Fashion trends in clothing


Transparent fabrics. Shirts and dresses made of transparent fabrics were fashionable a year ago, and now the fashion is back.

Lace Laces cover and at the same time expose what is hidden under them. They know how to be luxurious, self-sufficient or seductively intriguing and, probably, that is why they do not lose popularity with the trendsetters.

Glitter silver. Clothing and accessories of silver and cold metallic shades will become the hottest trend in the new season. Things from shiny fabrics look luxurious and blend in perfectly with translucent and vibrant colored fabrics. The most important thing is to use no more than one brilliant thing in one outfit.

Clothes with wide shoulders

Blouses, jackets and coats with stressed shoulders - hit the coming spring! This fashion trend comes back to us from the eighties.

Sport style

Sport chic is still in fashion. Wear loose tops, short shorts and spring women’s parkas. And open bellies are in fashion again! All this is not only sporty, but also very feminine and sexy.

Basque, ruffles and ruffles

Baska - this part of the cut gained extraordinary popularity last year and continues to be in trend, and ruffles, flounces and ruffles this season will be decorated with blouses, skirt dresses and vests. Particularly fashionable will be asymmetrical ruffles.


This spring will be in vogue heavy jewelry mainly in gold. Two main trends dominate - glamor and futuristic style.


In the upcoming season dominated by futuristic or retro style. Nevertheless, fashionable sunglasses are the so-called glasses in the form of "cats".

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