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Eugene name meaning and interpretation of the name. Eugene - noble (Greek).
Name days, patron saints. March 4 (February 19) - Rev. Eugene the Confessor was a Presbyter in Antioch; for the conviction of the emperor Julian the Apostate in godlessness after torment was exiled to Mauritania, where he died.
December 26 (13) - of sv. the martyr Eugene the warrior during the persecutions of Christians in the III. declared himself a follower of Christ and in the name of this martyr died.
Superstitions, omens, customs. From Eugene, December 26, they watch the weather for 12 days, believing that every day will show the weather of one month of the next year: December 26 is January, 27th - February, 28th - March, etc. before Christmas (January 7), which will indicate the weather in December of the new year.
The zodiac of the name is Pisces. Planet - Venus. The color of the name is pale blue. Auspicious tree - linden. The cherished plant is forget-me-not. The patron of the name is perlovitsa. Stone mascot - pearls.
Diminutive form. Evgesh, Gesha, Zhenya, Zheka, Zhesha, Zhenyur, Enyuta, Enyukh, Yeshosh.
Middle name. Evgenievich, Evgenievich, Evgenievna, Evgenievna.
Name and character.Like all men, whose name also has a feminine form, in Eugene we sometimes find a contradictory combination of strength and weakness, and, as a rule, the strength went to his appearance, and weakness to character. The strongest in his weakness is stubbornness; it is the driving force of the character of Eugene and allows this mental dignity to reach at times considerable heights in life. Eugene is hardworking, but in the depths of his soul only waits for this work to end soon.
He is very loving and suffers from this many troubles. That woman will keep him about himself, the mystery of the attractiveness of which he will never be able to unravel (he appreciates mystery in women most of all); besides, she should be a good psychoanalyst, because Eugene does not feed bread - let me reveal my misunderstood soul to someone! Generally speaking, this is a sweet, kind, pleasant person.
Name in history and literature. Eugene, Duke of W├╝rttemberg (1788 - 1857), is a Russian general from Infantry, the nephew of Empress Maria Feodorovna. Brought by the child to the Russian court, was secretly designed by the Emperor Paul to occupy the throne. Enrolling in the Russian service, participated in the wars with Napoleon. During the preparation in 1811the gap between Russia and France made a note "On Napoleon and the manner of waging war against him". In 1812 he commanded a division, then a corps. In 1813, Eugene played a major role in the battles of Lutzen, Bautzen and Dresden; during the retreat of our army to Bohemia, we withstood the onslaught of the threefold forces of Vandom with the 10,000-strong detachment, and in the Kulma battle defended the village of Pristen. In 1814, he was in the capture of Paris. In 1828, Eugene commanded a corps operating in European Turkey, and was attacked at the height of Kurtepe when attacking a fortified camp. After the conquest of Varna, Eugene left the army and went abroad.
The poet Yevgeny Baratynsky - the author of the poems "Finland", "Waterfall", etc., as well as the beautiful poem Ed, was deeply read by A.S. Pushkin, who called him the thinnest thinker in Russian poetry.
Yevgeny Maksimovich Kungurtsev - Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General of Aviation. During World War II he commanded a storm trooper squadron; made 210 sorties.
And, of course, at the mention of this name, Evgeny Onegin immediately comes to mind - a sample of all the most indecisive, cynical, passionless and refined, charming, that is in a man.

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