Eyebrow extension hair method. Benefits, cost and availability

Today, very many methods have become available for correcting the appearance that our mothers and grandmothers were not able to use. How much trouble only care for the eyebrows, because to give the correct shape they had to pull out 1-2 times a week and draw every morning. Tattooing has been popular for quite a long time, but many women are afraid to use it because of the pain and the likelihood of acquiring an unnatural appearance as a result. A great alternative to hand care and salon drawing is brow extensions.

Why it is worth resorting to the extension procedure

Not all women by nature got bright and expressive eyebrows, which give accuracy to the face and express the character of their owner. How to be ladies with light and rare eyebrows? And there is also a problem of irregular shape, in which your own hairs should be pulled out as much as possible,and the areas missing as a result of the procedure are somehow reconstructed.

The British manufacturer The Eyelash Design Company, known in the manufacture of eyelashes, was proposed such a method as eyebrow extensions, allowing you to create a beautiful and natural look. Special kits for the procedure are on sale; thanks to them, any woman can find that characteristic bend or smoothness she has always dreamed of. Also note that the buildup of eyebrows from the master significantly reduces the morning hours of fees for work. In any case, on their own, even with a very neat drawing with strokes, completely natural eyebrows are not obtained.

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How is the procedure carried out

It is easy to assume that hair extensions eyebrows - a technique that is similar to a similar way to care for eyelashes. Indeed, the result of the procedure is a completely natural and harmonious look. And the point is to choose for the client the appropriate tone of the hairs and gradually glue them to the skin.

A significant drawback of the now popular permanent makeup, even the highest quality,consists in the visibility of his presence on the face. If you are engaged in a good specialist, then traced hairs are visible only when close viewing. Also, not every woman is able to endure the pain in the name of permanent beauty.

Eyebrows, enlarged with individual hairs, look really beautiful and natural, and the owners are pleased with their density and regular shape. In this case, pain is absolutely excluded, and during the procedure, you can simply relax.

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The cost and feasibility of brow browning

Russian women need to hope that the method will be available to them in the near future, as it is now popular abroad and domestic masters are just beginning to master it. Regarding the cost, we can say that everything depends on the initial state and duration of the procedure. For example, for every 15 minutes of work of the English master you need to pay 25 euros.

The Eyelash Design Company has made a public announcement that eyebrow extensions occur in a week or even two. Also note that the hairs are kept for about 7-10 days. Therefore, is it advisable to spend such a substantial amount on a procedure that needs to be dealt with constantly?

If we are talking about a significant event, for example, a wedding, then why not try a technique like eyebrow extensions? Before and after the procedure in the mirror you can find two different people. But then again, a tattoo is quite suitable for wedding photos, and the husband will be somewhat surprised at where natural and beautiful eyebrows have gone. In any case, the technique is worth paying attention to, since the strings have already gone out of fashion and the standard of beauty is density and width with the right shape.

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Customer reviews

Many modern women, having studied all offers of the cosmetic industry, agreed on the necessity and convenience of such a salon procedure as eyebrow extensions. Reviews indicate that clients often choose a tattoo because they cannot use another less radical method. At the same time, many people consider this kind of salon intervention as a “past century”.

Still, for most women, the natural brow extensions are more interesting. Reviews show that the face instantly changes and the woman is transformed before our eyes.Unfortunately, glued hairs are kept for 7–10 days, that is, not for long. But if you constantly take care of yourself using the new method, then you can easily become the owner of beautiful natural eyebrows of ideal shape.

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Beauty, of course, requires certain knowledge, costs and effort on the part of every woman. And admiring glances on the street are usually a compliment to the work that the lady does on herself. In any case, each woman chooses methods of beauty, the most acceptable only for themselves and fully reflecting her personal preferences.

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