Easy way to eliminate computer noise

A good and clean computer technology makes a noise while working, but it is so insignificant that it reminds of a wind blow. You can't say that about PCs and laptops that need cleaning, lubrication or repair. Noise should not distract the user during his work. Therefore, you need to know what causes it and how you can quickly fix the problem.
There are three main causes of computer noise:
• pollution;
• wear of main parts;
• production of lubricant in one of the coolers.
A person who is not a computer professional is difficult to determine the true cause of the problem. Of course, if there is time and desire, then it is best to contact the service center. But in this article I want to tell you the way that helped me to eliminate the annoying noise before the arrival of the computer master.
I want to note right away that this is not a panacea and the noise will return with time.This is a temporary measure that will help facilitate the existence of the user until the arrival of the service center employee.
Step 1. Initially, we need to listen to the computer and establish the source of the noise. It can make a lot of details. At me the noise was provoked by the cooler of the power unit. This is how it looks.
way to eliminate computer noise

You can also see that the cooler is dusty and needs to be cleaned, but, alas, a person who has never opened the power supply unit is better not to deal with the removal of dirt or full-fledged lubrication on its own.
way to eliminate computer noise

Step 2. Completely eliminate the dirt that has accumulated in the fan, without disassembling the power supply, we can not. But you can lubricate the computer. For this you will need: a syringe (deuce), lube oil and a dry sponge.
way to eliminate computer noise

I want to clarify right away: choose a syringe with a small needle, and as a lubricant you can only use oil for sewing and household machines. Ideal computer lubrication is undoubtedly thermal grease. It is thick, does not spread and maintains the working condition of all parts of the PC for a long time. But in this case, you can do without it.
Step 3. We proceed directly to the remote lubrication.We collect in the syringe a little engine oil.
way to eliminate computer noise

Now back to our cooler. Behind an iron grid a fan axis is slightly seen. It is covered with a golden sticker. You need to gently pierce the label with a needle in several places and introduce oil.
way to eliminate computer noise

Step 4. Remove the remaining oil from the surface with a dry sponge. That's all.
way to eliminate computer noise

And finally, I want to say that such manipulations are always associated with risk. So think a few times before using my advice.

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