them some other form, they need to be heated.

do-it-yourself artificial flowers master class

The flower is formed from petals with glue. Since flowers from foamiran are very similar to living ones, you should not use various stones, rhinestones or similar materials to make them. They will not look very nice on the product.

Compositions of artificial flowers do it yourself

To decorate your house or make a gift to loved ones, it is worth learning how to make compositions from inflorescences. In order to form even a simple bouquet, an artificial flower, made with your own hands lovingly by you, must have a small stalk. To create it, you can use a wire that needs to be wrapped with the material from which the flower was made: cloth, paper or other materials, preferably green. Leaves can be attached to the stalk. When you have all the flowers with stems, you can begin to make bouquets or flower arrangements.

Artificial Flower Arrangements

You can also make excellent compositions of artificial flowers, made with their own hands, in the form of paintings. To do this, put the cooked flowers on the selected canvas and fix them well. Such paintings can be a great addition to the interior.

Wreath of artificial flowers

A beautiful decoration can be a wreath of artificial flowers. Do it yourself quite easily. If it will be used as an ornament for the head, it can be made on the basis of a hair band.Artificial flowers with stalks twist the hoop, additionally sticking each element for better stability. The product can also be sheathed with a cloth and attach flowers to it.

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