Epic with deuces for the lack of skis (continued)

Prehistory with a two for the lack of sports equipment (namely, ski on the eve of spring), or rather with two, I will not tell all students of one of the primary classes, you can read more on the link:http://3ojlotou.livejournal.com/479625.html, but I want to tell the continuation of this story. There was even a desire to write in two parts, because after the first warning the physical education teacher was not able to understand her most stupid mistakes, putting an assessment not for the students' academic failure, but simply because she wanted to. "I have the right to put two on students," the teacher gave me on emotion ...

So let's start in order! Before starting the lessons, I looked into the school and immediately proceeded to the head teacher's office, we did not communicate with her for long, I briefly described the situation, asked the gymnastics teacher to make a remark, correct or somehow substantiate the assessment and henceforth do not lead the children under the window to me in an unorganized crowd ,especially across the road, because next to the school there is an indoor playground where children can ski, run, jump and jump, instead of standing near the garbage cans and freezing with the already cold teacher. The head teacher reacted with understanding, promised to hold a conversation with the teacher and continue not to demand from the students what they are not obliged to carry to school.
Physical education lesson for children on this day was the last one and I naively hoped that a physical education teacher would understand his mistakes and make the right conclusions, but no, after all the lessons were over, I had a surprise !!!
1. Do you think the teacher acted pedagogically in relation to one student? (once again I remind you that the twos were exposed to everyone, only one girl from the class had skis). Having gathered all the children in the class, she accused the child of complaining and inventing nonsense about walking around the garbage (these were my words, but apparently they were presented to her differently), and then gave him marks in a diary for a couple of weeks! But this is also not all, the sweetest at the end! Pay attention to the dates ... February 15th.

2. The second five - 17.02.2017

3. For yesterday, February 20, 2017

4. And (drum roll) - "Piglet" for the third quarter, although still saw and saw to the end!

How do you like this behavior of a teacher? Will you still tell me about skis that I did not want to buy at the end of February? Once again, all these manipulations were carried out in the presence of the whole class, and with only one student, in order to shame him and show his authority again! Well, she practically did it!
Upon learning of this behavior, I immediately ran to school and caught a physical education teacher right at the exit. He immediately offered to go to the head teacher's office and talk about her antics. She tried to explain to me that she had already spoken to the head of the department that she had finished her working day, found out my last name and first name, and so on. As a result, I persuaded her to proceed to the office, so that later there would be no misunderstanding. In short - the head teacher was wildly shocked by this, the gymnast could not explain on what basis she slapped the two children to all, adding that she could still give any marks (I corrected her, adding that the marks should be reasonable, to which she agreed). In general, this time they again promised to look into the situation and continue to think with their heads, and not ... with skis!
Now I’m finishing writing a post and a reference, I’m probably going to throw it into a general chat for parents who are outraged there, but for some reason they are afraid to say it openly to the teacher, head teacher,school director and so on. I warned the whole teaching staff that for the slightest pressure on the child a complaint would be written to the higher authorities. That’s what I’ve done. I hope this experience will be enough at least until the end of the school year.

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