Duty free - what is it? Duty free in Sheremetyevo

Not so long ago, an expression such as What does it mean entered into our everyday life? This expression is used in conversations related to the topic of trade, and means the sale of products free of duties and taxes. Naturally, such a product will be much cheaper, because it is no secret that it is precisely various kinds of taxes and excise taxes that increase its value. This means that products purchased in duty-free are much cheaper than similar items, items and accessories purchased in a regular store.

duty free what is it

Where is the duty free

Usually, trade in duty-free is carried out somewhere on a neutral territory - that which is located outside the customs territory of a given country. This kind of shops can be found at train stations, in seaports or airports, even on board the aircraft. In the Vnukovo Duty Free, you can purchase completely different groups of goods at a reduced cost.

Duty Free: what is it

A feature of the duty-free shops is that only a person who is a passenger will be able to purchase any product and even enter the shop’s territory. To confirm, he will be asked to show his boarding pass to determine if the passenger has arrived or is leaving. By the way, most often such outlets are located in transit zones or in departure zones, for example, Domodedovo duty-free, although in some countries they may be located in the arrival zone. It is also possible that it will be necessary to show a document that would confirm the identity. This is usually a passport.

duty free Sheremetyevo

The history of the creation of a duty free

If you plunge into history a bit, then you can say that the first shop of duty-free was opened in 1947. Its owner is Brendan O'Regan. The very same store was located at the airport Shannon, in Ireland. Although in fairness it should be noted that initially the owner of the store did not pursue a similar goal.

Today, more and more, such shops can be found both in airplanes, and on cruise ships, and on the border of two states, where a pedestrian crossing can be made or intersected by a car.So, duty-free - what is it and what product groups can you buy at these outlets?

What can be bought in duty free

What can you buy in these stores? Usually in the assortment will be present cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, cosmetics and perfumes, toys. In some countries, in such stores it will be possible to purchase clothes, and there will be enough popular brands. The richer the state itself, the more diverse the range of goods presented in the duty free shops. Prices vary depending on the state in which the store is located.

duty free prices

Duty free in different countries

For example, in countries such as Croatia or Egypt, duty-free shops are just a few small shops with a meager assortment of goods, while in Singapore this service is represented by whole pavilions, in which it is easy to buy even clothes.

However, it is so instituted in our sublunary world that even with a large, seemingly, a barrel of honey, it is imperative to look for a small, but “tarry spoon”. There is such a store and duty free. What is it and what feature is hidden in the stores of this plan?

Restrictions in Duty Free

First of all, they are expressed in the fact that the shop itself places restrictions on the sale of a certain amount of goods, as they say, "in one hand". It is said that a third of all alcoholic beverages in the stores of this kind is whiskey. So, for example, if you suddenly want to buy 10 bottles of excellent premium whiskey in a duty-free shop, you will first have to clarify what maximum quantity is allowed to be purchased. And if you are told that only 8 are allowed, then you still have to return two bottles.

Many travelers believe that usually in stores of this kind there is exclusively only expensive branded goods. This is an erroneous opinion, because the price range, as a rule, is unusually wide, since it is designed for people of different incomes.

However, it is possible to call erroneous and such a belief that in the shops of duty free you will not find a fake. Moreover, it must be said that in some states there are lines that produce goods specifically for the network of such stores. Sometimes it happens that the price in the “duty” stores, on the contrary, is higher than the price for the same product in the most usual outlet.In addition, it should be remembered that in different countries the prices for identical goods available in similar stores may differ.

duty free Domodedovo

Duty Free at Sheremetyevo

In Russia, one of the largest outlets of duty-free - "Sheremetyevo", at the airport. Here is collected together high-quality goods. It is conveniently located and is in a certain order in terminals C and F of the air port. As for the product itself, it is represented by an assortment of branded brands for women's clothing, such as JOHN GALLIANO, JUST CAVALLI, MOSCHINO, and more. others. Also on sale are new branded sunglasses brands.

Euroset stores will be pleased with the most modern models of digital cameras and accessories for them. Attention buyers presented cosmetics and perfumes, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.

In this outlet, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. So, if there was absolutely no time to get a bunch of flowers, there is no reason to be upset. Talented florists will come to the rescue from the flower shop "Interbuket", which is also available on the territory of duty-free "Sheremetyevo". They will offer a lot of options, making elegant compositions.

duty free grandchildren

There is on the territory of duty-free and pharmacy "Neofarm", which will please with an assortment of medical cosmetics, as well as skin care products of reputable brands, for example, Klorane, The Lif, Plump & Shine, etc.

Everyone who has visited Sheremetyevo is familiar with the name SHERry market, where it is easy to get not only chocolate, but also real masterpieces of confectionery and culinary art. And shopping for all family members can be made at the Hub mini-market. Original souvenirs can be found in the shops of "Lotte Duty Free".

Terminal F Travelers call a special territory for spending time. If you are still wondering "Duty-free - what is it?", Then by all means visit this paradise for shopaholics! There is also a pharmacy, food and beverages, clothing and souvenirs, a lot of useful things. It will be pleasantly pleased with the fact that at the most reasonable prices in duty-free there are discounts and promotions, sales.

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