Eduardo Leon Garrido

Eduardo Leon Garrido (Eduardo Leon Garrido, 1856-1949) - a famous Spanish artist, born in Madrid in 1856. He was the eldest son of Luis Garrido Fernandez, an official of the Ministry of Finance. Eduardo Leon dreamed of becoming an artist and enrolled in the School of Fine Arts in Madrid, studied in the class of Vincente Palmaroli, it is he who will take his whole life to be his only and main teacher in painting.

In 1875, the 19-year-old Garrido received a scholarship in Madrid, which allowed him to go to Paris to continue his studies. He settled on the first Duperre street and Pigalle square. In the same year, he first exhibited his painting at the Salon; it was the work of “Saint Jerome”.

In 1892, he married one of his models, Leoni Beck. The artist quickly integrated into local life and became a drawing professor at the La Varen Association.

In 1914 he received French citizenship, and his two sons were called to war. He continued to paint, mainly landscapes, portraits of his family (children, grandchildren). At the end of his life, he, due to his visual impairment, devoted himself to painting flowers.

In 1939, Eduardo León and his wife, Leoni, arrived in Caen (a city in northwestern France). They settled with their son, Louis Edward.
Eduardo Leon Garrido died February 24, 1949.

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