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External data storage devices somehow unexpectedly entered our lives. You can say jump. Currently, people appreciate the mobility of information, as well as the speed of its transfer. That is why the external drive is a very valuable device that allows you to quickly exchange movies, games and other files (it should be noted, even of considerable size) between two computer devices.

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The question posed in connection with the problem of storing user data, as well as access to it, is quite relevant. This problem is very acute in families where everyone tries to knock out as much space on the computer as possible for his own needs. An external drive can easily become the solution to such problems.

Of course, the optimal network storage is, of course, in many companies located directly inside buildings. In general, they have quite a few advantages.Previously, creating a network storage required the purchase of a separate computer that would play this role. Now, with the development of wireless technology, this is no longer necessary. Enough to put in a wireless router - and the problem is solved.

Modern models are available with support for USB ports version 3.0. And this also has weight, since the functionality is greatly expanded. What to come up with even better than a network resource located at home, which, if necessary, is quite possible to take with you on a trip? And this device will be so mobile in size that it will absolutely not burden anyone with carrying it!

In general, an external USB-drive will be the solution to several problems at once. Models of external type of hard drives differ in their characteristics, and in this article we will examine several devices, examine them in general and in general, and understand what advantages and disadvantages they have. This is done so that anyone can then go to the store, and on the basis of the material read, if necessary, choose a model of external storage for themselves.

So many hard drives now have an interesting, innovative interface. We are talking about USB 3.0 ports. They also have a large form factor. Next, we will talk about whether it makes sense to purchase such discs, which are large enough, require power from an external source.


This external memory drive is available in different versions, which differ in the amount of internal memory. It is about allocating 500 gigabytes, 1 terabyte, and 2 terabytes. 500 GB, in our opinion, is not enough for active use of the hard disk. But 1, and even more so 2 TB will be an excellent solution.

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This external drive is available in three colors at once. The following colors are available: blue, yellow, black. All hard drives belonging to this series have a shockproof and waterproof case. You can put the USB cable without any problems in the groove, which was specially fixed around the disk enclosure. Thus, the developers of the device solved the problem with the convenience of storing the cable. Its length is about 30 centimeters. And to be more precise, then 31.The dimensions are fairly average: with its weight of 220 grams, this external USB 3.0 drive has dimensions of 132 by 99 by 22 millimeters.

Hard drive External hard drive HGST Touro Mobile MX3

This model, like its predecessor, has just three modifications, equipped with a different amount of internal long-term memory. We are talking about variations of 500 gigabytes, as well as models with a capacity of 1 TB and 1.5 TB.

external memory drive

Among the drawbacks it is worth noting the absence of legs, which could deal with the vibration of the hard disk during its operation. But the use of opaque plastic as a material for the body can not be clearly considered. The USB cable doesn't fit anywhere. It has a length of 43 centimeters. This external hard drive is 126 millimeters long, 80 wide and 15 high.

Seagate Expansion Portable

All Seagate models that are part of the Expansion portable external hard drive series have the same form factor. It is 2.5 ’’. The model range of the series has three memory drives that have corresponding volumes. This, according to the standard, 500 gigabytes, 1 and 2 TB.

external drive

Like the model that we looked at earlier, the Seagate Expansion Portable does not have rubber feet.The case of devices of a series is made of opaque plastic. These external storage devices have a USB cable with a length of 44 centimeters. The dimensions of the hard disk are 122.3 millimeters in length, 81.1 millimeters in width, 15.5 millimeters in height. The mass of the drive - 170 grams.

Seagate expansion

Models of this series differ from their predecessors not only in memory but in a large form factor. It is 3.5 ’’. Thus, the models automatically increase in size, weight, and also require an additional power source. The case of such hard drives is made of the same matte plastic. To deal with the vibration that occurs during the operation of the device, four rubber feet are provided on its bottom. In the model range of this series, you can see external hard drives, the amount of internal memory which is 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 terabytes.

hard drive external

The USB 3.0 cable is 118 centimeters long. For the hard disk will require a special power adapter. It operates at a voltage of 12 volts, as well as a current of 1.5 amperes. In length, such a drive reaches 179.5 millimeters. In width - 118 millimeters, and its height is 37.5 mm.The mass of the drive is equal to 940 grams.

Silicon Power Armor A80

External drives of this series have a good body, protected from moisture penetration, as well as from mechanical damage. The outer surface of the hard disk is made of anodized brushed aluminum. To resist the vibrations that occur when working with the drive, rubber feet are not provided.

hard drive external

The model range consists of disks with three different amounts of memory. These are 1 and 2 terabytes, and also 500 gigabytes. Series models are slightly different from all external drives, which we considered earlier. The fact is that they have two cables at once, which are designed to synchronize the device with a personal computer or laptop. The first cable is 79 centimeters long. The second one is shorter by 70 cm. There is an end in the case where you can hide a short wire. Also, the hard drives of the series use a USB 3.0 A type socket. All models that were described earlier use USB 3.0 Micro-B. With a mass of 270 grams, the hard drives of the series have a size of 139.45 mm by 94 mm by 18.1 mm.

TOSHIBA Stor.E Basics

The case of this line of external memory drives is made of matte black plastic.At the bottom of the gadget there are four legs, which simply is good. But as for the volume, here the series can please not all users. The maximum amount of long-term memory that is available in such drives is 1 terabyte. The remaining two versions of the series have, respectively, the volumes of 500 GB and 750 GB.

external storage devices

USB 3.0 cable is not short, but not long. Its length is 52.5 centimeters. Interestingly, the models of the series differ in size. The hard drive version, which has a capacity of 1 TB, is represented by a mass of 180 grams and a thickness of 16.5 centimeters. At the same time, other models will be thinner and smaller in terms of weight: their height is only 13.5 millimeters, and their weight is 150 grams.

Transcend StoreJet 25H3

External discs of this brand have a body that is covered with a rubber layer. Thus, the manufacturer worried about the mechanical strength, adapting the external hard drives of this series to unexpected mechanical shocks and loads. Models manufactured in the line have a memory capacity of 500 gigabytes, as well as 1 and 2 TB. If we talk about color, the hard drives of the series are available in a purple-black design, as well as in blue.Cable length for synchronization with a PC is about 45 centimeters.

A distinctive feature, a feature of this model range is that there is a button on the case that serves to quickly reconnect. It helps activate special mode. There is no need to disconnect and disconnect the hard drive, and then synchronize it with the computer again. With its mass of 216 grams of the disk version of 500 GB and 1 TB, the following dimensions are available: length - 131.8 mm, width - 80.8 mm, and thickness - 19 millimeters. The model, which is designed for 2 terabytes of internal memory, is slightly thicker (24.5 mm) and weighs slightly more (284 grams).

Western Digital My Passport Ultra

Like almost all other models, the series of this external hard drive is made of matte black plastic. At the bottom there are four legs that will save the device from vibration during operation. The hard disk cover, depending on its modification, may be of a different color. Black, blue, red and metallic colors are currently available.

The amount of internal memory is standard: 500 gigabytes, 1 TB or 2 TB. The USB cable does not fold anywhere; its length is 46 centimeters.For transportation there is a special bag made of velvet. Weight (depending on the model) varies from 130 to 230 grams. Overall dimensions also vary. The length can be from 110 to 110.5 millimeters, width - from 81.6 to 82 millimeters. This is not so noticeable, but how the thickness of a hard disk grows with an increase in its memory capacity is seen quite well. It falls in the range from 12.8 to 20.9 millimeters.

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