Dmitry Karpachev - known psychologist and TV host

The past few years, one of the mostpopular and recognizable Ukrainian TV hosts was a practicing psychologist Dmitry Karpachev. Who is he? Where does his family come from and who is his family? The showman himself is not a tacit relation to those touching on his personal life, he tries not to comment on it and keep it secret from the press and the public, but nevertheless we know something with certainty.

Dmitry Karpachev biography

Dmitry Karpachev - biography

Dmitry comes from a small Ukrainian city -Kirovohrad. He was a diligent and inquisitive boy. Having successfully graduated from the secondary school, he entered the faculty of technical university in his native city for a specialty in marketing. The second (higher) education he received in the capital at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the Higher School of Sociology. But, despite such successes in the main profession, Dmitry always showed interest in the psychological spheres of human essence. Therefore, becoming a graduate in the field of marketing, I decided to devote myself entirely to another science - psychology.

With great interest and enthusiasm DmitryKarpachev graduated from the Kirovograd Institute of Regional Administration and Economics (Faculty of Psychology and Coaching). Behind him, there are many more specialized seminars and conferences not only in his native country, but also far beyond its borders. He is an active member of the Association of Psychologists and Psychotherapists of Ukraine (Kiev), has diplomas and certificates from Moscow and European organizations.

Dmitry Karpachev

Television career

Since 2003, Dmitry Karpachev has started a privatepractice (psychologist), and his television career starts from 2009, when one of the central channels invites to become a psychologist of a tense and emotional political transfer ("Shuster Live"). After only two years of work on the STB television channel, in 2011, Dmitry becomes the host of the program "Dear, We Kill Children". It is with her that the ascent to Olympus and popular love begin. Then there will be other, equally interesting projects whose high rating is due not only to life and interesting stories, but also to the charisma of the TV presenter, his professionalism and human qualities. He is one of the few leaders who do not work on the previously written script, but always conducts a lively discussion with the characters of their television programs.

the family of Dmitry Karpachov

Family of Dmitry Karpachov

As a rule, Dmitry tries not to commentissues related to their personal lives. His family consists of three people - the wife of Irina and the son of Svyatogor. With his future wife, he met, while still an unknown psychologist, in his native city of Kirovograd. Irina was always there and not only inspired Dmitry for new achievements, but always was a reliable support, a loyal friend and a loving person. She became a wife in that very turning year (2009), connected with the move and a new stage in life. A few months after the marriage, the young couple learns that soon a new little man will appear in their lives, as it turns out later - beloved little son. Now he is five years old.

Irina fully devotes herself to the family and the upbringing of the child. A spouse works, according to Dmitry himself, as a yoga coach, but this is more of her hobby than work.

Teleprojects with the participation of Dmitry Karpachov

Dmitry Karpachev became the face and the indispensable leader of the following programs of STB:

  • "Honey, we are killing children".
  • "Lie detector".
  • "One for all".
  • "I'm pregnant at sixteen."
  • Post-show "Daughters-Mothers".
  • "Rules of life".
  • "Save our family."

Dmitry Karpachev psychologist

He is also a regular psychologist-consultant and an expert on many other television projects, in particular, the TV journal "All Bude Good!".


Dmitry Karpachev is a psychologist, knowna TV host, a caring husband and a loving father. He went to his goal for a long time and achieved high results and universal love through honesty, above all, before himself. Despite the fact that he made a lot of efforts to understand the subtleties of the profession of a marketer, he still listened to the inner "I" and devoted his life to his favorite business - psychology. Thanks to this, without exaggeration, the fateful choice has changed not only the life of Dmitry himself, but also the fate of many other people to whom he helped and continues to do so.

Dmitry never divides people into successful andlosers. He, carrying out his analyzes and psychological training, always tries to open the eyes of a person to his internal problems, rather than pointing to them. So, a person, realizing their mistakes and shortcomings, can independently eliminate them and start a new, successful and happy life. And with the example of the heroes of numerous broadcasts by Dmitry Karpachov, the viewer can analyze these or other situations and prevent them in his personal life, or, having already faced certain tests, will know how to overcome them better and more correctly.

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Dmitry Karpachev - known psychologist and TV host Dmitry Karpachev - known psychologist and TV host Dmitry Karpachev - known psychologist and TV host Dmitry Karpachev - known psychologist and TV host Dmitry Karpachev - known psychologist and TV host Dmitry Karpachev - known psychologist and TV host Dmitry Karpachev - known psychologist and TV host Dmitry Karpachev - known psychologist and TV host Dmitry Karpachev - known psychologist and TV host Dmitry Karpachev - known psychologist and TV host