Drill rechargeable shock Hitachi DV18DCL2: specifications, testimonials

Japanese conglomerate Hitachi showsunstable success in the power tool segment. According to all data, the image and resource potential the firm should have firmly held positions on the same level with the main players of the market in the person of Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, etc. However, this is prevented by periodically appearing models with frankly unsuccessful performance. Usually this applies to certain technical and operational or design parameters, the miscalculations in which the consumer turns away from this product. But the fans of the brand also know that the Japanese specialists can demonstrate almost a unique combination of functionality, technical reliability and ergonomics in their development. And all this is supported by low cost - a factor that does not allow the firm to finally say goodbye to its place in the market of construction tools. With some reservations to such models it is possible to carry a screwdriver Hitachi DV18DCL2, the photo of which is located below. The device is made in accordance with modern requirements of the exacting master-wagon, not devoid of individuality and some flaws.

hitachi dv18dcl2

General information about the model

The tool is a multifunctionaldrill-screwdriver of middle class. Usually such devices are classified as semi-professional, as they combine the features of household modifications, and the power potential of professional machines. The design of the model is traditional - the developers tried to optimize it for the sake of small weight and ease of maneuvering. The handle received a rubberized coating, but such additions are already considered mandatory even for budget-funded employees of the lowest level. As for the working qualities themselves, the Hitachi DV18DCL2 can be called a balanced, but powerful device. First, the tool has a shock function. That is, it can be used as a universal tool not only when working with hardware and drilling, but also in destructive works. Secondly, there are possibilities for fine-tuning the force impact to the specific operating conditions and characteristics of the target material. This makes it possible to economically consume battery power and protect parts from excessive wear.

Main characteristics

On a general background similar to the price levelthe model looks very attractive. But even this is not the main thing. Unlike most even premium power tools, in the case of the Japanese modification, the manufacturer's actual parameters correspond to the actual figures demonstrated by the Hitachi DV18DCL2 screwdriver. The main characteristics of the model are described below:

  • Type of holding chuck - quick-clamping.
  • The size of the cartridge is from 1.5 to 13 mm.
  • The number of speed modes is 2.
  • The diameter of drilling of brick walls is up to 13 mm.
  • The diameter of drilling of metal bases is up to 13 mm.
  • The diameter of the holes for wood is up to 38 mm.
  • The diameter of the screw is up to 8 mm.
  • The length of the tool is 234 mm.
  • Weight - 1.6 kg.

Characteristics of the power fill

screwdriver hitachi dv18dcl2

Perhaps, it is the implementation of the engine withThe accompanying equipment can be called the strong side of the device. The design used a brush power plant, powered by a battery voltage of 18 V. This is a very worthy indicator for a mid-level screwdriver, which allows it to produce a spindle with a peak reading of 400 and 1500 rpm - respectively, at the first and second speeds. The limiting torque is 43 Nm. From the point of view of power action, the shock power provided by the Hitachi DV18DCL2 screwdriver is also important. Characteristics by this value are also divided into two speed modes - in the first from 0 to 5600 bpm, and in the second - from 0 to 21,000 bpm. Actually, thanks to such a serious potential of the engine, the user has the opportunity to confidently work with solid materials, including concrete and brick. According to the possibilities of drilling, it can be said that the apparatus is close to the entry level punchers.

Characteristics of the power system Hitachi DV18DCL2

First of all, we must emphasize the very factthe use of a battery, and the format of Li-Ion. The rejection of network tools has firmly become fashionable among large manufacturers, and this step is justified, since the owner receives a fully autonomous device - at least for the period of the work process. And here it is worth dispelling the two myths about battery models. The first is low power compared to network analogs. This is not so, since the power output is directly affected by the quality of the engine. The second myth is connected with the fact that under the conditions of removal, the period of the tool's action will be limited by the charge, which will not allow to cope with long working processes. The truth is there, but Hitachi DV18DCL2 Liion, like many other models of screwdrivers even the entry level, are equipped with two battery packs. And while one is consumed, the second one can be recharged using a complete recharging device. In this case, it takes an hour to fully replenish the energy. The battery capacity is 1.5 A * h at a voltage of 18 V.

screwdriver hitachi dv18dcl2 photo

Additional functionality

The model got a good setAssistive options, which will be useful for both the home master and the professional. Among them is worth noting reverse (reverse) course, the ability to implement electrical speed control, braking system and a lock that protects against accidental activation. If we talk about the lack of functionality Hitachi DV18DCL2, then the most insulting disadvantage in this respect, probably, for many will be backlighting. Usually modern instruments of this type are provided with LED flashlights, but in this case they will have to be stocked with a separate building source of lighting.

Technological features

Engineers Hitachi worked well onconstruction, which also contributed to the success of the model in the market. While little-known brands with minimal resources produce bright and attractive models externally with rich functionality, the Japanese rely on the basic quality of technology, which is appreciated by experienced users. So, first of all it is possible to note the integrated ventilation system, which cools the power unit, not allowing it to overheat and thereby prolonging the service life. Further, the already mentioned quick-clamping chuck deserves attention. It can not be called a unique solution, but not all manufacturers have even switched to it even in the middle class. The special feature of the Hitachi DV18DCL2 cartridge is the availability of a ratchet mechanism, which makes it possible to quickly, easily and safely change work equipment. By the way, nozzles and consumables for this model also deserve a separate conversation.

Consumables and Accessories

screwdriver hitachi dv18dcl2 specs

The tool is equipped with two types of nozzles -bits and drills. Bits for fasteners are recommended to be purchased at once with sets, which will cover the maximum range of standard sizes. And in the set should be provided bits of different forms. The model can be equipped with star-shaped, cross-shaped and hexagonal bits. Drills are also available in different sizes. The designers of the company distinguish several groups for their intended use - for wood, concrete, ceramics, metal and universal tasks. Especially in the work with concrete and stone structures, the Hitachi DV18DCL2 screwdriver is preferably supplemented with industrial vacuum cleaners and dust extraction systems. With the help of branded attachments, the tool is connected to the nozzle of the same vacuum cleaner, which eliminates the contamination of the workplace with parts of construction mud. Such vacuum cleaners are easy to find in the Hitachi line, but the manufacturer recommends the search for the assortments Ryobi, Makita, Bosch, etc.

Reviews about capacity

Both modes of operation, and asscrewdriver, and how the drills cause for the most part a positive impression on the users. The capacity is sufficient for the processing of all basic building materials - from brittle glass to solid stone. True, not all minerals are amenable to this apparatus - in the case of granite, for example, it is better to go straight to the perforator. There is also a lack of negative temperature effect on Hitachi DV18DCL2. The reviews in this regard compare the lithium-ion battery with other copies of the same type, which in unstable conditions can supply unstable energy.

screwdriver hitachi dv18dcl2 reviews

Reviews about ergonomics

To ergonomics too, there are no special complaints. The developers tried to provide and rubberized coatings on the handles, and convenient switches with latches, as well as a number of auxiliary accessories that facilitate the physical handling of the instrument. In the minuses there was only an absent flashlight with a connector for holding, but this has its own explanation. The fact is that the screwdriver Hitachi DV18DCL2 was optimized in design, which had a favorable effect on a small mass of 1.6 kg. The absence of illumination for such models should not be regarded as a serious flaw, since the average power model is rarely used as a shrewd and maneuverable assistant in hard-to-reach and low-lighted places. For such purposes, network adapters with even more compact dimensions and small power are more suitable.

Feedback on the reliability of the design

Mechanical durability, like low cost,has always been one of the strengths of Hitachi's products, even if the other parameters show a downturn in quality. The example of the screwdriver in question continues the established tradition. Owners of the model testify both to the high quality of the engine with the conjugate elements, and the durability of the hull. The developers also envisaged the impact of severe climatic factors that the Hitachi DV18DCL2 screwdriver can undergo. The reviews point out not only the protection of the battery pack from temperature fluctuations, but also of metal accessories - from humidity. All metal elements are made of stainless steel, covered with several layers of protection.

Comparison with competitors

drill rechargeable shock hitachi dv18dcl2

The model has quite a few strong competitors,represented in the price range of 7-9 thousand rubles. In particular, DeWALT offers an almost identical modification of the DCD776S2, which has a slightly higher impact moment, has a backlight, but has fewer drilling diameters. Interesting offers are in the Makita family - modification DHP343SYE. This option works at a voltage of 14.4 V - respectively, and its power qualities are lower, as are the drilling parameters. But if there is no special need in high indicators, then this model can be preferred. The most serious competitor, with which Hitachi DV18DCL2 percussion screwdriver is fighting, is GSR 180-Li from Bosch. This is also a combined drill-screwdriver, powered by 18 volt batteries. But, it has a higher torque - 54 Nm, high rotation speed, the presence of Led-backlight and at the same time a more modest mass - 1.53 kg.


hitachi dv18dcl2 reviews

In the domestic market, this device is available for7-8 thousand on average. This is a rather big sum for an electric tool, so it is desirable to accurately determine the tasks that this model should solve. It is obvious that the optimal direction in which the Hitachi DV18DCL2 rechargeable drill will show its best qualities will be the construction and repair sphere and, in particular, the hands of the master wagon. Complex highly specialized tasks for this tool are unlikely to be trusted on an ongoing basis, and standard operations in mass order - quite. As for the domestic sphere, then the damage to the availability of such a screwdriver just will not work. Another thing is that more often than not, domestic work on drilling and twisting can be realized by less serious assistants, the cost of which will fit into 4-5 thousand.

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