DohVinci kits for creativity: review, selection and reviews

DohVinci kits for creativity is a unique product for children to decorate various objects. The company's products can reveal the artistic talents of the child. As a base material, it is applied to various surfaces with the help of special tools. After some time, under the influence of air, the mass hardens. Thanks to this, the finished crafts can be used for their intended purpose.

DohVinci Company

The developers of the company constantly delight young artists with new and interesting creative sets. Comic book superheroes and beautiful princesses, fancy cakes and funny creatures, characters from favorite cartoons and sea creatures. This is not all that can be done with modeling sets and DohVinci clay. With natural bright colors, it is pleasing to the eye, pleasant to smell, soft and plastic.

Recently, the company has developed a new type of plasticine with the symbolic name DohVinci. This great artist, inventor and scientist was a real genius.A special look at the world around us allowed the creator, creating and creating, to overcome the limits of his time.

Plasticine itself and DohVinci kits for creativity are something quite special. The consistency of the material is such that the mass can be squeezed out by the styler - a special tool. The plasticine cartridge is inserted into the plastic gun, and it is in each such set. The product dries quickly after creation and can be played with it. Plasticine becomes hard and strong. Moreover, the material DohVinci includes only edible components and is absolutely safe for children.

In this article we will review some of the most popular sets.

"Professional Styler"

DohVinci's “Professional Styler” plasticine creative kit will draw your child into the real magical world. It will interest young creators who love to draw and create new incredible shapes.

The kit includes:

  • convenient styler for drawing on paper, decoration of frames and shelves;
  • four nozzles for styler;
  • Three refill cartridges: pink, yellow and blue.

To start the game, select the nozzle and color of clay, refill the cartridge carefully and start creating unique pictures.Set DohVinci Photo Frame

"Magic Box"

With this exciting set you will plunge into the world of creativity.He will reveal the creative abilities of the child in the process of decorating. Decorated crafts will decorate the room or a great gift for a loved one. Set "Magic Box" contains everything you need to decorate the box: styler, multicolored cartridges with weight and rhinestones for decoration. In the box there are three compartments, a drawer, on the lid there is a small mirror.

The kit includes: box, styler (pistol), 5 jars with a mass for modeling.

DohVinci-set for creativity "Flower Tower"

Unforgettable emotions for your child will give a set of children's creativity "Photoframe flower tower." The kit includes:

  • special marker for decoration;
  • four cartridges;
  • tapes;
  • additional nozzles;
  • Basics for placing three photos of different sizes.

On the frame in advance struck a beautiful picture. Each cartridge is filled with special colored clay. With the use of the selected material and a convenient marker in the form of a small pistol, a child without complexity will decorate the product, show skill and imagination.

For a little lady

The DohVinci Dressing Table set will make any young artist from four years and older gasp with delight.Pulling out a beautiful dressing table with two drawers and an oval mirror from the box, each young lady will present herself as a real princess and be able to spin herself in front of the mirror.Set DohVinci Cold Heart

You can make a table even better with the help of its intricate designs by using DohVinci plasticine. Gun-styler with additional nozzles and plasticine cartridges of four colors:

  • soft green;
  • blue;
  • pink;
  • white.

Insert into the styler you like and start creating. Your fantasy will tell you the options for decorating the frame on the mirror. You can be guided by the lines that are applied to the sample.

This dressing table will be a favorite for a little princess. In the box you can put your "jewels" and treasures.

Doh-Vinci door decoration

The “Door Decoration” set allows decorating the star's surface. With the help of a styler and a special plasticine, the star is decorated and decorated with unique patterns. It is possible to fasten various elements on a star with the help of liquid plasticine from cartridges, using it as an adhesive. In addition, plasticine can be carefully scraped off and reused a star.
This set is a quality and safe product from a reputable manufacturer.


  • gun-styler;
  • four colored plasticine in cartridges;
  • tapes;
  • star;
  • elements of decor.

The set will immerse your child in the process of creativity completely, and the sense of beauty and his imagination will help to create an original decoration.

Soft plasticine with sparkles in cartridges of 6 colors

Mass for modeling and drawing offers safe clay based on wheat and food components. The set of six cartridges of different colors, which are inserted into a special marker gun. Convenient compact cartridge can easily fill the gun even a child. After the tube is inserted into a child-friendly gun, you can start drawing. Soft plasticine is easy to apply on the work surface, and then - quickly hardens. Having taken part in drawing together with the child, apply thin lines of the picture on the cardboard, and the kid will circle them with the selected clay. Rainbow of colors A set of 18 cartridges adds a rainbow of colors to any DohVinci design palette. Simply select a color, place it in the Styler (not included), then with the gun,squeeze and create! Try them in other projects such as wood crafts, cardboard, paper and more! Includes 18 DohVinci cartridges.Kits for children's creativity

To dreamers

Children are able to invent, create and paint their own magical world. Populate it with amazing creatures and plants, beautiful princesses and brave knights. To reveal the talent of a small artist will help set DohVinci "Design Studio" from plasticine series. At this time, the manufacturer suggests not to engage in manual modeling, but to squeeze the mass through a special gun - a plastic styler.

The DohVinci plasticine packed in transparent tubes is made semi-fluid. Special nozzles help to change the shape of the jet that you squeeze. When the mass dries, it hardens and becomes durable.

All components of the kit are packed in a beautiful plastic box with ragged edges. In it you will find:

  • gun-styler
  • bases for decoration;
  • four tubes of plasticine.

Three of them have already been painted with colored stencil patterns, and two are clean and designed to fulfill their fantasies.

Colorful instructions will explain how to work with clay.

On the top cover of the box you can display finished works, as well as use them as a stand for fixing the bases and drawing masterpieces. Internal compartments are collapsible and designed for storing tools and material.DohVinci set for creativity

A handmade frame or decoration from Design Studio is a unique gift for family and friends.

Set for children's creativity "Design Studio with Illumination"

A unique set for the decoration of vases, the kit of which includes an elongated vase, a special rotating disc, a vase-bowl, decorative ornaments and several accessories.

Rotate the wheel by placing the selected vase on the stand. Carefully apply the picture on a rotating base with a styler, in which the clay is pre-filled with the desired color. The vase will be covered with fancy patterns, and the decorations can be painted with unusual curls or bright spirals.Set DohVinci Design Studio

Create and showcase unique designer crafts to friends and family with the “Design Studio with Backlight” set.

In their reviews, consumers recommend this thoughtful and well-made set for girls as safe and not causing any allergies.

The young creator - a set of "tree with jewelry"

With this designer set, a small artist will not only take part in the creation of an unusual product, but also become the owner of a unique stand for jewelry, made by his own hand.

The kit includes:

  • base for bulk wood,
  • marker gun for drawing plasticine
  • Four cartridge refined shades with a simulating mass.

The tree is assembled in two parts, which are separately decorated with patterns. On the basis of pre-applied line hints. They can be circled. After both parts are decorated, they are combined to produce a bulk tree.

A tree with a lot of beautiful twisted twigs, each of which can be used as hooks for chains, earrings and bracelets.

Having finished the work on the masterpiece, you will get great pleasure from the process itself and will be able to admire the creation by putting it in a suitable place.Magic box


DohVinci-set "Platinum Styler" is equipped with a new and improved styler. It includes more than 20 tools and attachments for a unique design, educational guide. Packaging can be used as a template for a new design.

The kit is equipped with a special styler gun. Cones with colored clay are charged into it. The colors of a cold range are harmoniously combined with each other: blue, turquoise, purple and green and colors. Using special nozzles, you can create lines of different textures, thicknesses, make various forms of decorative patterns and decorations.Plasticine dohvinci

Exclusive photo frame

Especially dear to the heart in a photo frame made with your own hands is a unique gift. It will be a special, exclusive handmade jewelry. You can create such a miracle with the DohVinci set for your photo frame

The company has invented not only a unique plasticine mass, but also a unique, unique frame for the photo frame. In addition, the kit includes four types of clay in various colors, as well as one cartridge with sparkles.

Clay, tucked into a styler for drawing liquid masses, will create a miracle - it is easy to create ornaments, curls, change the width of the volumetric lines by changing the speed of plasticine leakage.

When in a short time plasticine hardens you get a handmade frame, the only one in the world.DohVinci Platinum Stabler Kit

Decoration door or photo frames

The DohVinci game “Cold Heart” is a great gift for a young fan of the cartoon film “Cold Heart”. The main characters, Elsa and Anna, are depicted on the packaging.

The kit of the set for decoration of the photo frame or the door includes 4 tubes of a multicolored special mass with the help of a special styler gun included in the set. After some time, the mass will harden and harden.

The frame is decorated with snowflakes and pictures of the snowman Olaf and Elsa. And in the set to create decorations for the door on the decoration shows Anna and Elsa. The resulting decoration will be a wonderful gift for friends or diversify the interior of the nursery.

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